Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We saw the doc yesterday. I had been contracting steadily all weekend and although I knew I wasn't in "true labor" as the contractions weren't becoming more intense, I was unsure why all the activity was going on and it was making both of us uneasy. Doc's explanation - "You're skinny and are going to feel every minor practice contraction. You aren't in true labor, so as long as you and the baby are still doing good there is nothing we should do at this time" - what a relief! So, now that I know I don't need to be timing them or worrying about them, I am back to ignoring them and carrying on like normal. I am still sleeping fairly good and feeling great. I have been so blessed in this pregnancy to have such an easy time.

We are still set to have Wyatt induced on Monday, December 28th, but we can change our mind at anytime, if I want to give him another week and see if he will come on his own. I think JB is a little disappointed that we are probably not going to get him before Christmas, but I am looking forward to a relaxing holiday week. JB keeps asking me my feelings about inducing next Monday and I want to wait until closer to that time to see how I feel.

Since I hurriedly got everything pertinent done by last week (just in case), this week I am doing stuff around the house that I wanted to get done but never took priority - organizing a couple closets, taking advantage of the warmer weather to clean out some scraggly landscaping, and doing a little more Christmas shopping. It is so nice.

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope it is a blessed time for you and your families! We'll let everyone know when Wyatt makes his arrival!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Waiting Game

Well, just a quick update that the bug I had earlier in the week has gone away - YEA! I am feeling back to my old (pregnant) self and have energy again. Which means it was probably just something small and not the flu, but I am grateful that my doc was ready to nip it in the bud immediately. I am going to finish out my Tamiflu as there is no harm in it.

I am having a lot of contractions and up a lot of the night the past couple nights because of them and my brain going too much. I did manage to get all the piled up mail from me being sick this week sorted at 3am this morning, as well as making sure all bills are taken care of for the next 3 weeks.

I have to be careful when I sneak out of bed in the middle of the night as JB, the over-excited Daddy-to-be will jump up and ask if he should put my bag in the car. HAHA. I got a speech yesterday from him "I am 20 minutes from the house, Emily, so you need to give me AMPLE time to get home from work, if you think you are going into labor! Don't wait until the last minute!" It is so funny as JB is not normally a panicker - that is my job between the two of us. We had a nice dinner last night with JB's Dad and he was getting a kick out of it too as JB was telling him about how he thought I was going to "wait until the last minute". As my father-in-law is a doctor, he was really getting a kick out of JB's take on things and was responding with "Really, Dr. Strong??". :)

I have been having some hesitancy about inducing John Wyatt on the 28th. As my body continually progresses and I also continue to feel good, I wonder if it is the right thing to do to force him out, if he is already starting the journey on his own. I have been praying about it a lot and just hoping he makes his arrival a bit early, on his own, so that I don't have to get to that decision.

I know we are all anxious to meet him and knowing what day he would be arriving, would be nice for everyone to plan on, but I keep hoping that if it comes to that, God will give me the peace and confidence that we are making the right decision.

**On a side note, we had dinner at Ellerbe Fine Foods last night and it was a FANTASTIC meal. Check it out if you live in Fort Worth (http://www.ellerbefinefoods.com/). I am so glad we got to go before the little man arrives and we aren't as out-and-about capable. At first we were a little skeptical, it is on the pricier side and none of us could fully interpret the menu selections, so we just each picked a main "meat" and trusted the side pairings. Dad started with some BBQ shrimp and JB, the turkey gumbo (both finished those off, even dipping the bread in their sauces to soak up every last bit). Dad had duck, JB the sole and me the grouper. They were all incredible. We shared an oatmeal/carrot cake that was perfect for three to have a bit of "sweet" to end the meal.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 28th is the date.

Doctor's appointment went well today - the sonogram says Wyatt looks perfect in every way and is estimated to be exactly 6 lbs. We also went ahead and set a date for induction. Our doctor said although he thinks he will come by Christmas, he wanted to go ahead and get me on the calendar for the week after. So, if he doesn't come sooner, Wyatt will be born on December 28th.

A lot of people are asking "why an induction?" basically the logic is that he is good to go right now and especially at 39 1/2 weeks, which is what he will be when they induce. If he doesn't come by then, they won't let me go but another week or so anyway, so my doctor says, why not bring him a week earlier when he is a little smaller and easier to push out. Makes sense to me! He said I could change my mind though until the last minute, if I decide I want to give him another week to come on his own.

The not-so-fun news is that I started feeling bad and running fever late last night and was put on Tamiflu today. My doctor is hopeful the Tamiflu will help whatever I have (might just be a virus or something) run its course faster and I should be thru it in the next couple days. It is just fatigue, achiness and fever, so nothing too horrible - but funny how yesterday I was hoping he would arrive soon and now I am hoping he holds off for a few days so I can get to feeling better and get my strength back up, should he decide to come early.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One day shy of FULL TERM (37 weeks)

How far along: 36 weeks and 6 days - tomorrow I will be FULL TERM.

How big is baby: Wyatt's size is a guessing game, but he is hopefully a little over 6 lbs.

Total weight gain: 25 lbs! I have been gaining about 2 lbs a week lately.

Belly button and Stretch marks: Flat and none yet :) Although I am very sure that my belly is getting bigger daily - from the weight gain (that I am hoping is mainly just due to Wyatt's growth) and b/c my skin on my stomach itches SOOOO bad.

Last Dr's Appt: I go to see the doc every Tuesday. This week I was almost 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced. He also said he thinks Wyatt has dropped as much as he is going to until I officially go into labor - although I haven't felt the "lightening" sensation that some people talk about and his feet are constantly in my ribs.

Labor signs: In addition to dilating, effacing and the doc saying he has dropped, I have been having a ton of braxton hicks contractions, some "real ones" periodically and lots of pressure. I am betting he will come a day or so before Christmas - but who knows.

How am I feeling: I am still feeling pretty good, although the daily increasing pressure tires me out and makes me irritable. I am also just getting anxious to have him here but am trying to make myself relax and enjoy these last few weeks of being just "J.B. and Emily".

Mood Swings and Food Cravings: The irritability level has risen dramatically but I am trying to control my short fuse. Eating is about as it has been...although now I find myself hungry but nothing really sounds good to eat.

Sleep: So-so.

Milestones: Hitting full term is the biggest milestone! Wyatt's room is ready to go. THANKS NANA! I have washed most all the little clothes I think we will need in the beginning. We have a good stockpile of diapers. I have packed my hospital bag and am feeling fairly "ready"

What I'm looking forward to: I am excited about this Tuesday's doctor's visit as we get to have our last sonogram and see him one more time before we get to meet him. I am also trying to make myself look forward to Christmas and the holidays and not get consumed with wishing he would just get here already.

