Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quick Pics

I know I am once again behind on blogging and will catch up shortly. In the meantime, here are a couple of pics that were taken of us at our friend Brandon's bday party this weekend.

The first is how I imagine many future family protraits will go....JB and I smiling for the camera - Wyatt yawning as he is unimpressed and doesn't care for photography.

Here is our big boy "sitting up" and checking out the party scene. You can see that he has started to grow back some of the hair he had lost.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Playmates

Wyatt and I went to my sister, Amanda's house on Friday morning. It was the first time that his cousin Tessa (18 months) really took notice of him and it was so cute. She has been around him a lot, but I think normally they are both in strollers (when we go walking at the mall) or she is at our house(where she has a whole different place to explore and a baby is boring). She was being very gentle and sweet and whispering to him as he slept. She screamed when my mom (Nana) took him out of his carseat to hold him and at first we thought it was jealousy and then we realized she was upset because she wanted to see him and hold him.

As he and Tessa grow, I think he will really enjoy her antics and think she is funny and she will probably find him annoying and boring for a while, but eventually I know they will be best buds.

Our other new "playmate" that was discovered was our play mat! Wyatt is a reflux baby, so he spends a lot of time upright in his swing and bouncer during the day. If you put him on his back, he is like an open glass and his last bottle (whether 3 minutes or 3 hours ago) comes up. He sleeps on his tummy for naps and at night now. I have noticed lately that he is really pushing up on his arms and moving around a lot in his crib (which means I check on him ALL the time at night now). We bought him a playmat this weekend and he LOVES it.

Sully is accustomed to Wyatt now, but when I put Wyatt on the floor, that was a whole different ballgame. We are going to have to work with Sully to not lick him to death :) When I put Wyatt on the mat, Sully was sniffing him and Wyatt was moving his legs around. When Sully nosed his bottom, it kind of moved Wyatt a bit forward and suddenly really excited him. He thought he had moved himself forward and started kicking his legs like a mad man. It was so funny. Today I put Wyatt on the mat in his room so that I could put away and organize some stuff in his closet. He was really having a good time.