Friday, November 13, 2009


I just had to post a little something about how excited I am for Wyatt to meet all his first cousins...Jordy, Grace, Kassidy and Tessa. Jordy will be off at college next year (man that makes me feel old) so we'll just have to keep in touch with her via the blog and emails. Wish the Smith bunch lived closer so he could play with Kass. It will be a blessing to him, though, to have two of his cousins very close by, just 20 minutes down the road.

I was at Amanda's house on Tuesday and we were trying to get Tess to say "Wyatt" and told her there was a baby in my belly. She slapped by belly and said "BABY!", she packs a pretty good punch and Amanda was telling her "gentle, gentle", but I told her that was alright, as Wyatt better learn to roll with the big girls.

Gracie has become such a big girl - she got her ears pierced the other week and called to tell us and said "it didn't hurt that bad. it was only a hard pinch". I love it b/c I was terrified when I got mine done at 14! She will be a good protector of him when he comes and a helper.

Tessa will teach him to be rough and tumble and hold his own. I can already picture them playing sports together and making up games while they climb around the elaborate jungle gym JB is already planning for our backyard.

Here are a couple pics of Tessa and Grace from early this fall. They change so fast, but I just found these yesterday and had to post them. And even though we think Wyatt will take after his Mom and Dad and have dark hair...I am fairly certain we'll also end up with the curls, just like Grace and Tessa, so he'll fit in just fine with his tangle-haired cousins.

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