Here are a few of the maternity pics we did this past week (Thanks Anna with Laughlin House Photography http://www.laughlinhousephotography.com/)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

Yep, I have hit the "I'm ready to be done" point. It is not that I am feeling bad - I still feel pretty great. Sleep has been lacking these past couple days, but nothing too horrible. I am just ready to meet Wyatt. The pregnancy show has been fun and I think I might even miss it a bit once it is over, but I am ready to be a mommy and JB is also anxious to meet our little boy.

His room is done, I have halted all projects around the house to be resumed in 3-4 months, and now I just feel like I am playing the waiting game.

I have had very little moodiness this entire pregnancy, but the past couple days I have been so irritable and irrational. When JB came home last night the first thing he asked was "Good God, what is wrong with you?!?!?" I announced "I AM DONE! I am ready for him to be here. I am ready to get this show on the road!" My anxieties about labor have diminished as much as they ever will and I am just excited to bring him into the world, especially now that he is "full term".

But we still have 3 weeks until his due date and then I could possibly push another week past that.....so, I guess I better get okay with having this bun in the oven a little longer. God grant me patience.

I'll let everyone know what the doctor says today. Tonight I might be going for a bumpy ride down a country road, eating spicy Mexican food, dancing naked on a full moon night in the yard and going for a 10 mile walk. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Nana the Amazing

My mom came into town yesterday and Wyatt's room went from having only the bare minimum, no decor, no curtains, no warmth to AMAZING in just 24 hours.

I am not a good photographer, especially when it comes to rooms in my home, and I really wish I would have taken some "before Nana" shots. It is hard for the pictures to do all the colors justice, but now the vibrant yellow walls seem warm and inviting and the curtains make the room so cozy. The curtains are going to have to be re-hemmed due to me giving mom the wrong measurements - better too long than too short though! We did his name ourselves last night at the kitchen table - 8x8 canvases, some wooden letters and a little paint and TA-DAH! We also did some painting on the quilt clips (they came just basic white) and hung those and the letters today. I forgot to take a picture of his cute changing table that has denim baskets underneath it. We are still working on something to go above it.

Now if I can only get my mom to come visit for a few more days before Wyatt arrives and make me finish the rest of my house. Wyatt's room is the one that is the most "done" of any of them in our house. My mom says it looks like Wyatt has been here a while and JB and I just moved in HAHA. His is the only room to really have stuff on his walls....yes, we have lived in this house for over 3 years - I just can't make decisions!

Mom seemed pleased with the room too, as when she was leaving, she said "Well, my grandson's room is looking pretty good now!" His blank and lacking warmth room was greatly disturbing for her and me, alike, but I just can never make decisions. It was such a blessing to have her come get my rear in gear, and I think she has actually enjoyed decorating with bold stripes and blues and greens instead of pink and purple gingham this time around. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Month Left....

It is hard to believe we are just one month away from Wyatt's due date! The time has gone very fast and in the past few weeks, JB and I have made the transtion from "no he can't come anytime soon, we aren't ready!" to "we can't wait to meet him". Actually JB has always been more "ready" for him then myself. Those who know me well, know I have to have the room ready, the house organized and all my ducks in a row before we bring him into our family and I am starting to feel like I am ready to roll. No, this is not nesting, unfortunately, this is just me.

I go to the doctor every Tuesday now. We have our final sonogram on Dec. 15th - mainly just to check position, fluid levels and let them guess at his size. I am feeling great, large, but great and am only uncomfortable after I stuff my face too full (there is less and less space in my belly) and at night it takes me a bit to feel comfortable laying down.

Here are the normal stats and I will try to get JB to take a pic of me this evening to add to this post. I feel like I have doubled in size lately.

How far along: 35 1/2 weeks. I have been pregnant for 250 days - so strange, because I really don't remember what my flat stomach and seeing my feet in the shower ever looked like and I have actually found pregnancy to be fun. I have been blessed with such an easy 8 months - who would have thought my little body would be so good at growing a baby?

How big is baby: Well, unlike in the beginning, now the Wyatt's size is a guessing game. He is most likely around 5 lbs and is not getting any longer, but just adding on fat to his body.

Total weight gain: Here is the fun part - 23 lbs so far! Yowzers and I still have 4 1/2 weeks (possibly a bit more if he doesn't come on time) to go!

Belly button: Completely flush most times but manages to stick out a bit when I have eaten a lot of Wyatt is pushing on the outside.

Stretch marks: None still and I am hoping to keep it that way. Having gained about 24% of my starting weight, I am surprised at this.

Last Dr's Appt: I went to see Dr. Suba this morning. He said I am slowly starting to eface, but I am a good 1 cm dilated. Fun to know that my body is starting to progress in some way and is showing that is knows what is coming.

Maternity clothes: Of course.

How am I feeling: I am feeling really great. No swelling or problems like that. JB and I took Sully for walks this weekend and my shins hurt some (JB said it is shin splints from the extra weight) but nothing I can't handle. I feel really great and am just trying to enjoy these last few weeks feeling good and full of energy and getting the house ready for the holidays and to welcome our new addition.

Mood Swings and Food Cravings: I think sometimes my moods and attitude are actually more low-key with pregnancy. JB probably wishes I were pregnant all the time. :) No strange cravings or anything, I just eat a lot more than usual.

Sleep: I do not get really normal "night sleep" now. Instead I sleep really well on the couch from about 9-midnight, then head to bed and sleep off and on for the next 6 hours (averaging about 3-4 asleep), so I am still getting plenty of sleep, just takes a longer period of time to fit it in. I wake up on my own around 6am every morning and am not tired or taking naps or anything during the day - doing really good in this area from the stories I hear from others.


Wyatt's room is about 85% ready - we think we have everything we need right now. My mom is coming up the end of this week to bring his curtains she has been slaving over (Thanks Nana!!) and help me get some more decor up on the walls.

I now go to the doc every Tuesday and he says I am progressing at a normal and expected rate.

I got the Christmas tree up and decorated - yes, I know this doesn't have to do with Wyatt, but I wanted to get it and some other things done around the house now, so we still have a holiday ready home, in case he makes a surprise early appearance.

The biggest milestone for me has been my shift from anxiety about having him to being ready for him to get here. I was really nervous about the actual labor, but I am starting to feel more at ease with the idea and knowing I am in good hands with my doctor and in the end - we get to meet John Wyatt! The excitement of knowing he is going to meet all his family soon and the thought of seeing my husband and Mom and Dad hold him overwhelms any fear that I have.

