Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Grass is Greener

Well, I am more than a little behind on posting, so I am determined to get caught up over the next few days....although I have some exciting news to post, I will go in chronological order instead and start out with April's project - LANDSCAPING.

When we moved into the house in the summer of 2006 the landscaping was all molded yaupon bushes which I loathe and poop brown trim.

Eventually we took care of that, repainting the trim and JB spent long hours tearing everything out of the flowerbed...ground cover, yaupon bushes/trees and holly bushes. JB is such a sport. But then we got stuck.

We have a 1970s ranch house that is VERY long and therefore our flowerbeds are quite expansive, we got overwhelmed and busy and fall (good planting season) turned into winter (bad planting season) and we broke down and called a professional : Harvest Landscaping. They were AWESOME. I cannot brag enough about Travis (our landscape designer) and all his crew. In fact he came out this week to look at some small cleanup/mulch projects for the backyard b/c I know JB would rather play golf than work in the flowerbeds with the nice summer weather we are having. Here are some pics of the finished project. Probably not the best photography work and pictures can't even show the transformation fully.

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