Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Month Has Flown By

Hi Everybody! I Am 1 Month Old Today!!

Okay, so I am behind and instead of a super long post, I am going to try to hit highlights and give you people what I know you want - pictures.

1. Today Wyatt is 1 Month Old - I can't believe how fast the time has flown by, how easy being a "Mommy" feels to me, how great of a Daddy, JB already is and how well Sully is adapting. So far becoming a family of 4 has been pretty smooth. I can't say enough how easy my recovery has been and how fast the time has gone by. It doesn't feel like it was a full month ago that I was headed to the hospital to have him.....although somedays, it seems like a long time ago when I got to sleep thru the night, didn't have to "make bottles" everyday and running to the grocery store in the middle of the day was a feasible thing :)

2. Wyatt is still a fabulous sleeper and eater - thank you little man! I feel rested most days and he has allowed me to even do some accounting for a non-profit the last couple weeks while he sleeps. During the day, he naps on his tummy in his cradle (in the living room) and he sleeps swaddled at night in his crib.

3. Since we do formula bottles, JB has now started to give Wyatt bottles in the evenings and on the weekends. It is so nice to have a break every once in a while - he hasn't taken a night feeding yet, but I am hoping that is around the corner. Wyatt is definitely our child (both JB and I were projectile spitter-uppers) and has a bit of reflux. Sometimes he won't spit up all day and then other times, we are both changing outfits every bottle. So far, everytime JB has fed him, he has had a 'good bottle'. JB likes to hold that over my head and say he is better at feeding him than I am.

4. Nana and Grandad brought Mimi to see us last weekend. I was excited for Mimi to meet her first great-grandson. Wyatt was a good boy the whole time and we all go to go out to eat for lunch.

5. Wyatt loves his baths. When you first undress him, he screams, but once you start pouring water on him, he calms. He has always liked the sound of water - whenever he is fussing, you can turn on a faucet and he will immediately stop.

6. Wyatt has started losing his hair on top (no comments about getting that from Daddy). So with the auburn tint of his hair, sometimes when it sticks out (after a bath) he looks like Homey the Clown HAHA. He is so funny and we love how he has all these new expressions and his yawns and sneezes are the cutest.

7 ."Out hands" privileges are constant now. Wyatt used to scratch himself so much with his long nails. I try to file them, but he somehow finds a way to still get his face (especially around his eyes). As he gets older though, I want him to be able to grab at things and comfort himself by sucking on his hands, so we are no longer doing the sock-hands or flip-hands on the outfits. Also, he is starting to get so much bigger that some of his newborn outfits are getting too short on him, so that is excited but also means that he is going to outgrow his flip-hands outfits anyway. His feet are getting so big!

8. This past week, J.B.'s Aunt Sue and Uncle Walter came to visit from Connecticut. Aunt Sue got to practice with Wyatt - they will have a new grandson in May. I am excited Wyatt will have a boy cousin to play with! I forgot to get pics of Sue and Walter with him!

9. We also went for our first visit to JuJu & Doc's house. They had both been sick, so we had been avoiding their germy house for a bit. Doc of course stole Wyatt away to rock him. He is going to spoil him and create a rocking monster ;) We are hoping to go to Nana & Grandad's mid-February and show Wyatt where he will love to play in the back acreage and feed the deer with Nana.

10. I have pledged to be better about taking pictures, keeping up with the blog and continuing to learn how to balance wife-duties, motherhood and being Emily. So far I have been really proud of myself for still being able to keep up fairly well with household stuff, keep Wyatt happy, and work on some "brain stuff" with the QuickBooks for the non-profit. I am sure that as Wyatt gets older, he will become more demanding, but I hoping to keep some sort of schedule - which as everyone knows I am a VERY scheduled person. I am also making a pledge to start doing some sort of exercise - not for weight loss, but just to keep up my energy level and do something for me, like walking with my sister or being better about doing my pilates videos.


  1. Great updates Em! I am so proud of you, as always! You already sound like a well balanced mommy to me! One thing I learned is that your child will adjust to whatever you need to do. I work from home whether Brooke is napping or wide awake and she is so used to it now that it's like a break to us. Same with my elliptical work outs, she does her own version in the other room! LOVE seeing the pics of course, and our blog is the same way....for pictures of Brooke!

  2. Great update! So glad you posted pictures. One request though - update on stats, please! P.S. - that first picture is to die for!

  3. You sound so good!! Love all the pics and updates. I'd say Wyatt definitely has your mouth. The way he's got it set in that first picture looks like you. Keep up all the great work!! You're an inspiration to me. =-)