What I'm looking forward to:

My mom is coming to visit the end of this week and I am excited to show her my progress on his nursery and get her help with the final touches. It will be nice to spend time just the two of us, as it might be the last for a long time.

We are having some maternity pics taken this weekend - should be fun - at first I wasn't going to have them done but decided I should document this time - nothing weird with nudity and scarves haha, just some pictures of JB, me and Wyatt in the belly.

I am excited about the Dec. 15th sonogram to see him one more time before we get to meet him.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I just had to post a little something about how excited I am for Wyatt to meet all his first cousins...Jordy, Grace, Kassidy and Tessa. Jordy will be off at college next year (man that makes me feel old) so we'll just have to keep in touch with her via the blog and emails. Wish the Smith bunch lived closer so he could play with Kass. It will be a blessing to him, though, to have two of his cousins very close by, just 20 minutes down the road.

I was at Amanda's house on Tuesday and we were trying to get Tess to say "Wyatt" and told her there was a baby in my belly. She slapped by belly and said "BABY!", she packs a pretty good punch and Amanda was telling her "gentle, gentle", but I told her that was alright, as Wyatt better learn to roll with the big girls.

Gracie has become such a big girl - she got her ears pierced the other week and called to tell us and said "it didn't hurt that bad. it was only a hard pinch". I love it b/c I was terrified when I got mine done at 14! She will be a good protector of him when he comes and a helper.

Tessa will teach him to be rough and tumble and hold his own. I can already picture them playing sports together and making up games while they climb around the elaborate jungle gym JB is already planning for our backyard.

Here are a couple pics of Tessa and Grace from early this fall. They change so fast, but I just found these yesterday and had to post them. And even though we think Wyatt will take after his Mom and Dad and have dark hair...I am fairly certain we'll also end up with the curls, just like Grace and Tessa, so he'll fit in just fine with his tangle-haired cousins.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

33 Weeks

How far along: Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks along. Man, has the time flown. As of today, we only have 50 days left until Wyatt's due date.

How big is baby: According to the charts a little over 4 lbs and around 17 inches long (we'll just be optimistic about the height). My doctor says I am measuring at 32 weeks, but since I don't have any "fluff" he says that means I am right on.

Total weight gain: Total so far is 18 lbs. Not too shabby :) I have been consistently gaining a pound a week, so I am on track to gain 25 total.

Belly button: Flat and almost non-existent. My sister said it looked like an alien pregnancy stomach b/c you don't really even see my belly button.

Stretch marks: None yet. That is all I am going to say - don't want to jinx myself.

Last Dr's Appt: I went to see Dr. Suba today. I will go the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then every week after that!

Maternity clothes: All the way. I am trying not to buy anything new and as long as the weather doesn't get super cold, I am good to go with all my long sleeved tshirts.

How am I feeling: I am feeling really good. Can't complain. Yes, I feel large and move slower, but overall I feel ready to go when I get up in the mornings.

Mood Swings: I am very "nesty" but that is nothing new. Also, I am having a bit of anxiety now that we are getting closer and closer to the due date, but I know that is only natural.

Food cravings: I like sweets more now, but nothing crazy. The other day I read an article about cravings and how some women crave dirt or toilet paper. Nothing strange like that here.

Sleep: Depends upon the day...some nights are good and normal, some nights I am doing good to get 2 straight hours. But overall, I wake up easily around 6 or 7 on my own every morning.

Milestones: Wyatt's dresser has been delivered and we found out our glider is in shipment (on a slow truck from somewhere).

We went to lamaze class last weekend - it was okay. Probably could have covered the same material in 3 hours instead of the 12 that it was scheduled for. It was nice to get the hospital tour and if anything made us think a little harder about waiting as long as possible for the the epidural. Not saying I am going all-natural, just that I am not going to check in and immediately ask for the drugs -I want to let labor progress as much as possible before I get it.

My last day of work was Friday, Nov. 6th and right now I just feel like I am on vacation. Hard to believe I am really DONE with full-time (out of the house) employment. I really just see this time as a month and a half off before I start my NEW VERY full-time career.

What I'm looking forward to: I head out tomorrow morning to go home to Georgetown. We are having a family shower there - I am excited to see all my family. And I am going to stay with my parents until Wednesday or Thursday to get some good visiting time in with them and my Mimi and go see some other family before I get too far along to travel and we have to wait to bring Wyatt to meet them. Dr. Suba says as long as I am feeling good that I can travel up until Christmas Day, so we plan on going to see my family over Thanksgiving wrekend as well.

Here is me today at 50 days left with Wyatt's crib and the comforter from his bedding.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Raining Babies!

We found out MORE good news last night....one of my bestest friends, Kimberly, and her hubby, Tony are going to be bringing home a bundle of joy in late April.

We are SO excited for them but I hate that they are so far away in New Hampshire!

Kim and I have been friends since we were about 13. We lived together all 4 years at A&M (not many people have that kind of track record with a roomie! don't know how Kim put up with me that long!). She has moved all over...Dallas, Washington DC, New Hampshire, London, and now back to New Hampshire, but no matter how far away we are or how long it has been since we last talked, we pick up the phone and it is like we live next door and saw each other yesterday at the grocery store. We have an easy friendship and one that is true and life-long.

Wyatt will hear lots of stories about his crazy mom and Auntie Kim one day.

Congrats - I love you so much and this little person is so lucky to be getting you as a Mommy, Kim!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A New Cousin on the Way!

We just found out this morning that JB's cousin, Kari and her husband, Tyler, are expecting their first baby!! They are due first week of May.

How exciting that Wyatt will have a cousin so close to his age! How fun that JB's Mom and her sister get to be first time grandmas together! Too bad they live so far away in San Francisco. :( We'll just have to plan a trip out to see them later this summer.

Congrats Kari and Tyler! We love y'all and are so excited for you!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

29 Weeks

Here are the current stats and a couple pics from my shower a week or so ago:

How far along: Last Friday I hit the 29 week mark I am still "counting" using my original due date of January 1st, although the 20 week sonogram moved us to January 5th. And according to my doctor, belly is measuring at 27 1/2 weeks, but I don't understand that measurement at all and he said he would still consider me right on and I am one of his few "textbook cases".

For those of you who aren't familiar with how they measure, basically they measure the outside of my belly from what he feels the bottom of my uterus, far down on my underwear line to the top of my uterus (which right now is about 2 inches below my bra line). Apparently you are supposed to be the same centimeters as you are weeks - hence, I should have been around 28-29 centimeters, but this to me makes NO sense, as all women come in different sizes, so how could we all measure the same? Who knows? On to more interesting facts.

