Friday, June 19, 2009

12.5 Weeks and Counting

I thought I would give everyone an update on how I am.....

How far along: 12 1/2 weeks. Saturday I will start my 2nd trimester!!

Total weight gain: According to my doctor, only 2 lbs (they go from my 8 week weight). I say 4 lbs from my normal weight. Most people would probably think I am insane to want to claim more, but right now I think it is funny. I might reject the extra 2 lbs at a later date.

How big is baby: Well, according to the charts, the size of a small lime and about 1/2 an ounce.

Maternity clothes: Not yet, although I secretly leave my pants and some skirts only partially zipped on occassion. I think I will be okay for another month or so.

Food cravings: None really. Pickles are my favorite food and it is a little odd b/c I don't want them as often now and I couldn't finish a movie pickle to save my life at this time, when normally I could eat two, no problem. I don't think I would call it a craving, but I drank MASSIVE amounts of apple juice during my morning sickness weeks b/c it soothed my nausea. I also eat a lot of fruit.

Morning Sickness: Waning slowly. No more extreme sickness in the morning. Randomly though I get sick. This afternoon I ate a biggie-sized 10 nugget meal from McDonald's and finished off every bit of it. I realized it was a mistake when I finished the last bite and got sick. I overflowed my stomach.

Mood Swings: Not too bad. I would have been able to answer "none" but I had a breakdown this weekend. I also have gone into a couple of panics that the house is a mess and I have SOO much to do, but those happened before the pregnancy too.

What I think is weird: Well, sometimes I think the whole idea of some little person inside me is strange, but the weirdest thing is that lately I wake up with a fairly flat stomach, but by the end of the day I am poking out like crazy. I am told this is normal.

What I miss: Well, I must admit I miss drinking a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, sometimes. I also miss having more energy and not feeling like barfing after a big meal.

What I'm looking forward to: I am starting a prenatal yoga class this week! August 14th we will find out pink or blue! Think BLUE everyone :)

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  1. Too funny - I rejected my weight gain from before my first appointment! And now I don't get on the scale...with days to one needs to know what I weigh - including myself. I look and feel like a beached whale, so why add to the misery?? 2nd trimester was the best - glad you'll be in it soon. :)