Saturday, July 25, 2009


Just had to report quickly that our trip to Dallas for the day today was a success on many levels. We got to see one of JB's college roommates for lunch, who we hadn't seen in months and catch up (great to see you Kyle!) and found out we will be seeing him more this fall as he is taking some Theology classes at TCU. Can't wait to meet him at Fuzzy's for lunch.

We got to spend some time with JB's Grandma Margaret. I think she is more anxious than us to find out the sex of the baby and says it will be great either way, but we talked about how much more fun it is to shop for pink dresses :)

I also found multiple pants, tops and a dress in maternity clothes that fit great and I am so happy to be rid of the half-buttoned or too tight pants. I am coming out of my "nothing fits and I am going constanly whine about it" stage. Thanks for those who listened to my silly whining and who gave support suggestions for where to find clothes.

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