How big is baby: According to the charts about 15 inches long (although Wyatt is probaby a little shorter than that with his family track record) and about 2 3/4 pounds. He is still VERY active, and I keep thinking he will start running out of room and stop the giant movements, but he keeps going and I guess that is b/c my belly keeps expanding.
Total weight gain: 15 lbs - I am right on track to gain about 25 lbs. I am hoping to keep about 5-10 of those pounds (distributed more evenly throughout my figure) after having Wyatt. I have always battled my weight (in the opposite direction of most) and hope pregnancy will help me gain some curves.
Belly button: Flat. I didn't think it ever had a chance of "popping" but maybe it will at the very end.
Stretch marks: Still none yet but I am on track to gain another 10 lbs before Wyatt gets here, so only time will tell. I think I might be starting to get that dark line that runs below your belly button, but it is really faint right now.
Last Dr's Appt: I had my last "4 week" appointment. Now I will start going every two weeks! I had my glucose test and everything came out normal. That stuff is so nasty to drink and afterwards I was so jittery, but yet exhausted at the same time - strange feeling, like you are on drugs. I went to Yogi's for a late breakfast. I finished off the french toast platter and 2 fried eggs that I ordered in addition to it. Two cops sitting at the next table said "Good Job!" when I finished. They said they were betting on whether or not I would clean my enormous plate.
Maternity clothes: Yep and I have gone ahead and purchased a couple more maternity shirts. I did inventory of my fall/winter clothes this past weekend to see what could possible still stretch over me. Some things went back into the tubs and the attic b/c there was really no chance.
How am I feeling: I am feeling really great other than moving a little slower and not having as much energy. But I think I had above average energy before, so now I am just a normal person. athough J.B. can tell you that my "Saturday to-do list" energy has not eased up any, to his dismay.
Mood Swings: For the first time, I am starting to feel a little more irritable. Some probably from less "good sleep" and a lot of it comes from being anxious to be done with work, I think. I want to be nesting and get the house ready.
Food cravings: I really like sweets more now and am always up for a good pimiento cheese sandwich, which I liked before, but didn't feel the urge to eat all the time, like I do now.
Sleep: Depends upon the day...some nights are good and normal, some nights I am doing good to get 2 straight hours. Every once in a while it is b/c I am uncomfortable, but mostly it is just insomnia and my brain running wild.
Milestones: We picked a name - John Wyatt Strong - and using his name has become fluid and easy now. We are starting to get his room/closet cleaned out so we can begin truly setting up a nursery. Right now we have a crib and bedding and have ordered his glider and dresser - they should both be in before Thanksgiving if not much earlier. I am still working on curtains and other decor. I have had a painter at my house this week finishing up some other rooms, so I can feel settled and like things are ready for his arrival (not that Wyatt cares if the laundry room was an ugly color).
What I'm looking forward to: My last day of work will be Nov. 6th. Right now there isn't much to do, so the days are long. Also that weekend (Nov 6-7) we go to a lamaze/birthing class. I am not sure if it is going to make me more nervous or ease my fears of labor - probably a bit of both.

Courtney (twin boys due Jan. 27th), Alicia, Me, Amy, and Gara. My girlfriends are so awesome!! Since you can't really tell my size in the above pic.......

Even though this is not the most flattering pic of myself (what's going on weird helmet hair?) this is the only recent belly shot that I have - 28 weeks, taken at my shower.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, we have finally decided on a name. It was fun to get everyone's opinions in our survey and then we spent a week just trying to think of what we thought was a perfect name for our little boy.

John Wyatt Strong

John after J.B. (John Bennett) and my Daddy (who is so thrilled to be having a grandson and now a namesake after being surrounded by a bunch of girls his whole life). Also, his great-grandpa, great uncle and great great grandpa were named John. It was very important to us that we kept that name going.

Wyatt just because we liked the name. We will call him Wyatt and J.B. has already tested it by "yelling like he was being naughty" and "yelling like he is running down the soccer field" :). We can't wait to meet him in a few months but I am hoping that he stays cooking until after Christmas.

We have been working hard to get Wyatt's room cleaned out and ready for all his stuff. I have been bad about buying lots of outfits and need to slow down for a bit. We have our first shower this weekend - thanks to my wonderful girlfriends Amy, Alicia, Courtney and Gara! I'll make sure to post some pics after this weekend.

My next doctor's appointment is October 16th and I'll have to do the glucose test then. I took the whole day off work, in case I fall into a sugar coma. Also, it is the day after my last tax deadline working full-time and I want to celebrate it.

November 6th is my last day of work. Part of me is sad to leave my career that I have enjoyed for so long, but I am overwhelmed with excitement at being able to stay at home with Wyatt and have the most important job around- a mommy. Going to one income is not going to be stress-free, but we have been preparing and planning for a while now (even before I was pregnant with Wyatt) and the transition shouldn't be too hard of one.

I am so grateful to have an incredible, supportive husband who feels just as strongly as I do about me being the one taking care of our baby all day and respects my work in the home as being important and difficult and essential to our family - I love you, JB. You are going to be such an amazing Daddy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Name Game - Part 2

After finally purchasing a baby name book last night (the internet sites just aren't as helpful) and going thru our current "short list", JB and I think we might be doing a complete overhaul on what we will name this little guy.

The book we bought was great and gave us some good "naming ideas" to consider, including....

1. Don't keep saying the full name over and over, odds are they will only use their first and last, so concentrate on that - the middle name is just a dumping ground for a family name you want to pass on or you can use it as a place to be super creative.

2. Imagine the name as your name (since it is a boy's name, I had JB do this) and ask yourself if you would like having that name. If you would think your name was cool or boring or too weird.

Having had the last name "Polasek" for the first 24 years of my life, I was always proud to have a name that was different and said something about where I came from (my father is Czech). "Strong" is perhaps not common, but not as unique of a name, so I want to give our little boy a more unusual first name and definitely more than 1 syllable (this is where JB usually fights me b/c he likes short names). Don't worry - unusual doesn't mean weird... just not as commonly used.

So, we will keep everyone updated - but for now, JB and I are going to do some serious thinking!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Name Game

J.B. and I are having the hardest time deciding on a name. We created a survey for our family and friends - even though ultimately the decision is ours, it is nice to have others' input.

Click Here to take survey

Sunday, September 20, 2009

25 Weeks

How far along: 25 weeks, 2 days.

