Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandad!

Today is my dad, Johnny's birthday. I could write novels and novels about all that I have learned from my Daddy, what an incredible father and husband he is and how no one will ever measure up to him (although JB does a pretty good job trying too, he's just not had the time needed yet to become the whole man he will be).

As my Dad would tell you though....I am not the one who gives him the touching sweet cards. He always expects the funny card from me, his youngest. So I must deliver every year with a card talking about bodily functions or making an "old" joke. This year will be no exception (card is in the mail, sorry it is late).

However, I wanted to take a quick moment to say the following to my daddy...

I love you so very much and am so incredibly proud to be your daughter. I thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and continue to make for our family. I am forever in debt to your selflessness.

John Wyatt has a lot to live up to having your name. I always tell him how special it is to share your name and what honor and expectations come with it. I was so excited to find out we could name him after you. I hope I can raise him to have your heart, your patience, your faithfulness, your giving, and your ability to love so fully.
When I think about what I want for him, it is simple.....I want him to find a woman for him to love passionately his whole life (a love and passion that is apparent to all around them), to provide for his family and let his wife be at home with their babies, and be respected and loved by those around him. I want for him, the life you have/are living....that of a very good man.
Happy Birthday, Daddy and Grandad. We love you.

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