Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Little Oocher

For a long time now, Wyatt has been able to move around his crib. He developed a swimming/ooching movement when he was about 10 weeks old. He likes to sleep with his head in the corners of his crib. We are just always amazed at how you can find him in one corner one time and then when you go to check on him a couple hours later, he has done an about-face and is in the opposite diagonal corner and we haven't heard a thing on the monitor.

Lately, when I have been getting him out of his pajamas in the mornings (he sleeps in the long-sleeve footie ones b/c we can't keep covers on him with all his moving), he has had little blisters and red marks on his knees - one even comes to hard point, like it has a little blister head on it. I put lotion on the spots and they don't seem to bother him a bit.

I guess he is starting to callus up his knees for when he starts the real crawling in a few months....and yes, we think it is probably only going to be a few (3-4) months from how good he is at moving now. Guess my soft skinned little baby is starting his transition into a rough and tumble little boy.


  1. Trent's knees are SO beat up all the time now that he's crawling. He gets carpet burn all down his shin too. It's crazy. But doesn't seem to bother him at all! And I loved your 'toad face' description. Trent did that for a long time (Miles too) but now he instantly smiles when he sees the camera, so he's learned!

  2. Oh and who made your header? I want to make a real one rather tham my generic blogspot one!!

  3. My fantastic friend, Gara, made my header. Goodness knows I have no clue to do that and am just happy when I can get pics and text posted to the blog. Sorry, I am no help - I can tell you that she sent it to me in a jpg and I just added it to my layout. She might have used photoshop to make it.