How big is baby: According to the charts 13 1/2 inches long and about a pound and a half. He is a total mover and shaker - I really don't know when this kid sleeps! We went out to dinner the other night with JB's grandma and he was really moving, so she got to feel him kicking and kept asking "is he mad?" b/c he kicks SO hard. I like to sit on the couch and watch my belly look like it is seizing.

Total weight gain: 12 lbs - long gone are the days of worrying about not gaining weight.

Belly button: Almost totally flat, but still have a little ways before it is contents under pressure.

Stretch marks: None yet that I have spotted. I have been lotioning like a crazy person, even though I am told that will only help with itchy skin.

Last Dr's Appt: This past Thursday I went to the doctor. I am measuring "right on" and next month will be my last "4 week appt", meaning I'll do the glucose test -ugh - and then I'll start going every two weeks. My how time has flown.

Maternity clothes: Yes, totally on the bottoms. I haven't really bought many maternity shirts yet - just wear my longer and larger ones.

How am I feeling: I am feeling good. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself b/c I feel like I am moving slower than normal. During the tax deadline I was working a lot of hours at my desk and my back was really hurting me, but that has eased up (and the heating pad is always a good trick). Basically, I just have to remember to take it a bit easier than normal.

Mood Swings: None really. JB thinks pregnancy mellows me, although I had a little bit of a breakdown the week I was working a lot of hours for the tax deadline.

Food cravings: Nothing too specific. More than anything the change has been that I will eat desserts, clean my plate and go back for seconds.

Milestones: Gaining more than 10 lbs. We put the crib together this weekend.
What I'm looking forward to: This Wednesday will mark 100 days left until my due date. To get to where our countdown is only 2 digits is really exciting. My sweet friends are throwing me a shower in October and I look forward to that and my family shower will be in November.

Current decisions being made: We have NOT decided on a name, but are trying to narrow it down. JB has been calling the baby Jack (what he wants the nickname to be if we name him John Bennett Strong, Jr) for about a week now to "test it out". I'm not a fan of it, but who knows. Other names tossed out are William Bennett, Lucas Bennett, Ian Thomas, John William. Any comments, suggestions, etc will be considered.

The other thing I have been working out is work....I think I have decided to finish up at working around the first to mid-November. I want some time to prepare for the little man and enjoy the holidays - so excited as we are having Thanksgiving at our house this year. I really like what I do and I am going to miss work I know, but I have been offered the fantastic opportunity to do some work from home for my firm and JB and I have been discussing how much I will be able to handle - I know a lot of this will be decided my the temperment of the baby, but I am a planner and would like to have some semi-schedule decided on.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Belly Pic

Hello all. Here is the belly picture that has been repeatedly requested....only, there are two problems with it.

1. It is from 2 weeks ago - sorry, I will try to get one this week (I am 25 weeks now!)
2. It is blurry, which leads me to the second picture...

OUR NEW CAMERA! JB and I have been long debating getting something better than our awful point-n-click (which took the above picture). User malfunction could have also led to the blurriness - sorry JB, but you are a horrible photogragher. Anyway, we have been looking at beginner DSLR's for a while now, as photography is something I would like to get into, especially with the little man on the way. So we talked to JB's Dad about it (our resident family photography) and we are going to borrow one of his "old" cameras for a while so we can figure out how to use one. I am so excited to experiment with it and hopefully take some fun pics of our nieces while I am learning.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Pages

I realize I have been posting a lot of words lately, and yet I know what you people want is pics. So here are some from the past few weeks.


When Mom and Dad came up for the sonogram weekend, we went to tour the Cowboys Stadium. Belly bump is 20 weeks here.


Since I have been working a lot during the past few weeks, JB has been helping out around the house. I came home one evening to this site. Notice the 1980's sony headphones that he is sporting. He got them from his Dad and LOVES them.

I think he adores them for two reasons:
1. He says they pic up the AM stations really well and JB loves to listen to the sports station "The Ticket" 24/7.
2. They are extremely soundproof and while they block out the noise from the vacuum, mower and weedeater, they also tune out a very naggy wife. I really neeed to test them out though to see if he REALLY can't hear me when I holler for him, or is just pretending.


Also, since I have been a little absent at home, rules such "no dogs on the furniture or in my bed" have gone out the window. When I have come home late, I have found an extra hair little thing in my bed waiting for me. And I must admit, I am usually too tired to make him go back to the other side of the house to his bed, so I usually just shove him over and climb in.


We have made a couple of big purchases in preparation of the little man's arrival, the first being the "travel system". JuJu and Pods (we are testing out grandparent names for JB's parents right now) bought it for him and here is JB putting it together.
COWBOYS vs. 49ers

JB's parents were kind enough to let us use their season tkts a few weeks ago for the preseason game between the Cowboys and 49ers. We actually ran into friends before the game tailgating in the parking lot which was a fun surprise. The seats are awesome and we had a great time. Belly bump is 22 weeks in the above pic - you can spot a little bit of growth.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Snakes, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

We found out August 14th that we are having a boy. My Mom and Dad got to be at the sonogram and so did JB's Mom (his dad was on a golf trip). I know some people talk about it wanting to be "just the two of them" to find out, but we couldn't think of a better way to share it with our families than to have them there.

I think the best part of it, for me, was my Dad's reaction. Having never experienced a sonogram like that before (didn't really have them when my sisters and I were in the womb), he thought it was really neat. He was pointing and calling out body parts - it was so cute. It is hard not living closer to them and I want to have them share in this time as much as they can.

I must admit, when they announced it was a boy, my first thought was "WHAT?!?!". Not that I could really even hear myself think over JB's cheering! Our family is all girls and I just had never pictured myself doing anything but buying frilly dresses and fixing up a pink nursery. I have definitely warmed up to the idea though, and am thrilled to be giving my family a really new type of addition. It is going to be so great to watch JB be a Dad, especially to a little boy. I just have to learn to throw a ball now and play cars and trucks.

Of course, I know everyone's next question - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO NAME HIM? We have been bugged constantly for the last month - including JB bugging me demanding that we decide on something. We both fluctuate....one day JB is sure he wants a John Bennett Strong, Jr. (and walks aroung calling my belly Jack all day). Lately he has decided on Lucas Bennett. I throw out different ideas, but have stuck with a few lately, one being William Bennett (after my Pop-Pop, Billy). We'll figured it out though...just going to take our time. Funny thing is that amongst our friends there are a ton of people pregnant and now a ton of people having boys, so we probably need to "claim a name" pretty soon.

