Monday, March 1, 2010

2 Months Old

We can't believe Wyatt is already two months old! I was a day late taking his photo...but I promise he basically looked the same yesterday. On Wednesday we go for his 2 month checkup and I'll let everyone know how big he is.

Take 1 (Getting older must be REALLY upsettting)

Take 2 (I explained to him the perks of being older)

Wyatt now loves his play mat, but enjoys back time more than tummy time. We are working on liking tummy time more. He loves to talk to all his toys, although his favorite thing is still the ceiling fans and bar lights in the kitchen.

We spent this past weekend visiting Nana and Grandad. Wyatt gave lots of smiles, some giggles and was a very good boy. He liked sleeping on Grandad's shoulder.

We are most proud of Wyatt's new eating/sleeping schedule. Big Man now takes 5 big bottles during the day and goes 7-8 hours at night between bottles. It is fantastic and amazes us during the day that his little belly can hold so much milk.


  1. He has really fattened up and doesn't look like a newborn anymore - so stinking precious!!

  2. If my baby is as cute as yours, we'll be in good shape!! He is so adorable!!! :-) (And for the rest of you Mosher Basement Beauties who have babies now and could be reading this, y'all's babies are way too cute too!)