Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Month Has Flown By

Hi Everybody! I Am 1 Month Old Today!!

Okay, so I am behind and instead of a super long post, I am going to try to hit highlights and give you people what I know you want - pictures.

1. Today Wyatt is 1 Month Old - I can't believe how fast the time has flown by, how easy being a "Mommy" feels to me, how great of a Daddy, JB already is and how well Sully is adapting. So far becoming a family of 4 has been pretty smooth. I can't say enough how easy my recovery has been and how fast the time has gone by. It doesn't feel like it was a full month ago that I was headed to the hospital to have him.....although somedays, it seems like a long time ago when I got to sleep thru the night, didn't have to "make bottles" everyday and running to the grocery store in the middle of the day was a feasible thing :)

2. Wyatt is still a fabulous sleeper and eater - thank you little man! I feel rested most days and he has allowed me to even do some accounting for a non-profit the last couple weeks while he sleeps. During the day, he naps on his tummy in his cradle (in the living room) and he sleeps swaddled at night in his crib.

3. Since we do formula bottles, JB has now started to give Wyatt bottles in the evenings and on the weekends. It is so nice to have a break every once in a while - he hasn't taken a night feeding yet, but I am hoping that is around the corner. Wyatt is definitely our child (both JB and I were projectile spitter-uppers) and has a bit of reflux. Sometimes he won't spit up all day and then other times, we are both changing outfits every bottle. So far, everytime JB has fed him, he has had a 'good bottle'. JB likes to hold that over my head and say he is better at feeding him than I am.

4. Nana and Grandad brought Mimi to see us last weekend. I was excited for Mimi to meet her first great-grandson. Wyatt was a good boy the whole time and we all go to go out to eat for lunch.

5. Wyatt loves his baths. When you first undress him, he screams, but once you start pouring water on him, he calms. He has always liked the sound of water - whenever he is fussing, you can turn on a faucet and he will immediately stop.

6. Wyatt has started losing his hair on top (no comments about getting that from Daddy). So with the auburn tint of his hair, sometimes when it sticks out (after a bath) he looks like Homey the Clown HAHA. He is so funny and we love how he has all these new expressions and his yawns and sneezes are the cutest.

7 ."Out hands" privileges are constant now. Wyatt used to scratch himself so much with his long nails. I try to file them, but he somehow finds a way to still get his face (especially around his eyes). As he gets older though, I want him to be able to grab at things and comfort himself by sucking on his hands, so we are no longer doing the sock-hands or flip-hands on the outfits. Also, he is starting to get so much bigger that some of his newborn outfits are getting too short on him, so that is excited but also means that he is going to outgrow his flip-hands outfits anyway. His feet are getting so big!

8. This past week, J.B.'s Aunt Sue and Uncle Walter came to visit from Connecticut. Aunt Sue got to practice with Wyatt - they will have a new grandson in May. I am excited Wyatt will have a boy cousin to play with! I forgot to get pics of Sue and Walter with him!

9. We also went for our first visit to JuJu & Doc's house. They had both been sick, so we had been avoiding their germy house for a bit. Doc of course stole Wyatt away to rock him. He is going to spoil him and create a rocking monster ;) We are hoping to go to Nana & Grandad's mid-February and show Wyatt where he will love to play in the back acreage and feed the deer with Nana.

10. I have pledged to be better about taking pictures, keeping up with the blog and continuing to learn how to balance wife-duties, motherhood and being Emily. So far I have been really proud of myself for still being able to keep up fairly well with household stuff, keep Wyatt happy, and work on some "brain stuff" with the QuickBooks for the non-profit. I am sure that as Wyatt gets older, he will become more demanding, but I hoping to keep some sort of schedule - which as everyone knows I am a VERY scheduled person. I am also making a pledge to start doing some sort of exercise - not for weight loss, but just to keep up my energy level and do something for me, like walking with my sister or being better about doing my pilates videos.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wyatt - Week 2

So, I am now only one week behind after this post!