**sorry, I meant to put a pic here of the sonogram, but I couldn't get it to scan clearly enough - he was moving so much that day that they had a devil of a time getting a lot of shots**

Still Alive and Junior's Still Kickin'

Hello all. Yes, it is me, the long lost blogger. The last 4 weeks have been insane and I am finally having the time to sit down and get everyone updated.

So I'll post some separate blogs over the next few days to get everyone caught up. And yes, I will try to post some new belly pics....it has grown a lot over the past 4 weeks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Move Away from The Light

So, around 3am this morning I woke up...it is a normal occurence that I wake up uncomfortable and can't get back to sleep. It is not that I am so extremely big, but I just think my body isn't used to all its changes.

Since JB was not interested in waking up and having conversations with me (not sure why), I walked around the house...drank a Boost...checked the backyard to see if my new outside kitty, Kylie, was perhaps there (she wasn't) and then went to lay back down to try to get some rest, if not sleep.

Then I remembered that I had read that the baby can now sense light and will sometimes move away if you put a flashlight to your stomach. So, I decided to give it a try. It didn't work at first - Junior was probably sleeping like the rest of the world - but eventually I bugged the poor baby enough that he/she reacted. I don't know if it was the light or the heat of the flashlight, but it did make him/her move. It was pretty funny and I was excited to tell JB my new found trick this morning.

I realized also, this is just the start to my many years of tormenting my child...what are moms for afterall. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shrinking Brain

Last night JB was reading his “Expectant Father” book before bed. He was reading out funny facts also told me that according to his book my brain is constantly shrinking throughout pregnancy and I believe it.

It took me 3 tries to leave the house today and normally I am at work 15 minutes after leaving my home...today it took me 30.

The first time I only got a couple streets away when I thought about whether or not I unplugged my straightener….I went back and it was unplugged. The funny thing is Sully used to get excited when he would hear me at the door – he has no concept of time, so whether he has been left for 5 minutes or 5 hours, he is still so excited to see you. However, as my trips back into the house have started to be more frequent, he now just barely lifts his head enough out of his bed to say “yep, it’s her again”.

I got back in the car and headed out, only to get to the edge of the neighborhood and not be able to remember if I shut the garage door. I went back and yes, it was shut.

I am always a person who can multitask and remembers to do all the I need to and more. This is something that I am NOT enjoying about pregnancy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Just had to report quickly that our trip to Dallas for the day today was a success on many levels. We got to see one of JB's college roommates for lunch, who we hadn't seen in months and catch up (great to see you Kyle!) and found out we will be seeing him more this fall as he is taking some Theology classes at TCU. Can't wait to meet him at Fuzzy's for lunch.

We got to spend some time with JB's Grandma Margaret. I think she is more anxious than us to find out the sex of the baby and says it will be great either way, but we talked about how much more fun it is to shop for pink dresses :)

I also found multiple pants, tops and a dress in maternity clothes that fit great and I am so happy to be rid of the half-buttoned or too tight pants. I am coming out of my "nothing fits and I am going constanly whine about it" stage. Thanks for those who listened to my silly whining and who gave support suggestions for where to find clothes.

Five years....on our way to 50+

JB and I met in 1998...started dating in 2002...married in 2004. We have known each other for 11 years, have been in love for 7 years and married for 5 years. And everyday we love each other more and more. I know that is so cliche, but there is a country song out on the radio right now called "And I thought I loved you then" and everytime I hear it, I think of my sweet husband and our marriage. I won't get into it now, but me and my morbid self have been trying to make JB agree to a suicide pact when we hit 90 because I couldn't imagine a day on this earth without him.

I can't say that life has always been rosey, the first year or two was tough adapting to being responsible and accountable to someone else and making decisions for what was best for "us" instead of "me". Heck, just learning to live with someone was a challenge. We made the move to Fort Worth in 2006 and then remodeled our home which was no piece of cake. Here in Fort Worth, since 2006, JB and I have each changed jobs 3 times - some due to wanting to change and some due to losing them. It hasn't been easy and there are times that I have said "how are we going to do this?". Everytime God gave me the answer "Together and with My help."

In the past five years of ups and downs, JB and I have learned to work as a team. We don't have the routine down perfect yet, but the one thing that makes that okay is commitment. We think 5 years is a big accomplishment - we have known a lot of people that have not made it this far. but we always like to say we are one of the exceptions because not making it last forever is not an option to either of us. Us deciding this Spring that we were ready to bring a kid into our crazy household was a big decision and not one we take lightly -not just for the normal reasons people talk about of finances and lifestyle changes, but we also know that we have to be ready to provide this child the best parental team we can and the most stable loving home we can. We are ready to do that.

I know this is already a long post, but I have just a little more. JB and I are so blessed to have such fantastic examples in our lives. Both of our parents have been married for over 30 years, 3 of our 4 sets of grandparents were lucky to be able to celebrate their 50+ years of marriage together before separated by death and the 4th didn't have a chance to make it that far when Grandpa Polasek died early in life, but they were together until the end.

For our anniversary my Momma and Daddy gave us a book called "A Love the Lasts: Inspring Insights from Couples Married 50 Years and Beyond". She wrote the following in it...

JB and Emily,

I am adding an extra couple although not married 50 years, they do have a "Love that Lasts":

Johnny and Sue Polasek
Married September 20, 1975

Your Dad lovingly tells me how "lucky" he is to have me as his wife. But, he is wrong. I am the lucky one. He loves me unconditionally and completely as I do him. I always feel so cherished, and I cherish him.

So, perhaps that's the reason our love lasts - the fact that each of us believes that he/she is the "lucky" one.

Happy 5th anniversary to you both. May you each always believe that "you" are the "lucky one".

Knock, Knock.....Anyone out there?

JB and I went out to dinner last night for a delayed celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary (which is actually July 17th). We had a great meal at Bonnell's, a restaurant minutes from our house but for some reason one we frequently forget about when we want to go out for a nice dinner. The meal was fantastic from appetizers to dessert, but the neateast thing of the evening came while we were sitting at the bar waiting for our table to be ready.

I guess I must preface that I was not feeling so "hot" that evening. Physically I felt well, but it took me 4 cocktail dresses that wouldn't zip to finally find one that would and although this should elate me that both Junior and I are "growing" it more depressed and frustrated me. So as we went into the restaurant and were told we could wait at the bar (we were about 1/2 hour early), I sat in my snug dress and watched JB order his Crown & Coke and others sip what looked like fantastic glasses of wine and my internal pity party progressed a little more as I drank my ice water and then...THUMP THUMP, THUMP THUMP.

