Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Raining Babies!

We found out MORE good news last of my bestest friends, Kimberly, and her hubby, Tony are going to be bringing home a bundle of joy in late April.

We are SO excited for them but I hate that they are so far away in New Hampshire!

Kim and I have been friends since we were about 13. We lived together all 4 years at A&M (not many people have that kind of track record with a roomie! don't know how Kim put up with me that long!). She has moved all over...Dallas, Washington DC, New Hampshire, London, and now back to New Hampshire, but no matter how far away we are or how long it has been since we last talked, we pick up the phone and it is like we live next door and saw each other yesterday at the grocery store. We have an easy friendship and one that is true and life-long.

Wyatt will hear lots of stories about his crazy mom and Auntie Kim one day.

Congrats - I love you so much and this little person is so lucky to be getting you as a Mommy, Kim!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A New Cousin on the Way!

We just found out this morning that JB's cousin, Kari and her husband, Tyler, are expecting their first baby!! They are due first week of May.

How exciting that Wyatt will have a cousin so close to his age! How fun that JB's Mom and her sister get to be first time grandmas together! Too bad they live so far away in San Francisco. :( We'll just have to plan a trip out to see them later this summer.

Congrats Kari and Tyler! We love y'all and are so excited for you!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

29 Weeks

Here are the current stats and a couple pics from my shower a week or so ago:

How far along: Last Friday I hit the 29 week mark I am still "counting" using my original due date of January 1st, although the 20 week sonogram moved us to January 5th. And according to my doctor, belly is measuring at 27 1/2 weeks, but I don't understand that measurement at all and he said he would still consider me right on and I am one of his few "textbook cases".

For those of you who aren't familiar with how they measure, basically they measure the outside of my belly from what he feels the bottom of my uterus, far down on my underwear line to the top of my uterus (which right now is about 2 inches below my bra line). Apparently you are supposed to be the same centimeters as you are weeks - hence, I should have been around 28-29 centimeters, but this to me makes NO sense, as all women come in different sizes, so how could we all measure the same? Who knows? On to more interesting facts.

How big is baby: According to the charts about 15 inches long (although Wyatt is probaby a little shorter than that with his family track record) and about 2 3/4 pounds. He is still VERY active, and I keep thinking he will start running out of room and stop the giant movements, but he keeps going and I guess that is b/c my belly keeps expanding.
Total weight gain: 15 lbs - I am right on track to gain about 25 lbs. I am hoping to keep about 5-10 of those pounds (distributed more evenly throughout my figure) after having Wyatt. I have always battled my weight (in the opposite direction of most) and hope pregnancy will help me gain some curves.
Belly button: Flat. I didn't think it ever had a chance of "popping" but maybe it will at the very end.
Stretch marks: Still none yet but I am on track to gain another 10 lbs before Wyatt gets here, so only time will tell. I think I might be starting to get that dark line that runs below your belly button, but it is really faint right now.
Last Dr's Appt: I had my last "4 week" appointment. Now I will start going every two weeks! I had my glucose test and everything came out normal. That stuff is so nasty to drink and afterwards I was so jittery, but yet exhausted at the same time - strange feeling, like you are on drugs. I went to Yogi's for a late breakfast. I finished off the french toast platter and 2 fried eggs that I ordered in addition to it. Two cops sitting at the next table said "Good Job!" when I finished. They said they were betting on whether or not I would clean my enormous plate.
Maternity clothes: Yep and I have gone ahead and purchased a couple more maternity shirts. I did inventory of my fall/winter clothes this past weekend to see what could possible still stretch over me. Some things went back into the tubs and the attic b/c there was really no chance.
How am I feeling: I am feeling really great other than moving a little slower and not having as much energy. But I think I had above average energy before, so now I am just a normal person. athough J.B. can tell you that my "Saturday to-do list" energy has not eased up any, to his dismay.
Mood Swings: For the first time, I am starting to feel a little more irritable. Some probably from less "good sleep" and a lot of it comes from being anxious to be done with work, I think. I want to be nesting and get the house ready.
Food cravings: I really like sweets more now and am always up for a good pimiento cheese sandwich, which I liked before, but didn't feel the urge to eat all the time, like I do now.
Sleep: Depends upon the day...some nights are good and normal, some nights I am doing good to get 2 straight hours. Every once in a while it is b/c I am uncomfortable, but mostly it is just insomnia and my brain running wild.
Milestones: We picked a name - John Wyatt Strong - and using his name has become fluid and easy now. We are starting to get his room/closet cleaned out so we can begin truly setting up a nursery. Right now we have a crib and bedding and have ordered his glider and dresser - they should both be in before Thanksgiving if not much earlier. I am still working on curtains and other decor. I have had a painter at my house this week finishing up some other rooms, so I can feel settled and like things are ready for his arrival (not that Wyatt cares if the laundry room was an ugly color).
What I'm looking forward to: My last day of work will be Nov. 6th. Right now there isn't much to do, so the days are long. Also that weekend (Nov 6-7) we go to a lamaze/birthing class. I am not sure if it is going to make me more nervous or ease my fears of labor - probably a bit of both.

Courtney (twin boys due Jan. 27th), Alicia, Me, Amy, and Gara. My girlfriends are so awesome!! Since you can't really tell my size in the above pic.......

Even though this is not the most flattering pic of myself (what's going on weird helmet hair?) this is the only recent belly shot that I have - 28 weeks, taken at my shower.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, we have finally decided on a name. It was fun to get everyone's opinions in our survey and then we spent a week just trying to think of what we thought was a perfect name for our little boy.

John Wyatt Strong

John after J.B. (John Bennett) and my Daddy (who is so thrilled to be having a grandson and now a namesake after being surrounded by a bunch of girls his whole life). Also, his great-grandpa, great uncle and great great grandpa were named John. It was very important to us that we kept that name going.

Wyatt just because we liked the name. We will call him Wyatt and J.B. has already tested it by "yelling like he was being naughty" and "yelling like he is running down the soccer field" :). We can't wait to meet him in a few months but I am hoping that he stays cooking until after Christmas.

We have been working hard to get Wyatt's room cleaned out and ready for all his stuff. I have been bad about buying lots of outfits and need to slow down for a bit. We have our first shower this weekend - thanks to my wonderful girlfriends Amy, Alicia, Courtney and Gara! I'll make sure to post some pics after this weekend.

My next doctor's appointment is October 16th and I'll have to do the glucose test then. I took the whole day off work, in case I fall into a sugar coma. Also, it is the day after my last tax deadline working full-time and I want to celebrate it.

November 6th is my last day of work. Part of me is sad to leave my career that I have enjoyed for so long, but I am overwhelmed with excitement at being able to stay at home with Wyatt and have the most important job around- a mommy. Going to one income is not going to be stress-free, but we have been preparing and planning for a while now (even before I was pregnant with Wyatt) and the transition shouldn't be too hard of one.

I am so grateful to have an incredible, supportive husband who feels just as strongly as I do about me being the one taking care of our baby all day and respects my work in the home as being important and difficult and essential to our family - I love you, JB. You are going to be such an amazing Daddy!