Friday, November 13, 2009


I just had to post a little something about how excited I am for Wyatt to meet all his first cousins...Jordy, Grace, Kassidy and Tessa. Jordy will be off at college next year (man that makes me feel old) so we'll just have to keep in touch with her via the blog and emails. Wish the Smith bunch lived closer so he could play with Kass. It will be a blessing to him, though, to have two of his cousins very close by, just 20 minutes down the road.

I was at Amanda's house on Tuesday and we were trying to get Tess to say "Wyatt" and told her there was a baby in my belly. She slapped by belly and said "BABY!", she packs a pretty good punch and Amanda was telling her "gentle, gentle", but I told her that was alright, as Wyatt better learn to roll with the big girls.

Gracie has become such a big girl - she got her ears pierced the other week and called to tell us and said "it didn't hurt that bad. it was only a hard pinch". I love it b/c I was terrified when I got mine done at 14! She will be a good protector of him when he comes and a helper.

Tessa will teach him to be rough and tumble and hold his own. I can already picture them playing sports together and making up games while they climb around the elaborate jungle gym JB is already planning for our backyard.

Here are a couple pics of Tessa and Grace from early this fall. They change so fast, but I just found these yesterday and had to post them. And even though we think Wyatt will take after his Mom and Dad and have dark hair...I am fairly certain we'll also end up with the curls, just like Grace and Tessa, so he'll fit in just fine with his tangle-haired cousins.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

33 Weeks

How far along: Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks along. Man, has the time flown. As of today, we only have 50 days left until Wyatt's due date.

How big is baby: According to the charts a little over 4 lbs and around 17 inches long (we'll just be optimistic about the height). My doctor says I am measuring at 32 weeks, but since I don't have any "fluff" he says that means I am right on.

Total weight gain: Total so far is 18 lbs. Not too shabby :) I have been consistently gaining a pound a week, so I am on track to gain 25 total.

Belly button: Flat and almost non-existent. My sister said it looked like an alien pregnancy stomach b/c you don't really even see my belly button.

Stretch marks: None yet. That is all I am going to say - don't want to jinx myself.

Last Dr's Appt: I went to see Dr. Suba today. I will go the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then every week after that!

Maternity clothes: All the way. I am trying not to buy anything new and as long as the weather doesn't get super cold, I am good to go with all my long sleeved tshirts.

How am I feeling: I am feeling really good. Can't complain. Yes, I feel large and move slower, but overall I feel ready to go when I get up in the mornings.

Mood Swings: I am very "nesty" but that is nothing new. Also, I am having a bit of anxiety now that we are getting closer and closer to the due date, but I know that is only natural.

Food cravings: I like sweets more now, but nothing crazy. The other day I read an article about cravings and how some women crave dirt or toilet paper. Nothing strange like that here.

Sleep: Depends upon the day...some nights are good and normal, some nights I am doing good to get 2 straight hours. But overall, I wake up easily around 6 or 7 on my own every morning.

Milestones: Wyatt's dresser has been delivered and we found out our glider is in shipment (on a slow truck from somewhere).

We went to lamaze class last weekend - it was okay. Probably could have covered the same material in 3 hours instead of the 12 that it was scheduled for. It was nice to get the hospital tour and if anything made us think a little harder about waiting as long as possible for the the epidural. Not saying I am going all-natural, just that I am not going to check in and immediately ask for the drugs -I want to let labor progress as much as possible before I get it.

My last day of work was Friday, Nov. 6th and right now I just feel like I am on vacation. Hard to believe I am really DONE with full-time (out of the house) employment. I really just see this time as a month and a half off before I start my NEW VERY full-time career.

What I'm looking forward to: I head out tomorrow morning to go home to Georgetown. We are having a family shower there - I am excited to see all my family. And I am going to stay with my parents until Wednesday or Thursday to get some good visiting time in with them and my Mimi and go see some other family before I get too far along to travel and we have to wait to bring Wyatt to meet them. Dr. Suba says as long as I am feeling good that I can travel up until Christmas Day, so we plan on going to see my family over Thanksgiving wrekend as well.

Here is me today at 50 days left with Wyatt's crib and the comforter from his bedding.