Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

Yep, I have hit the "I'm ready to be done" point. It is not that I am feeling bad - I still feel pretty great. Sleep has been lacking these past couple days, but nothing too horrible. I am just ready to meet Wyatt. The pregnancy show has been fun and I think I might even miss it a bit once it is over, but I am ready to be a mommy and JB is also anxious to meet our little boy.

His room is done, I have halted all projects around the house to be resumed in 3-4 months, and now I just feel like I am playing the waiting game.

I have had very little moodiness this entire pregnancy, but the past couple days I have been so irritable and irrational. When JB came home last night the first thing he asked was "Good God, what is wrong with you?!?!?" I announced "I AM DONE! I am ready for him to be here. I am ready to get this show on the road!" My anxieties about labor have diminished as much as they ever will and I am just excited to bring him into the world, especially now that he is "full term".

But we still have 3 weeks until his due date and then I could possibly push another week past that.....so, I guess I better get okay with having this bun in the oven a little longer. God grant me patience.

I'll let everyone know what the doctor says today. Tonight I might be going for a bumpy ride down a country road, eating spicy Mexican food, dancing naked on a full moon night in the yard and going for a 10 mile walk. :)


  1. On my gosh...this cracked me up! Been in your shoes BIG TIME! I remember being about 2+ weeks before my due date thinking there's no way I could continue...except I went past my due date. Good times! Don't forget the magical properties of sex for helping induce labor. My OB actually wrote Brent a 'prescription' for it. :) Enjoy your life as much as you can right now, it will never be just you and J.B. again... Sending good thoughts your way!!!!!

  2. Let him bake in there! This is when I was put on bedrest with Jillian. They didn't want her coming just yet. Let him have a little more fun in there where it's nice, warm, and round the clock food! I totally understand how you are feeling! Hopefully you won't go a week past your due date like I did!