Week 2 was a little more relaxed than Week 1 - Wyatt and I were figuring out somewhat of a schedule and we were figuring each other out. I was continuing to pump and this was starting to exhaust and frustrate me because I thought my supply was dwindling and also my boobs were constantly hurting. I finally, after a few tears, knew the best decision for both Wyatt and me was full-formula. I made the decision, put the pump up in the closet and haven't looked back since. The only change I have noticed - I am not as tired and after a couple days, my boobs are back to their normal little self. The big ones were fun while they lasted. ;) Wyatt showed no changes except for having a more rested and happier Mommy.

Monday evening, Amy came to meet Wyatt. Amy has been our friend for a long time and I love that she will be a in his life.

We tried out our swing.

And our boppy lounger.

Slept in our cradle alot - unswaddled.

And found out that we really like our bouncer and paci-buddy (Thanks Travis!) - I couldn't get this pic to rotate for some reason.

I am trying to be good about getting pics of him and all his visitors, but have missed some in week 3. My mom came back to town Tuesday-Thursday and we took Wyatt out for a quick outing to Babies R Us and Target and the Chic-Fil-A drivethru. Again, I got no pics of he and his Nana. Dangit.
Over the weekend we got all the Christmas decorations down - finally! And gave Wyatt his first bath (no pics taken - I am a bad mother). He did good, but after thinking he his blondy hair was getting a bit darker perhaps, we have to report that was just the "week's grease" and actually after his bath, it was confirmed again that his hair is pretty light and actually has an orangy-red tint to it. I have no clue where this came from. JB and I thought we would have a dark haired/dark eyed child. His hair is fuzzy (which we did expect and actually when it is slicked down there is a good amount of it - this picture is kind of deceiving as it doesn't look like he has much).

Although no one else notices, I can tell that his face is starting to fill out. His cheeks are getting chubbier, the crease above his nose is disappearing and his eye-bags are getting a little less deep. Also now that he is stretching out more, his clothes are fitting him better. We had to get a couple of preemie footie pjs for the first week or so, but now his newborn stuff fits him well.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wyatt - Week 1

Wyatt was a dream baby in the hospital. He nursed well, slept and was just his adorable self. My recovery was fairly easy, once we figured out that most of my pain was coming from a bruised tailbone (somehow done during delivery) and that if I laid on my side at night and put heat on the huge softball sized knot on my back, I would feel 110% better. Even with the bruised tailbone, I thought recovery was MUCH easier than expected. I didn't need my pain meds after we figured out the tailbone thing. Oh, and for those of you who told me to "shut up" when I bragged about not swelling - well apparently the full day of IV fluids helped in that department. I had sausage feet and hands for the next 3-4 days. It was pretty funny, except that my wedding band got really tight and I was concerned for a bit about having to have it cut off if I kept blowing up.

Our family came to see us lots during the day - my mom was here with us they whole time which was soimportant to me. JB's Dad (Wyatt's "Doc") loved to come rock Wyatt up at the hospital - I think Wyatt liked it too and a lot of times when Wyatt makes certain faces, we think he looks a lot like JB's Dad - especially his round chin.

I must sing the praises of all the nurses and staff at Harris Southwest. It was a wonderful experience and they were a huge part of that. Wyatt's "night nurse" was incredible. Vima was the one who checked him out when he was born and was with us 7pm-7am everyday. She was such a sweet soul. When Wyatt is not doing his old-man-scowl, he has some great dimples. Vima, who is Indian, said in her culture dimples mean he is lucky. She was always so loving to him and us, and constantly told us what a good baby Wyat was. On our last evening with her, she came in around 6am to visit and say her goodbye. She knew that John Wyatt was named for his Daddy and Grandad(my dad) and she asked when my dad would be up to meet him and told me to please tell him how special she thought Wyatt was and that she wished him a blessed and lucky life. Her kindness and gentleness was overwhelming and she gave me a big hug and snuggled Wyatt before she left.
We brought Wyatt home on Wednesday, Dec. 30th - his Aunt Amanda's birthday!

Great Grandma Margaret came to meet him on Wednesday afternoon (I don't have those pics yet unfortunately).

On Thursday, Grandad and the Lumpkin family came to meet him for the first time. I was excited when my Daddy got to meet his first grandson and hold him. I know Wyatt will have a special connection with my dad. My Dad (Johnny) calls Wyatt "Little Johnny" and it is so sweet b/c you can see how proud he is to have him share his name.

