Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Name Game - Part 2

After finally purchasing a baby name book last night (the internet sites just aren't as helpful) and going thru our current "short list", JB and I think we might be doing a complete overhaul on what we will name this little guy.

The book we bought was great and gave us some good "naming ideas" to consider, including....

1. Don't keep saying the full name over and over, odds are they will only use their first and last, so concentrate on that - the middle name is just a dumping ground for a family name you want to pass on or you can use it as a place to be super creative.

2. Imagine the name as your name (since it is a boy's name, I had JB do this) and ask yourself if you would like having that name. If you would think your name was cool or boring or too weird.

Having had the last name "Polasek" for the first 24 years of my life, I was always proud to have a name that was different and said something about where I came from (my father is Czech). "Strong" is perhaps not common, but not as unique of a name, so I want to give our little boy a more unusual first name and definitely more than 1 syllable (this is where JB usually fights me b/c he likes short names). Don't worry - unusual doesn't mean weird... just not as commonly used.

So, we will keep everyone updated - but for now, JB and I are going to do some serious thinking!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Name Game

J.B. and I are having the hardest time deciding on a name. We created a survey for our family and friends - even though ultimately the decision is ours, it is nice to have others' input.

Click Here to take survey

Sunday, September 20, 2009

25 Weeks

How far along: 25 weeks, 2 days.

How big is baby: According to the charts 13 1/2 inches long and about a pound and a half. He is a total mover and shaker - I really don't know when this kid sleeps! We went out to dinner the other night with JB's grandma and he was really moving, so she got to feel him kicking and kept asking "is he mad?" b/c he kicks SO hard. I like to sit on the couch and watch my belly look like it is seizing.

Total weight gain: 12 lbs - long gone are the days of worrying about not gaining weight.

Belly button: Almost totally flat, but still have a little ways before it is contents under pressure.

Stretch marks: None yet that I have spotted. I have been lotioning like a crazy person, even though I am told that will only help with itchy skin.

Last Dr's Appt: This past Thursday I went to the doctor. I am measuring "right on" and next month will be my last "4 week appt", meaning I'll do the glucose test -ugh - and then I'll start going every two weeks. My how time has flown.

Maternity clothes: Yes, totally on the bottoms. I haven't really bought many maternity shirts yet - just wear my longer and larger ones.

How am I feeling: I am feeling good. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself b/c I feel like I am moving slower than normal. During the tax deadline I was working a lot of hours at my desk and my back was really hurting me, but that has eased up (and the heating pad is always a good trick). Basically, I just have to remember to take it a bit easier than normal.

Mood Swings: None really. JB thinks pregnancy mellows me, although I had a little bit of a breakdown the week I was working a lot of hours for the tax deadline.

Food cravings: Nothing too specific. More than anything the change has been that I will eat desserts, clean my plate and go back for seconds.

Milestones: Gaining more than 10 lbs. We put the crib together this weekend.
What I'm looking forward to: This Wednesday will mark 100 days left until my due date. To get to where our countdown is only 2 digits is really exciting. My sweet friends are throwing me a shower in October and I look forward to that and my family shower will be in November.

Current decisions being made: We have NOT decided on a name, but are trying to narrow it down. JB has been calling the baby Jack (what he wants the nickname to be if we name him John Bennett Strong, Jr) for about a week now to "test it out". I'm not a fan of it, but who knows. Other names tossed out are William Bennett, Lucas Bennett, Ian Thomas, John William. Any comments, suggestions, etc will be considered.

The other thing I have been working out is work....I think I have decided to finish up at working around the first to mid-November. I want some time to prepare for the little man and enjoy the holidays - so excited as we are having Thanksgiving at our house this year. I really like what I do and I am going to miss work I know, but I have been offered the fantastic opportunity to do some work from home for my firm and JB and I have been discussing how much I will be able to handle - I know a lot of this will be decided my the temperment of the baby, but I am a planner and would like to have some semi-schedule decided on.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Belly Pic

Hello all. Here is the belly picture that has been repeatedly requested....only, there are two problems with it.

1. It is from 2 weeks ago - sorry, I will try to get one this week (I am 25 weeks now!)
2. It is blurry, which leads me to the second picture...

