Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, Christmas was a little different this year, with knowing Wyatt was set to arrive a few days later, my parents decided to wait until Sunday to come up so we spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with just the Strong side of the family.

Christmas Eve is the annual event where all of JB's extended family gets together. Everyone but our immediate family live more on the Dallas side of the metroplex. This year, my in-laws were hosting the annual party. There was lots of catering order, the bar was stocked, bartenders and servers hired and then......the snow hit. No one could make it over from Dallas! It was disappointing, but what can you do? We called around to see if other friends had their plans changed and if they would come over and help eat all the yummy food. It was such a nice evening full of friends and great conversation and laughter. It was sad not to see family, but the company was fantastic.

Christmas Day we spent time with the Strongs and went to my sisters to see the girls. We also went to see "Avatar" - what a great movie!

Here are a few pics...they are also my last "belly pics", as Wyatt arrived 3 days later.

Taylor and J.B. being Taylor and J.B.

The Original Strong Kids

Desi and Me (the additional Strong kids) - look at that big green belly! I have to brag that I had on cute teal 2 inch high heels the entire night and was completely comfortable. Take that pregnancy books that say I should be swelling and unable to function at 39 weeks!

The Strong Girls (and Wyatt)

Taylor and Desi looking very festive and photogenic.

I love this picture because Mom is thinking "What the heck am I going to do with all this food? Thank goodness I have a martini in my hand!" and Dad is saying "We have more coming!" With a little help from friends we did good to put a big dent in it.

J.B. helping to haul in all the catering.

Me and my great father-in-law. He was so excited to meet his new grandson in a few days.

J.B. and Me

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  1. Loved the pictures on facebook - made me tear up a little bit remembering Trent's first days. I can't wait to watch Wyatt grow and hear the stories you'll share. If you have any questions or want to bounce anything by me, you know how to find me. :) Not sure if you have it, but a great reference book is 'Baby 411' - it's co-authored by a pediatrician. P.S. - you don't have to rub it in that you didn't swell. ;) Some of us weren't so lucky! HA!