Cousin Grace was super excited to meet Wyatt. She made him a card that talked about how the three of them (she, Tessa and Wyatt) are going to be such good friends. I love that they will grow up close to one another. She made sure she got her turn to hold him and monitored everyone else's turns to make sure it was fair :)

Tessa was uninterested with Wyatt. We got her a new pink potty for Christmas and she was more excited about that. When he would make a noise, she would look at him strangely. We think she thought he was a baby doll.

Wyatt started to struggle at the end of this week with breastfeeding. He had a hard time latching on (because my boobs were enormously full of milk) and when he would eat, couldn't seem to get enough - even though I was producing. We called the lactation consultant and they were concerned because we told them about how much he was sleeping and they had us supplement formula.

My parents left on Friday - so sad to see them go. Saturday we took Wyatt in for his 2-day home checkup. He slept thru the ENTIRE thing. They said he had dropped 7 ounces from his birth-weight.

It was cold that Saturday, so we had to bundle him up for the trip to the pediatrician!

Over the weekend, breastfeeding continued to be a struggle - he was wanting to nurse 24/7 but never seemed to be full enough and we worried about him dropping more weight. I finally decided to let him latch on some, but mainly rely on pumped breastmilk and formula combined and fed from the bottle to get him full and happy. He did great on the bottle, so there was no worry there, but I struggled with feeling guilt and failure from not being able to make it work.

Tia Desi and Uncle TayTay came to bring us Kincaid's for lunch over the weekend and see Wyatt - I forgot to get pics. Uncle TayTay still won't hold Wyatt - he is a bit scared of his tiny body.

Also over the weekend, our good friends, Adam and Courtney, came to meet him. Courtney delivered twin boys (Luke & Brody) on December 28th too. They were taken early, so they are still in the NICU, but doing great and will hopefully be home soon in the next few weeks. I know the boys will all be great friends as they grow up together. AND we are excited with the idea of splitting the cost of bounce-house birthdays with the Plumbley's :) Can't wait to meet Luke adn Brody in person. At birth, Wyatt was the biggest of the three - but I am sure that will be the only time he will be bigger than the twins :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday John Wyatt

Okay, so I am a few weeks behind with posting and I am determined to get caught up...

I'll begin with the story of Wyatt's arrival on Monday, December 28, 2009 - one of the most amazing days of my life.

My parents arrived on the Sunday before so we could have our Christmas and it was so nice to spend some time with them. I actually slept really well on Sunday night (not sure why the nerves hadn't kicked in yet) and even had to be woken up with the alarm on Monday. We were set to be at the hospital for my induction at 7:30am. I was drying my hair when JB walked in around 7 and said the hospital had just called - all the beds were full (dang that full moon) and we had to wait to go in until they called us. I was actually okay with this b/c I was running a bit late (surprise, surprise).

Finally around 10:30am by OB/Gyn called and said to come to the hospital - the excitement started to build, but I really wasn't nervous. We got the hospital, checked into a room, and hooked up to an IV (funny to say, but it was the WORST pain of the day - they had to stick me twice and even though I have ENORMOUS veins, they kept hitting valves and having problems). The oxytocin was started and my contractions started to come regularly, but they weren't painful yet. Our doc said I might not have the baby until the wee hours of the morning, so we went ahead and put my Dad back on the road to Georgetown. He had to go to be at work on Tuesday and the roads were going to start getting icy that afternoon.

My mom, JB and I were just hanging out.

At 11:50 the doc came in, said I was still sitting at 2-3 cm but full efaced, so he broke my water. For me, it was not like in the movies where "water" went everywhere, it was fairly controlled. They also rev'd up the oxytocin and would come in every 30-45 minutes and knock it up another notch. The contractions started getting pretty dang strong. I was breathing thru them and doing okay, but since I knew there was an epidural in my future anyway, I went ahead and asked for it when the doc came in to check on my and said I had only progressed to 4 cm.

I got my epi at 3pm, right around when the Aggie bowl game was starting. Although I was super scared of the pain, it was NOTHING compared to the IV. It was more like getting a shot and they put numbing stuff on my back and my anesthesiologist was fantastic - so was our nurse who talked to me and comforted me thru the process of getting it. I asked him when he came in just to make sure I didn't see the needle. After the process was done, I said I wanted to see it and JB told me "no you don't, it is big!" he showed it to me - big, but not huge.

