Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 Months

It is so hard to believe Wyatt turned 3 months old this past Sunday. Everyday he becomes more and more of a little person with his own attitude and preferences. We think he gets bigger everyday and is currently fitting perfectly into 3 month clothes, so he is right on track.

I have tried my best to take the traditional "in the glider with the giraffe" growth pic, but Wyatt has wanted nothing to do with it the past few are my least in the second one he is not screaming.

The funny thing is that Wyatt is a very smiley, talkative and interactive boy, he just freezes up and does his "toad face" whenever a camera turns on. One day I will get a cute photo of him smiling straight at the camera!

We have discovered that we love our jumperoo. Although he is not tall enough to reach the floor yet, we just fix that for now with a pillow. Wyatt has had good neck strength and head control for a long time now. He is now starting to really reach and grab for things and makes contact a lot of times - this will either excite him or frustrate him (if the toy doesn't do what he wants it to).

Here is another new trick - blowing bubbles and drooling. As if we don't have enough stuff coming out of our mouth with spitting up all the we have spit. Daddy and Mommy don't mind the spit or bubbles though. It is not messy at all compared to the reflux issue.

This past weekend we also had an exciting event - Wyatt got to meet his Aunt Tracy, Uncle Wayne and Cousin Kassidy (so sad Cousin Jordann couldn't come but she is a busy teenager and we will see her this summer for our family beach vacation).

Wyatt was a good boy while they visited and did great going to the park with all the big kids and going out to eat with everyone.

Here is Cousin Kassidy loving on him....from the look on his face, we think he might be starting to notice that he is surrounded by crazy girls. :)

Wyatt brings more and more joy into our house everyday, and I feel so privileged to be able to spend my days at home with him, taking care of him and watching him reach all his milestones.

Monday, March 22, 2010

12 Weeks Old

Today marks Wyatt turning 12 weeks old. To tell you the truth, I am horrible about keeping up with his "week" birthday. I think that it is normal to move to "months" now, though, right? Here is a long update as to how he is doing lately.....

At 2 1/2 months, Wyatt is a very happy little guy. He is still a great eater and takes 5-6 bottles during the day. He still suffers from incredible reflux, but doing massive amounts of laundry changing our clothes multiple times a day and spot cleaning rugs and furniture has become a way of life. It was very frustrating to me at first, but I learned to feel lucky this is his only "flaw" and it will pass with time and know how blessed we are that his problem will be fixed within a few months and he is still growing like a healthy boy. For others who are not used to it and want to hold him - I give them warning when I hand him off and have stopped feeling guilty and apologizing profusely when he vomits on them...afterall, they were given warning and their clothes will also wash. We have a Sip-N-See coming up this weekend for Wyatt and I contemplated handing out ponchos. :)

He sleeps 8-10 hours a night. We still wake up a few times a night with him, to check on him and give him some pats on the back to soothe him back to sleep, but we wake up every morning with plenty of hours of shut-eye under our belt. We are always amazed at his ooching abilities in his bed. JB said he wishes he had time-lapsed photograpy on Wyatt at night b/c we never find him in the same place when we go and check on him. He is most fond of sleeping with his head in the corners up against the bumpers. When awake his arms and legs are always moving and he is always trying to grab at something. He is frequently called WiggleMonster by his Daddy - you'll see I can't even get both of his hands in focus b/c they are moving so much.

I am adapting very well to being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom, yes we have our own acronym). In the beginning I had a rough time...I would watch JB get up and go to work in the mornings and I would envy him. As much as I knew my place was home with Wyatt, it was hard to feel motivated to get a shower and dressed everyday to be thrown up on and not leave the house. At this time, also, Wyatt was not at all, how things have changed so quickly. I can't imagine not being with him all day and missing any of his smiles or coos or "firsts" (he rolled over the other day 2 times, but hasn't since, so maybe it was an accident). He goes to bed around 9, so JB only gets a couple of hours with him in the evenings during the week and I know he hates that, but is okay with it knowing I am with him all day. I can't imagine not seeing him but a couple of hours in the evening.

Wy is a super smiley boy and constant talker. Funny thing is that it is hard for us to get proof b/c as soon as we get the camera, he turns to a serious stare. Here is a pic (although blurry) of him talking to me on his changing table.

We recently got our zoo membership and I am excited to have an outdoor outing that we can go to with friends during the week. I know Wyatt won't be too interested in the animals this year, but will enjoy being outside and Mommy will enjoy seeing the animals! During the summer we can also go with my sister and the girls and that will be super fun. In preparation of springtime and outside outings, I got Wyatt a hat to protect his fair skin from the sun. He wasn't pleased with it initially, but has worn it with no screaming on a walk along the trails since this was taken.

