Friday, December 4, 2009

Nana the Amazing

My mom came into town yesterday and Wyatt's room went from having only the bare minimum, no decor, no curtains, no warmth to AMAZING in just 24 hours.

I am not a good photographer, especially when it comes to rooms in my home, and I really wish I would have taken some "before Nana" shots. It is hard for the pictures to do all the colors justice, but now the vibrant yellow walls seem warm and inviting and the curtains make the room so cozy. The curtains are going to have to be re-hemmed due to me giving mom the wrong measurements - better too long than too short though! We did his name ourselves last night at the kitchen table - 8x8 canvases, some wooden letters and a little paint and TA-DAH! We also did some painting on the quilt clips (they came just basic white) and hung those and the letters today. I forgot to take a picture of his cute changing table that has denim baskets underneath it. We are still working on something to go above it.

Now if I can only get my mom to come visit for a few more days before Wyatt arrives and make me finish the rest of my house. Wyatt's room is the one that is the most "done" of any of them in our house. My mom says it looks like Wyatt has been here a while and JB and I just moved in HAHA. His is the only room to really have stuff on his walls....yes, we have lived in this house for over 3 years - I just can't make decisions!

Mom seemed pleased with the room too, as when she was leaving, she said "Well, my grandson's room is looking pretty good now!" His blank and lacking warmth room was greatly disturbing for her and me, alike, but I just can never make decisions. It was such a blessing to have her come get my rear in gear, and I think she has actually enjoyed decorating with bold stripes and blues and greens instead of pink and purple gingham this time around. :)

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  1. The room looks awesome!!! I am so glad you have a blog so I can read about your life. I'm happy you're doing great!!!