It started to take effect almost immediately. My legs tiggled and they started to feel like they were "going to sleep". It was almost like the bottom half of me was drunk :) They said over hte next few hours they would have me switch from laying on my right and left sides and they would continue to increase my oxytocin. My response "do what you have to do! I can't feel a thing!"

We were watching the end of the bowl game (dangit Aggies) when my doc came to check on me around 5:30 and said "WOW!" I was thinking "maybe I am at 7 or 8cm!" Doc says "You are a full 10 - we are going to have a baby soon!" This was the first time I was truly nervous as suddenly nurses were coming in and out, clearing the floor of all items (in case you gush everywhere, I guess) and bringing in all the carts and baby gear. My main nurse came in and they started collapsing the bed around me. Normally Harris SW only allows 2 "coaches" in the room, but I asked if my mother-in-law could come in. I wanted both grandmas there. They put my "dead legs" up in stirups and asked my mom and JB to hold my feet and gave me a 30 second instruction on how to push.

Our nurse was saying she could see the head and I don't remember being pushy, but apparently I basically demanding that my mother and mother-in-law look. They said I was fussing at them "Don't you want to see?" so they felt obligated to look. HAHA. JB had always said he would stay up at my head and not look, but he did and said it was so neat. He would tell me how he could see the head coming down and that would motivate me to push harder. After I pushed for a bit, they called the doctor in and knew it was serious business. I think I only pushed 2-3 times and I was concentrating so hard on a spot in the middle of Dr. Suba's scrub top he had to say "Emily, look! Look! Here he comes!" Wyatt was born at 6:52pm. He weighed 6 lbs 10.8 ounces and they measured him at 19 inches (but I think they were generous).

He cried and the put him on my chest. He had his eyes wide open and looking around like he was taking in the day, just like I was. He was beautiful and perfect.

They then moved him to the baby warmer where JB got to meet him up close for the first time.

My doc did have to cut me a bit and I remember as they took Wyatt away, looking down at Dr. Suba sewing me up and telling him "wow, my stomach is gone!" and he laughed at me.
It was such a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. As soon as I was cleaned up, which was pretty fast, we had everyone waiting in the hall to come in and my sister got on the road from Arlington. It was such a blessed moment filled with joy and family and love. Wyatt definitely had a good "first birthday".

Meeting Aunt Amanda for the first time.

Being held by Nana. She will be one of us favorite people, I know.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, Christmas was a little different this year, with knowing Wyatt was set to arrive a few days later, my parents decided to wait until Sunday to come up so we spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with just the Strong side of the family.

Christmas Eve is the annual event where all of JB's extended family gets together. Everyone but our immediate family live more on the Dallas side of the metroplex. This year, my in-laws were hosting the annual party. There was lots of catering order, the bar was stocked, bartenders and servers hired and then......the snow hit. No one could make it over from Dallas! It was disappointing, but what can you do? We called around to see if other friends had their plans changed and if they would come over and help eat all the yummy food. It was such a nice evening full of friends and great conversation and laughter. It was sad not to see family, but the company was fantastic.

Christmas Day we spent time with the Strongs and went to my sisters to see the girls. We also went to see "Avatar" - what a great movie!

Here are a few pics...they are also my last "belly pics", as Wyatt arrived 3 days later.

Taylor and J.B. being Taylor and J.B.

The Original Strong Kids

Desi and Me (the additional Strong kids) - look at that big green belly! I have to brag that I had on cute teal 2 inch high heels the entire night and was completely comfortable. Take that pregnancy books that say I should be swelling and unable to function at 39 weeks!

The Strong Girls (and Wyatt)

Taylor and Desi looking very festive and photogenic.

I love this picture because Mom is thinking "What the heck am I going to do with all this food? Thank goodness I have a martini in my hand!" and Dad is saying "We have more coming!" With a little help from friends we did good to put a big dent in it.

J.B. helping to haul in all the catering.

Me and my great father-in-law. He was so excited to meet his new grandson in a few days.

J.B. and Me