Friday, September 18, 2009

Belly Pic

Hello all. Here is the belly picture that has been repeatedly requested....only, there are two problems with it.

1. It is from 2 weeks ago - sorry, I will try to get one this week (I am 25 weeks now!)
2. It is blurry, which leads me to the second picture...

OUR NEW CAMERA! JB and I have been long debating getting something better than our awful point-n-click (which took the above picture). User malfunction could have also led to the blurriness - sorry JB, but you are a horrible photogragher. Anyway, we have been looking at beginner DSLR's for a while now, as photography is something I would like to get into, especially with the little man on the way. So we talked to JB's Dad about it (our resident family photography) and we are going to borrow one of his "old" cameras for a while so we can figure out how to use one. I am so excited to experiment with it and hopefully take some fun pics of our nieces while I am learning.

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