Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trouble Times Three

After our trip to the doctor today, we ran by the Plumbley household for a quick visit. Big Brother Cole was at school, but the twins were home! For those of you who aren't familiar with the Plumbley Twins, Luke and Brody arrived at 7am on 12/28/09...just 12 hours before Wyatt made his arrival.

They were supposed to be born on January 27th, so it was a surprise when we found out they were going to have the same birthday as Wyatt.

It is amazing how fast they have "caught up". Brody (on the far right) was just 2 ounces less and 1/2 inch shorter than Wyatt at his two month checkup. Seeing as how he was over a pound and a half smaller when he was born, that is incredible to me - way to go Mommy for feeding those boys like a pro. Luke is still a bit smaller at around 8 1/2 lbs, but we can already tell he will be the ring-leader of the three.

Here they are in a quick picture we took of them lined up on the sofa. Courtney and I plan on making them dress alike for the next picture and are determined for them to dislike us when they get older. :)

Coolhand Luke (dozing), Wyatt Earp (lookin' super pasty pale) and Brody the Bandit(giving a silly face)

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  1. Love the little nicknames for them! Cracked me up. Pasty is in!!! You should know that.