For the past week and a half I have felt small flutters and a few week thumps, but never felt confident they were anything more than gas or my stomach gurgling. These thumps were low on my abdomin and could not be mistaken for gas bubbles. THUMP THUMP, they just kept going. I started laughing and told JB. He put his hand on my belly - which is still fairly unnoticeable to the common bystander, so I am sure people at the bar might have thought us odd, especially when I said "I am pretty sure they aren't gas bubbles!". He said he thought he felt something but I'm not sure he could, even though they were more "to the outside". I can't believe that Junior was wishing us a Happy Anniversary! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

17 weeks

(ignore the bad hair and no makeup...I had been napping on the couch all evening)

How far along: 17 weeks tomorrow.

Total weight gain: 5 lbs!! I have been trying to consume more calories, but this dang little munchkin in my belly just uses them up.

How big is baby: Well, according to the charts, about 5 inches long (head to rump) and about 5 ounces. Which doesn't sound very big until I put a ruler up to my tummy and I just don't understand where he/she fits! Right now I am really having a lot of stretching and ligament discomfort, so I know the little one is growing.

Maternity clothes: I have been using the Belly Bands that I bought at Target (awesome) and have a couple pairs of maternity shorts. Belly band is starting to be uncomfortable though, as it just shoves the buttons and fastners of my pants into my stomach. I went shopping yesterday afternoon to a few maternity stores around town. Everything is too big or so ridiculously baggy in the rear, I refuse to wear it. I didn’t think I would have a problem getting bigger - thought I would think it was funny, but as I wandered around the mall and saw cute fitted tops and regular jeans and skirts I let myself have an internal 5 minute pitty party for myself and my expanding midsection.

Food cravings: None really. I drink a lot of Boosts (like Ensure only they taste better). In an 8 oz bottle there is 360 calories and lots of other good nutrients and vitamins. I try to drink them in the middle of the night so I don't wake up on an empty stomach (which can cause me to feel sick). I have been cleaning my plate now, which is new for me.

Morning Sickness: Basically gone. As long as I don't let my stomach get empty, I am good. I have some mornings where breakfast just does not stay down, but all in all I am feeling okay.

Mood Swings: None really.

What I think is weird: Well, sometimes I think the whole idea of some little person inside me is strange, and I know soon I will be able to feel the little one and that will be seriously crazy.

What I miss: Well, I must admit I miss drinking a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, sometimes. Other than that and sometimes being annoyed that I have to eat so often, I am good.

What I'm looking forward to: August 14th we will find out pink or blue! We just want to know so we can start working on names and the nursery.

Friday, June 19, 2009

12.5 Weeks and Counting

I thought I would give everyone an update on how I am.....

How far along: 12 1/2 weeks. Saturday I will start my 2nd trimester!!

Total weight gain: According to my doctor, only 2 lbs (they go from my 8 week weight). I say 4 lbs from my normal weight. Most people would probably think I am insane to want to claim more, but right now I think it is funny. I might reject the extra 2 lbs at a later date.

How big is baby: Well, according to the charts, the size of a small lime and about 1/2 an ounce.

Maternity clothes: Not yet, although I secretly leave my pants and some skirts only partially zipped on occassion. I think I will be okay for another month or so.

Food cravings: None really. Pickles are my favorite food and it is a little odd b/c I don't want them as often now and I couldn't finish a movie pickle to save my life at this time, when normally I could eat two, no problem. I don't think I would call it a craving, but I drank MASSIVE amounts of apple juice during my morning sickness weeks b/c it soothed my nausea. I also eat a lot of fruit.

Morning Sickness: Waning slowly. No more extreme sickness in the morning. Randomly though I get sick. This afternoon I ate a biggie-sized 10 nugget meal from McDonald's and finished off every bit of it. I realized it was a mistake when I finished the last bite and got sick. I overflowed my stomach.

Mood Swings: Not too bad. I would have been able to answer "none" but I had a breakdown this weekend. I also have gone into a couple of panics that the house is a mess and I have SOO much to do, but those happened before the pregnancy too.

What I think is weird: Well, sometimes I think the whole idea of some little person inside me is strange, but the weirdest thing is that lately I wake up with a fairly flat stomach, but by the end of the day I am poking out like crazy. I am told this is normal.

What I miss: Well, I must admit I miss drinking a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, sometimes. I also miss having more energy and not feeling like barfing after a big meal.

What I'm looking forward to: I am starting a prenatal yoga class this week! August 14th we will find out pink or blue! Think BLUE everyone :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greek Spaghetti

One of my favorite and EASY recipes that I thought I would share!

Greek Spaghetti

Ingredients:1 stick of butter
1 chopped green bell pepper
1 chopped small onion
2 cans of petite diced tomatoes in sauce
1 small can of tomato sauce
1 small can of sliced black olives (I use the 2 inch tall can b/c I love olives)
1 jar of sliced mushrooms (I also use a lot of mushrooms b/c I like them)
1 can of condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 package of spaghetti noodles
1 2 cup package of shredded cheese (I used Colby jack, but sharp cheddar is also really good)

Prep (easy as ever):*This makes a full 9x12 casserole dish, so for JB and I, I freeze half the sauce and use it at a later time for a fast meal when I don’t have a lot of prep time.

1. Start boiling the water for the noodles. If you are going to freeze half the sauce, only fix half the noodles. I break the noodles in half for easier serving later.

2. In a fairly deep skillet/sauce pan, sauté the chopped onions and bell pepper in the stick of butter (yes, a WHOLE stick), until soft.

3. Drain and rinse the mushrooms and olives – I usually dump them in the same colander. Add them to the sauce pan

4. Add the 2 cans of diced tomatoes and tomato sauce.

5. Let simmer for a while. It will smell WONDERFUL. Let all the flavors mix – I usually just simmer it as long as it takes the noodles to finish cooking.

6. Drain and rinse the pasta when done.

7. If you freezing the other half of the sauce, divide and set it aside to cool – wait until not so hot to put it in a container and in the freezer.

8. Preheat the over to 350 degrees.

9. In the casserole dish (I use a clear pyrex), put half the noodles as a layer on the bottom (if you only using half the recipe – 9x9, whole recipe – 9x12).

10. Of the remaining sauce, put half over the noodles – it will not completely cover the noodles, don’t worry.

11. Then put half the cheese (1/2 cup for 9x9, 1 cup for 9x12).

12. Layer again – noodles, sauce, cheese.

13. In a small bowl mix the condensed can of cream of mushroom soup with about a cup of water – I usually wisk it so it is fairly smooth – you’ll only need have for the 9x9 dish. Sorry, throw out the rest, or let me know if you find anther use for it. One time I only mixed the half can with a ½ cup of water and used the cream of mushroom over a small chicken breast, but usually I just chunk it.