OUR NEW CAMERA! JB and I have been long debating getting something better than our awful point-n-click (which took the above picture). User malfunction could have also led to the blurriness - sorry JB, but you are a horrible photogragher. Anyway, we have been looking at beginner DSLR's for a while now, as photography is something I would like to get into, especially with the little man on the way. So we talked to JB's Dad about it (our resident family photography) and we are going to borrow one of his "old" cameras for a while so we can figure out how to use one. I am so excited to experiment with it and hopefully take some fun pics of our nieces while I am learning.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Pages

I realize I have been posting a lot of words lately, and yet I know what you people want is pics. So here are some from the past few weeks.


When Mom and Dad came up for the sonogram weekend, we went to tour the Cowboys Stadium. Belly bump is 20 weeks here.


Since I have been working a lot during the past few weeks, JB has been helping out around the house. I came home one evening to this site. Notice the 1980's sony headphones that he is sporting. He got them from his Dad and LOVES them.

I think he adores them for two reasons:
1. He says they pic up the AM stations really well and JB loves to listen to the sports station "The Ticket" 24/7.
2. They are extremely soundproof and while they block out the noise from the vacuum, mower and weedeater, they also tune out a very naggy wife. I really neeed to test them out though to see if he REALLY can't hear me when I holler for him, or is just pretending.


Also, since I have been a little absent at home, rules such "no dogs on the furniture or in my bed" have gone out the window. When I have come home late, I have found an extra hair little thing in my bed waiting for me. And I must admit, I am usually too tired to make him go back to the other side of the house to his bed, so I usually just shove him over and climb in.


We have made a couple of big purchases in preparation of the little man's arrival, the first being the "travel system". JuJu and Pods (we are testing out grandparent names for JB's parents right now) bought it for him and here is JB putting it together.
COWBOYS vs. 49ers

JB's parents were kind enough to let us use their season tkts a few weeks ago for the preseason game between the Cowboys and 49ers. We actually ran into friends before the game tailgating in the parking lot which was a fun surprise. The seats are awesome and we had a great time. Belly bump is 22 weeks in the above pic - you can spot a little bit of growth.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Snakes, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

We found out August 14th that we are having a boy. My Mom and Dad got to be at the sonogram and so did JB's Mom (his dad was on a golf trip). I know some people talk about it wanting to be "just the two of them" to find out, but we couldn't think of a better way to share it with our families than to have them there.

I think the best part of it, for me, was my Dad's reaction. Having never experienced a sonogram like that before (didn't really have them when my sisters and I were in the womb), he thought it was really neat. He was pointing and calling out body parts - it was so cute. It is hard not living closer to them and I want to have them share in this time as much as they can.

I must admit, when they announced it was a boy, my first thought was "WHAT?!?!". Not that I could really even hear myself think over JB's cheering! Our family is all girls and I just had never pictured myself doing anything but buying frilly dresses and fixing up a pink nursery. I have definitely warmed up to the idea though, and am thrilled to be giving my family a really new type of addition. It is going to be so great to watch JB be a Dad, especially to a little boy. I just have to learn to throw a ball now and play cars and trucks.

Of course, I know everyone's next question - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO NAME HIM? We have been bugged constantly for the last month - including JB bugging me demanding that we decide on something. We both fluctuate....one day JB is sure he wants a John Bennett Strong, Jr. (and walks aroung calling my belly Jack all day). Lately he has decided on Lucas Bennett. I throw out different ideas, but have stuck with a few lately, one being William Bennett (after my Pop-Pop, Billy). We'll figured it out though...just going to take our time. Funny thing is that amongst our friends there are a ton of people pregnant and now a ton of people having boys, so we probably need to "claim a name" pretty soon.

**sorry, I meant to put a pic here of the sonogram, but I couldn't get it to scan clearly enough - he was moving so much that day that they had a devil of a time getting a lot of shots**

Still Alive and Junior's Still Kickin'

Hello all. Yes, it is me, the long lost blogger. The last 4 weeks have been insane and I am finally having the time to sit down and get everyone updated.

So I'll post some separate blogs over the next few days to get everyone caught up. And yes, I will try to post some new belly pics....it has grown a lot over the past 4 weeks!