Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Name Game - Part 2

After finally purchasing a baby name book last night (the internet sites just aren't as helpful) and going thru our current "short list", JB and I think we might be doing a complete overhaul on what we will name this little guy.

The book we bought was great and gave us some good "naming ideas" to consider, including....

1. Don't keep saying the full name over and over, odds are they will only use their first and last, so concentrate on that - the middle name is just a dumping ground for a family name you want to pass on or you can use it as a place to be super creative.

2. Imagine the name as your name (since it is a boy's name, I had JB do this) and ask yourself if you would like having that name. If you would think your name was cool or boring or too weird.

Having had the last name "Polasek" for the first 24 years of my life, I was always proud to have a name that was different and said something about where I came from (my father is Czech). "Strong" is perhaps not common, but not as unique of a name, so I want to give our little boy a more unusual first name and definitely more than 1 syllable (this is where JB usually fights me b/c he likes short names). Don't worry - unusual doesn't mean weird... just not as commonly used.

So, we will keep everyone updated - but for now, JB and I are going to do some serious thinking!

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  1. You are cracking me up! Brent and I debated for months and didn't name Trent until the day we checked out of the hospital. I definitely wanted a more unique - but not weird - name and Brent wanted to make sure it wasn't too weird since the last name is Gurley. Good luck!! You can also look at the Social Security Administration website to see the top 1000 names from the past 100 years. We had lots of fun with that website!