Friday, January 15, 2010

Wyatt - Week 2

So, I am now only one week behind after this post!

Week 2 was a little more relaxed than Week 1 - Wyatt and I were figuring out somewhat of a schedule and we were figuring each other out. I was continuing to pump and this was starting to exhaust and frustrate me because I thought my supply was dwindling and also my boobs were constantly hurting. I finally, after a few tears, knew the best decision for both Wyatt and me was full-formula. I made the decision, put the pump up in the closet and haven't looked back since. The only change I have noticed - I am not as tired and after a couple days, my boobs are back to their normal little self. The big ones were fun while they lasted. ;) Wyatt showed no changes except for having a more rested and happier Mommy.

Monday evening, Amy came to meet Wyatt. Amy has been our friend for a long time and I love that she will be a in his life.

We tried out our swing.

And our boppy lounger.

Slept in our cradle alot - unswaddled.

And found out that we really like our bouncer and paci-buddy (Thanks Travis!) - I couldn't get this pic to rotate for some reason.

I am trying to be good about getting pics of him and all his visitors, but have missed some in week 3. My mom came back to town Tuesday-Thursday and we took Wyatt out for a quick outing to Babies R Us and Target and the Chic-Fil-A drivethru. Again, I got no pics of he and his Nana. Dangit.
Over the weekend we got all the Christmas decorations down - finally! And gave Wyatt his first bath (no pics taken - I am a bad mother). He did good, but after thinking he his blondy hair was getting a bit darker perhaps, we have to report that was just the "week's grease" and actually after his bath, it was confirmed again that his hair is pretty light and actually has an orangy-red tint to it. I have no clue where this came from. JB and I thought we would have a dark haired/dark eyed child. His hair is fuzzy (which we did expect and actually when it is slicked down there is a good amount of it - this picture is kind of deceiving as it doesn't look like he has much).

Although no one else notices, I can tell that his face is starting to fill out. His cheeks are getting chubbier, the crease above his nose is disappearing and his eye-bags are getting a little less deep. Also now that he is stretching out more, his clothes are fitting him better. We had to get a couple of preemie footie pjs for the first week or so, but now his newborn stuff fits him well.

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