Monday, April 5, 2010

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After church, Wyatt was still not interested in anything but a 30 minute cat-nap in his crib. I was deteremined to get some weeding done in the front flowerbeds, so while JB was working, I put Wyatt in his stroller (sans the carrier) for the first time to see if he would like just hanging outside - it was a great overcast day with a nice breeze. He loves listening to music and I had a radio plugged in to the front porch.

He watched me weed for a while and then dozed off for a few more zzz's. It is nice to know that he likes his stroller and I can possibly do some yardwork during the day with him outside with me.

Our next outside hangout spot we are going to try - Little Tykes Swing. After searching all over Fort Worth and not finding one, Nana found one for us in Georgetown is is bringing it up with her when she comes to visit this week.

We also went to Doc and JuJu's for dinner and before dinner Wyatt played on his activity mat and watched golf. Normally he doesn't last very long on his stomach before he turns over (he is getting better at doing this) or starts to fuss for someone else to turn him over. But he was perfectly content to lie on his tummy and watch golf. I guess the obsession starts early with the Strong men.


  1. He is doing a great job on his tummy! These boys and their loves of the TV! :)