Friday, April 2, 2010

God created baby reflux to teach me patience and to be grateful.

Currently Wyatt sleeps about 8-10 hours at night and naps another 3-5 hours during the day. So hmm, doing the math, that makes him awake anywhere from 9-13 hours a day. In that time he generates a massive amount of laundry. I do a load of just his stuff every evening.

I must give credit to OxiClean Baby Soak that has greatly improved my quality of life. I used to spray all of the stains, then wait for it to dry and then wash. The spraying took up about 20-30 minutes of every evening for me. Now I just toss the whole load into the washing machine with a full tub of water, let it soak for 2 hours, then rinse and run a regular wash cycle - INCREDIBLE. OxiClean I owe for giving me many hours of my life back.

My favorite is when we tell people Wyatt is a reflux kid and he spits up a lot, we always get the classic "My kid spits up too!"

Really??? Does your kid create this much laundry in a 24 hour period??? That's right folks -Wyatt can generate all of this throw-up laundry in just 9-13 hours and only 5 bottles a day.

-1 Crib Sheet Saver (great for not having to always change the sheets although pretty often he decides to barf and ooch in his crib at night).

-3 changing pad covers - you lay him down to change him and BARFO it all comes up. We tried for a while to elevate the changing pad, but then as you changed a poop diaper he slid down the pad and it just didn't work.

-3 receiving blankets (we put these over our laps when we feed him in case it gets passed the bib and burp cloth, obviously it does)

-13 burp cloths (I consider this a "good day" actually)

-21 bibs (note, we don't change them at the first sign of spit-up, they must be soaked to be changed)

-6 Outfits

-2 Pajamas

-2 of Mommy's tshirts (I am getting better at avoiding the projectile)

**I must note that although this blog sounds full of annoyance (which it is), while I am folding laundry everyday, just as fast as I am putting dirty stuff in the basket, I do say prayers to God thanking him for giving us such a healthy boy. Although Wyatt has this "flaw" he is still gaining weight and so happy. With the hardest thing of my day usually being a "laundry problem" I feel so very blessed and remind myself of that often as I walk around smelling like soured milk.

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