Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 28th is the date.

Doctor's appointment went well today - the sonogram says Wyatt looks perfect in every way and is estimated to be exactly 6 lbs. We also went ahead and set a date for induction. Our doctor said although he thinks he will come by Christmas, he wanted to go ahead and get me on the calendar for the week after. So, if he doesn't come sooner, Wyatt will be born on December 28th.

A lot of people are asking "why an induction?" basically the logic is that he is good to go right now and especially at 39 1/2 weeks, which is what he will be when they induce. If he doesn't come by then, they won't let me go but another week or so anyway, so my doctor says, why not bring him a week earlier when he is a little smaller and easier to push out. Makes sense to me! He said I could change my mind though until the last minute, if I decide I want to give him another week to come on his own.

The not-so-fun news is that I started feeling bad and running fever late last night and was put on Tamiflu today. My doctor is hopeful the Tamiflu will help whatever I have (might just be a virus or something) run its course faster and I should be thru it in the next couple days. It is just fatigue, achiness and fever, so nothing too horrible - but funny how yesterday I was hoping he would arrive soon and now I am hoping he holds off for a few days so I can get to feeling better and get my strength back up, should he decide to come early.

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