14. Pour the mixture over the top with a thin layer. Sometimes I use a spoon so it gets spaced out evenly.

15. Cover with foil and put in the oven. Cook about 30-35 minutes or until bubbling hot. The cream of mushroom soup doesn’t always completely mix in, but just mix it up when you serve it.

16. ENJOY!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Baby Makes Four!

Yes, that's right, Sully is going to be a big brother and have to share the running of the household.

On April 30th, JB and I found out we are going to be parents!

JB went with me to my first doctor's appointment and we got to see and hear the little heartbeat on the sonogram. It doesn't look like much, but it is exciting all the same.

I am only about 10 weeks along now and I went ahead and took a belly picture b/c even though everyone else will probably think that it doesn't look like much, but my middle is rounding out a bit. Don't need any new clothes yet, but somedays, some pairs of pants are a little more snug than normal. I swear JB makes me lift my shirt at least 2-3 times a day to see if there is any progress.

My proposed due date is January 1, 2010. We are so excited and can't wait to welcome this new addition into our family.

Let them have cake and then send them home!

JB and I love being an aunt and uncle and we are so blessed to have 2 of our 4 nieces just 20 minutes away in Arlington. We wish we had the other two closer as well. What is best about being an aunt and uncle? We get to spoil them and the leave them with their Mommy and Daddy.

A couple Saturdays ago, we got to go to one of Gracie's t-ball games. She did so good in the game, so go awarded the game ball. See how proud she is! It is so awesome that we get to go to everyday things of hers and be a part of her life, not just during holidays.

A couple weeks later I went to Grace's kindergarten graduation. I was sitting too far back to get any pics of Grace and my sister and Mom were doing a good job of that, but I did snap this one of Tessa. She is normally a smiley girl, but I think the presentation was boring her....I love you, Gracie, but man, was that picture slide show LOOONG. I feel you, Tess!

Tessa is quite Miss Personality. I call her Monkey b/c she makes a face similar to the above one but also makes a "whoowhoo" sound when she is being silly. We can't wait for her to start talking, saying our names and wanting to hang out with Aunt Emmy and Uncle JB. Right now we are just "eh" people that sometimes tick her off when they keep her and her mommy and daddy leave.

The Grass is Greener

Well, I am more than a little behind on posting, so I am determined to get caught up over the next few days....although I have some exciting news to post, I will go in chronological order instead and start out with April's project - LANDSCAPING.

When we moved into the house in the summer of 2006 the landscaping was all molded yaupon bushes which I loathe and poop brown trim.

Eventually we took care of that, repainting the trim and JB spent long hours tearing everything out of the flowerbed...ground cover, yaupon bushes/trees and holly bushes. JB is such a sport. But then we got stuck.

We have a 1970s ranch house that is VERY long and therefore our flowerbeds are quite expansive, we got overwhelmed and busy and fall (good planting season) turned into winter (bad planting season) and we broke down and called a professional : Harvest Landscaping. They were AWESOME. I cannot brag enough about Travis (our landscape designer) and all his crew. In fact he came out this week to look at some small cleanup/mulch projects for the backyard b/c I know JB would rather play golf than work in the flowerbeds with the nice summer weather we are having. Here are some pics of the finished project. Probably not the best photography work and pictures can't even show the transformation fully.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I do EVERYTHING around here! Oh wait, that's you...

When JB and I got married almost 5 years ago, I was definitely the domestic side of the partnership. I did everything from the cooking, cleaning, laundry, home repairs, garbage, all the finances....you name it, it was somehow on my responsibility list. JB went to school and studied...that was about it. We had the typical arguments young newlyweds have as you figure out ones roles in the household and partnership. Me screaming "I do EVERYTHING around here!" was heard on a regular basis.

As the months and years went by, we started dividing up household chores a little more...JB took over all garbage and the lawn care. Since I cooked, he was then responsible for all kitchen clean-up (which morphed into loading AND unloading the dishes). I was originally responsible for laundry tasks but started demanding that folding and putting away clothes turn into a shared job....until JB started doing all the folding and putting away of clothes. I had always had an aversion to the sound of the vacuum (I know it is a strange pet peeve of mine) so JB took that over too. "When you finish vacuuming, will you go ahead and dust?" I would ask. JB would groan a bit, but usually get out the Pledge and paper towels.

Finally one day, not too long ago, I was going off one of my crazy rants when JB didn't do something I asked him to handle and I started to use my trusty tag line "I do EVERYTHING around here" BUT WAIT, I can't use that anymore.

I finally admitted to JB that he did just as much as me around the house (and at times, like during tax season, possibly more). I am however still the mastermind and supervisor behind everything. We were actually both a little shocked when we started to realize the shift of domestic duties. JB was thrilled I could never use that line on him again.

I guess there are two lessons here:

1. Yes, ladies, with a little persistence and time you, too, can move the household duties to your husband if you are sneaky and patient, without them being the wiser.

2. I have an awesome husband.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Popcorn, pickles and snow caps, OH MY!

JB and I love to go to the movies. It is very hard for me to watch a movie at home, as I am always thinking of things that I should be doing like laundry (okay maybe not laundry - that is a whole separate post), anyway I am always thinking about cleaning or organizing or working - so I can't sit still for 2 hours on my couch. BUT, take me to The Rave and give me a movie pickle and I'll sit for hours. JB goes to eat Snow Caps...nastiest candy ever and I think he is the only one that ever orders those. But at least the people he sits by don't have to endure the smell of his snack....unlike the poor unlucky souls who end up next to me and my Mr. Dill.

This weekend we saw "State of Play". Not a lot of hype has been about it, but it is the new movie with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. I usually see everything coming but this had some good twists to it and I would recommend it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello Friends!

Although this is my second post, I realized that I had not formally welcomed everyone to my blogspot, so welcome...the door is open, remember to wipe your feet on the mat (I like cleanliness) and come on it, take a seat and watch the show.

I hope this will become a place where friends and family can come to get updates on the going-ons of the lives of the three of us...JB, Sully and Me.

I can do that!

Strolling through a store or watching HGTV (one of my favorite channels), I am always spotting things that I am sure I could construct on my own. I was checking out the fantastic blog some friends of ours that recently had a baby (shout out to Liz & Ben and new Baby Kate) and thought "what a great idea! I can do that!". So here goes. I am going to try to start blogging!