Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, we have finally decided on a name. It was fun to get everyone's opinions in our survey and then we spent a week just trying to think of what we thought was a perfect name for our little boy.

John Wyatt Strong

John after J.B. (John Bennett) and my Daddy (who is so thrilled to be having a grandson and now a namesake after being surrounded by a bunch of girls his whole life). Also, his great-grandpa, great uncle and great great grandpa were named John. It was very important to us that we kept that name going.

Wyatt just because we liked the name. We will call him Wyatt and J.B. has already tested it by "yelling like he was being naughty" and "yelling like he is running down the soccer field" :). We can't wait to meet him in a few months but I am hoping that he stays cooking until after Christmas.

We have been working hard to get Wyatt's room cleaned out and ready for all his stuff. I have been bad about buying lots of outfits and need to slow down for a bit. We have our first shower this weekend - thanks to my wonderful girlfriends Amy, Alicia, Courtney and Gara! I'll make sure to post some pics after this weekend.

My next doctor's appointment is October 16th and I'll have to do the glucose test then. I took the whole day off work, in case I fall into a sugar coma. Also, it is the day after my last tax deadline working full-time and I want to celebrate it.

November 6th is my last day of work. Part of me is sad to leave my career that I have enjoyed for so long, but I am overwhelmed with excitement at being able to stay at home with Wyatt and have the most important job around- a mommy. Going to one income is not going to be stress-free, but we have been preparing and planning for a while now (even before I was pregnant with Wyatt) and the transition shouldn't be too hard of one.

I am so grateful to have an incredible, supportive husband who feels just as strongly as I do about me being the one taking care of our baby all day and respects my work in the home as being important and difficult and essential to our family - I love you, JB. You are going to be such an amazing Daddy!

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  1. Very sweet. I am so glad you have a name. Do you have bedding and stuff for your nursery yet? Looking forward to the shower this weekend. Xoxo