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful healthy little boy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My New Boss

how would you like to work for a boss who... less than two feet tall, only has peach fuzz for hair and expects you to carry him around?
...vomits on himself and you multiple times a day?
...never actually says the words "thank you" even though you cater to his every whim?
...randomly takes naps throughout the day and this is when you are expected to get your actual "work" done?
...pays you in smiles and coos?
...allows you to wear your pajamas all day if you want to?
...considers going to Target in the morning and the Zoo in the afternoon a productive day?
...thinks you are the best person in the whole world?
...lets you watch dumb reality TV shows while you do your work?

Jealous? Maybe not of everything, but who else gets to work for someone who looks as sweet as this while they are "supervising"?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandad!

Today is my dad, Johnny's birthday. I could write novels and novels about all that I have learned from my Daddy, what an incredible father and husband he is and how no one will ever measure up to him (although JB does a pretty good job trying too, he's just not had the time needed yet to become the whole man he will be).

As my Dad would tell you though....I am not the one who gives him the touching sweet cards. He always expects the funny card from me, his youngest. So I must deliver every year with a card talking about bodily functions or making an "old" joke. This year will be no exception (card is in the mail, sorry it is late).

However, I wanted to take a quick moment to say the following to my daddy...

I love you so very much and am so incredibly proud to be your daughter. I thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and continue to make for our family. I am forever in debt to your selflessness.

John Wyatt has a lot to live up to having your name. I always tell him how special it is to share your name and what honor and expectations come with it. I was so excited to find out we could name him after you. I hope I can raise him to have your heart, your patience, your faithfulness, your giving, and your ability to love so fully.
When I think about what I want for him, it is simple.....I want him to find a woman for him to love passionately his whole life (a love and passion that is apparent to all around them), to provide for his family and let his wife be at home with their babies, and be respected and loved by those around him. I want for him, the life you have/are living....that of a very good man.
Happy Birthday, Daddy and Grandad. We love you.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trouble Times Three

After our trip to the doctor today, we ran by the Plumbley household for a quick visit. Big Brother Cole was at school, but the twins were home! For those of you who aren't familiar with the Plumbley Twins, Luke and Brody arrived at 7am on 12/28/09...just 12 hours before Wyatt made his arrival.

They were supposed to be born on January 27th, so it was a surprise when we found out they were going to have the same birthday as Wyatt.

It is amazing how fast they have "caught up". Brody (on the far right) was just 2 ounces less and 1/2 inch shorter than Wyatt at his two month checkup. Seeing as how he was over a pound and a half smaller when he was born, that is incredible to me - way to go Mommy for feeding those boys like a pro. Luke is still a bit smaller at around 8 1/2 lbs, but we can already tell he will be the ring-leader of the three.

Here they are in a quick picture we took of them lined up on the sofa. Courtney and I plan on making them dress alike for the next picture and are determined for them to dislike us when they get older. :)

Coolhand Luke (dozing), Wyatt Earp (lookin' super pasty pale) and Brody the Bandit(giving a silly face)

2 Month Stats

We had our 2 month doctor's appointment today. Wyatt got 6 vaccines - 1 oral and 5 shots. OUCHIE! He screamed like they were sticking him with needles in both legs (which they were) but quieted down as soon as it was over and he was back dressed.

Our doctor was super impressed with his new feeding/sleeping schedule. I assured him that his 7-8 hour stretches at night were legit and not me turning the monitor off and ignoring my child. He said "congrats! I think it is great and y'all are lucky!". Wyatt is a very good baby.

Head: 39 cm (25th percentile)
Weight: 10lbs 5 ounces (25th percentile)
Height: 22 1/2 inches (50th percentile)

For those that aren't familiar with baby measurements, the percentile, such as his head and weight, mean that he is bigger than 25% of all the babies his age and is perfectly average for his height (maybe he won't be such a shrimp afterall)!

Here is a pic of him smiling while playing on his mat yesterday. As his legs might be a bit sore today, I expect there won't be a lot of smiling and playing...

Today I think we will be spending more of our time snoozin' in our swing, loving on our WubbaNub Bear.

Monday, March 1, 2010

2 Months Old

We can't believe Wyatt is already two months old! I was a day late taking his photo...but I promise he basically looked the same yesterday. On Wednesday we go for his 2 month checkup and I'll let everyone know how big he is.

Take 1 (Getting older must be REALLY upsettting)

Take 2 (I explained to him the perks of being older)

Wyatt now loves his play mat, but enjoys back time more than tummy time. We are working on liking tummy time more. He loves to talk to all his toys, although his favorite thing is still the ceiling fans and bar lights in the kitchen.

We spent this past weekend visiting Nana and Grandad. Wyatt gave lots of smiles, some giggles and was a very good boy. He liked sleeping on Grandad's shoulder.

We are most proud of Wyatt's new eating/sleeping schedule. Big Man now takes 5 big bottles during the day and goes 7-8 hours at night between bottles. It is fantastic and amazes us during the day that his little belly can hold so much milk.