Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 Months

It is so hard to believe Wyatt turned 3 months old this past Sunday. Everyday he becomes more and more of a little person with his own attitude and preferences. We think he gets bigger everyday and is currently fitting perfectly into 3 month clothes, so he is right on track.

I have tried my best to take the traditional "in the glider with the giraffe" growth pic, but Wyatt has wanted nothing to do with it the past few are my least in the second one he is not screaming.

The funny thing is that Wyatt is a very smiley, talkative and interactive boy, he just freezes up and does his "toad face" whenever a camera turns on. One day I will get a cute photo of him smiling straight at the camera!

We have discovered that we love our jumperoo. Although he is not tall enough to reach the floor yet, we just fix that for now with a pillow. Wyatt has had good neck strength and head control for a long time now. He is now starting to really reach and grab for things and makes contact a lot of times - this will either excite him or frustrate him (if the toy doesn't do what he wants it to).

Here is another new trick - blowing bubbles and drooling. As if we don't have enough stuff coming out of our mouth with spitting up all the we have spit. Daddy and Mommy don't mind the spit or bubbles though. It is not messy at all compared to the reflux issue.

This past weekend we also had an exciting event - Wyatt got to meet his Aunt Tracy, Uncle Wayne and Cousin Kassidy (so sad Cousin Jordann couldn't come but she is a busy teenager and we will see her this summer for our family beach vacation).

Wyatt was a good boy while they visited and did great going to the park with all the big kids and going out to eat with everyone.

Here is Cousin Kassidy loving on him....from the look on his face, we think he might be starting to notice that he is surrounded by crazy girls. :)

Wyatt brings more and more joy into our house everyday, and I feel so privileged to be able to spend my days at home with him, taking care of him and watching him reach all his milestones.


  1. That baby is so darn cute!! He looks like he has a bit of red hair too. It all just totally excites me about having one of my own in a few months!! :-)

  2. Hanna, I tell Wyatt all the time about how excited we were when we found out we were going to be parents, but we should have been 100 times more excited b/c we had no idea of all the joy he would bring to his. Parenthood is so fun, challenging and tiring, but an emotion and fullness of love I have never felt before. I am so excited for y'all - tomorrow we find out!!!!