Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Month Left....

It is hard to believe we are just one month away from Wyatt's due date! The time has gone very fast and in the past few weeks, JB and I have made the transtion from "no he can't come anytime soon, we aren't ready!" to "we can't wait to meet him". Actually JB has always been more "ready" for him then myself. Those who know me well, know I have to have the room ready, the house organized and all my ducks in a row before we bring him into our family and I am starting to feel like I am ready to roll. No, this is not nesting, unfortunately, this is just me.

I go to the doctor every Tuesday now. We have our final sonogram on Dec. 15th - mainly just to check position, fluid levels and let them guess at his size. I am feeling great, large, but great and am only uncomfortable after I stuff my face too full (there is less and less space in my belly) and at night it takes me a bit to feel comfortable laying down.

Here are the normal stats and I will try to get JB to take a pic of me this evening to add to this post. I feel like I have doubled in size lately.

How far along: 35 1/2 weeks. I have been pregnant for 250 days - so strange, because I really don't remember what my flat stomach and seeing my feet in the shower ever looked like and I have actually found pregnancy to be fun. I have been blessed with such an easy 8 months - who would have thought my little body would be so good at growing a baby?

How big is baby: Well, unlike in the beginning, now the Wyatt's size is a guessing game. He is most likely around 5 lbs and is not getting any longer, but just adding on fat to his body.

Total weight gain: Here is the fun part - 23 lbs so far! Yowzers and I still have 4 1/2 weeks (possibly a bit more if he doesn't come on time) to go!

Belly button: Completely flush most times but manages to stick out a bit when I have eaten a lot of Wyatt is pushing on the outside.

Stretch marks: None still and I am hoping to keep it that way. Having gained about 24% of my starting weight, I am surprised at this.

Last Dr's Appt: I went to see Dr. Suba this morning. He said I am slowly starting to eface, but I am a good 1 cm dilated. Fun to know that my body is starting to progress in some way and is showing that is knows what is coming.

Maternity clothes: Of course.

How am I feeling: I am feeling really great. No swelling or problems like that. JB and I took Sully for walks this weekend and my shins hurt some (JB said it is shin splints from the extra weight) but nothing I can't handle. I feel really great and am just trying to enjoy these last few weeks feeling good and full of energy and getting the house ready for the holidays and to welcome our new addition.

Mood Swings and Food Cravings: I think sometimes my moods and attitude are actually more low-key with pregnancy. JB probably wishes I were pregnant all the time. :) No strange cravings or anything, I just eat a lot more than usual.

Sleep: I do not get really normal "night sleep" now. Instead I sleep really well on the couch from about 9-midnight, then head to bed and sleep off and on for the next 6 hours (averaging about 3-4 asleep), so I am still getting plenty of sleep, just takes a longer period of time to fit it in. I wake up on my own around 6am every morning and am not tired or taking naps or anything during the day - doing really good in this area from the stories I hear from others.


Wyatt's room is about 85% ready - we think we have everything we need right now. My mom is coming up the end of this week to bring his curtains she has been slaving over (Thanks Nana!!) and help me get some more decor up on the walls.

I now go to the doc every Tuesday and he says I am progressing at a normal and expected rate.

I got the Christmas tree up and decorated - yes, I know this doesn't have to do with Wyatt, but I wanted to get it and some other things done around the house now, so we still have a holiday ready home, in case he makes a surprise early appearance.

The biggest milestone for me has been my shift from anxiety about having him to being ready for him to get here. I was really nervous about the actual labor, but I am starting to feel more at ease with the idea and knowing I am in good hands with my doctor and in the end - we get to meet John Wyatt! The excitement of knowing he is going to meet all his family soon and the thought of seeing my husband and Mom and Dad hold him overwhelms any fear that I have.

What I'm looking forward to:

My mom is coming to visit the end of this week and I am excited to show her my progress on his nursery and get her help with the final touches. It will be nice to spend time just the two of us, as it might be the last for a long time.

We are having some maternity pics taken this weekend - should be fun - at first I wasn't going to have them done but decided I should document this time - nothing weird with nudity and scarves haha, just some pictures of JB, me and Wyatt in the belly.

I am excited about the Dec. 15th sonogram to see him one more time before we get to meet him.


  1. Definitely don't sweat labor - it hurts, you move on - I promise!! And of course, it is SO totally worth it! I can't wait to see Wyatt!! I am requesting pictures of his nursery too please!!!

  2. I am SO happy for both of you! You will me amazing parents and I promise you....your mind cannot even fathom the love that gets stronger once that child is here! Parenthood is awesome! I cannot wait to see pics of you and the nursery!!