Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wyatt - Week 1

Wyatt was a dream baby in the hospital. He nursed well, slept and was just his adorable self. My recovery was fairly easy, once we figured out that most of my pain was coming from a bruised tailbone (somehow done during delivery) and that if I laid on my side at night and put heat on the huge softball sized knot on my back, I would feel 110% better. Even with the bruised tailbone, I thought recovery was MUCH easier than expected. I didn't need my pain meds after we figured out the tailbone thing. Oh, and for those of you who told me to "shut up" when I bragged about not swelling - well apparently the full day of IV fluids helped in that department. I had sausage feet and hands for the next 3-4 days. It was pretty funny, except that my wedding band got really tight and I was concerned for a bit about having to have it cut off if I kept blowing up.

Our family came to see us lots during the day - my mom was here with us they whole time which was soimportant to me. JB's Dad (Wyatt's "Doc") loved to come rock Wyatt up at the hospital - I think Wyatt liked it too and a lot of times when Wyatt makes certain faces, we think he looks a lot like JB's Dad - especially his round chin.

I must sing the praises of all the nurses and staff at Harris Southwest. It was a wonderful experience and they were a huge part of that. Wyatt's "night nurse" was incredible. Vima was the one who checked him out when he was born and was with us 7pm-7am everyday. She was such a sweet soul. When Wyatt is not doing his old-man-scowl, he has some great dimples. Vima, who is Indian, said in her culture dimples mean he is lucky. She was always so loving to him and us, and constantly told us what a good baby Wyat was. On our last evening with her, she came in around 6am to visit and say her goodbye. She knew that John Wyatt was named for his Daddy and Grandad(my dad) and she asked when my dad would be up to meet him and told me to please tell him how special she thought Wyatt was and that she wished him a blessed and lucky life. Her kindness and gentleness was overwhelming and she gave me a big hug and snuggled Wyatt before she left.
We brought Wyatt home on Wednesday, Dec. 30th - his Aunt Amanda's birthday!

Great Grandma Margaret came to meet him on Wednesday afternoon (I don't have those pics yet unfortunately).

On Thursday, Grandad and the Lumpkin family came to meet him for the first time. I was excited when my Daddy got to meet his first grandson and hold him. I know Wyatt will have a special connection with my dad. My Dad (Johnny) calls Wyatt "Little Johnny" and it is so sweet b/c you can see how proud he is to have him share his name.

Cousin Grace was super excited to meet Wyatt. She made him a card that talked about how the three of them (she, Tessa and Wyatt) are going to be such good friends. I love that they will grow up close to one another. She made sure she got her turn to hold him and monitored everyone else's turns to make sure it was fair :)

Tessa was uninterested with Wyatt. We got her a new pink potty for Christmas and she was more excited about that. When he would make a noise, she would look at him strangely. We think she thought he was a baby doll.

Wyatt started to struggle at the end of this week with breastfeeding. He had a hard time latching on (because my boobs were enormously full of milk) and when he would eat, couldn't seem to get enough - even though I was producing. We called the lactation consultant and they were concerned because we told them about how much he was sleeping and they had us supplement formula.

My parents left on Friday - so sad to see them go. Saturday we took Wyatt in for his 2-day home checkup. He slept thru the ENTIRE thing. They said he had dropped 7 ounces from his birth-weight.

It was cold that Saturday, so we had to bundle him up for the trip to the pediatrician!

Over the weekend, breastfeeding continued to be a struggle - he was wanting to nurse 24/7 but never seemed to be full enough and we worried about him dropping more weight. I finally decided to let him latch on some, but mainly rely on pumped breastmilk and formula combined and fed from the bottle to get him full and happy. He did great on the bottle, so there was no worry there, but I struggled with feeling guilt and failure from not being able to make it work.

Tia Desi and Uncle TayTay came to bring us Kincaid's for lunch over the weekend and see Wyatt - I forgot to get pics. Uncle TayTay still won't hold Wyatt - he is a bit scared of his tiny body.

Also over the weekend, our good friends, Adam and Courtney, came to meet him. Courtney delivered twin boys (Luke & Brody) on December 28th too. They were taken early, so they are still in the NICU, but doing great and will hopefully be home soon in the next few weeks. I know the boys will all be great friends as they grow up together. AND we are excited with the idea of splitting the cost of bounce-house birthdays with the Plumbley's :) Can't wait to meet Luke adn Brody in person. At birth, Wyatt was the biggest of the three - but I am sure that will be the only time he will be bigger than the twins :)


  1. Emily,
    I know exactly what you are going through with the guilt about breastfeeding. Just know that what is best is that you are providing him with food, no matter where it is coming from. And any amount of breastmilk is good for him. Trust will begin to feel this way eventually. I was only able to give Jillian breastmilk for a week due to production issues and she is doing great! You're a great mom and are doing what is best for your baby! Don't forget that!

  2. Please don't beat yourself up about the breast feeding thing. Your little angel will get the love, cuddling and nutrition he needs regardless of how he gets it! LOVE the pics Emily and am so happy for you guys! Brooke is behind me squealing "Awwww, look at the baaaabyyyyy!"

  3. Do NOT beat yourself up over anything. We, as mommies, want to be the 'perfect' mother and do everything just right. Well, the best thing you can ever give Wyatt is love and to make all the decisions for him from a place of love. He needs to be gaining weight right now, so if he needs formula to help with that, so be it. Your breasts will get to be more manageable soon and that might help with the latching, so don't give up!! You are fantastic!