Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sincerely, Oreck

Dear Emily's Hair Folicles,

I understand you are doing your expected job of shedding the beautiful mane Emily acquired during her pregnancy, but would appreciate knowing when this fantastic shedding phase will end. It's been 3 months of this!!! I am sucking up more people hairs than dog hairs and my rollers look like overused hairbrushes. I was taken in for a cleaning last week and the guy thought I belonged to a hair salon.

Finish up already!


Wyatt's First Swim

We had a nice day yesterday going out to breakfast as a family (we are at Yogi's almost every Sat. morning if you want to join us) and spent the rest of the day just playing at home.

In the evening we went to visit Tia Desi and Uncle TayTay. He met Desi's mom and one of her sisters for the first time and did his best to impress them with his super spinning action on the hardwood floors (he can still only spin clockwise, but is really good at it and I think I will start renting him out for floor cleaning).

Then we all went to JuJu and Doc's to go swimming. Just like his baths, he liked being in the water and immediately relaxed when we got him in. It was the perfect temperature and since the shallow end is shaded in the evenings my super coating of sunscreen, little swimshirt and fisherman hat were probably a little over-kill, but the kid is PALE PALE PALE, so I wasn't taking any chances. We had a floaty thing for him, but it was too deep. We are going to try to find him another one that is smaller and more for the vertically challenged.

We just carried him around and he enjoyed the warm water.

We couldn't find any swim diapers in his size, so we just left a normal one on him - probably should have just sent him in commando...that sucker filled up fast and added an extra pound on him! There is a constant learning curve as new parents!

Then Wyatt enjoyed his dinner of squash, poolside, in the buff.

Friday, May 28, 2010

5 months old!

Wow, just realized I haven't posted anything in a month! Wyatt and I have just been busy having too much fun!

I have not taken the traditional "in chair with girraffe pic"...he's just been super barfy today. So I'll try to post that so you can see his growth process sometime next week.

Synopsis of the last month....Wyatt couldn't be a happier, easier baby. He is a good sleeper, going down for naps and bedtime as easy as kissing him goodnight and just putting him in his crib with his paci wide awake.

He is a super eater - he loves cereal, fruits and veggies (except he still is hesitant about peas). About two weeks ago he cut himself down to 4 bottles a day (and he has solids twice a day). I worried at first, but he is getting the right amount of formula and you can tell by his rolls that the little guy isn't hurting for food.

His reflux has not really improved or worsened. He usually keeps down the solids, but the bottles come up just as they always have. We still sport bibs every minute we aren't asleep and I do a load of laundry a day, but it has become normal and we are so blessed we can't complain.

John Wyatt is a flirt. He smiles CONSTANTLY, he is happy to run errands with me, be toted around in the car and stroller and only fusses when there is truly something wrong - hungry, tired, dirty diaper or needing a change of scenery (wanting to be moved from his mat to his jumperoo or vice versa). The two of us took a trip down to my parents for 4 days a few weeks ago and he travels like a champ - sleeping most of the ride but just looking around and playing with his rings (fav toy) when awake.

He gets bigger everyday (especially his big ol' head) and makes me smile all day long. Somedays I am overwhelmed by his adorableness and I have to control myself not to squeeze him so hard his eyes bulge when I love on him.

Here is what we have been up to via pictures....

Wyatt's best bud now is Sully. He thinks Sully is super funny and hollers at him when he tries to leave the room or go around the corner were Wyatt can't see him. While Wyatt plays on the floor (which is a lot of the day), Sully is usually closeby watching and monitoring him. It is very sweet. This is the best pic I could get of them together.

We still love our baths and "hands behind our head" is Wyatt's new posture. He really cracks us up in the bathtub. Uncle Taylor was over the other day and got to witness this pose and how he smiles while he pees in the bathtub. Such a boy! We are hoping to take him swimming soon when JuJu and Doc's pool is warm enough and I think he will like it.

We have been practicing sitting up like a big boy and he does good with the boppy's help (although he is leaning in this pic) and fantastic in the stroller. When we go shopping with Aunt Amanda and cousin Tessa he is always sitting up, hanging onto the tray and looking around.

Our new swing is our FAVORITE place to hang out. While Mommy is cooking dinner in the evenings, Daddy sits with Wyatt on the back porch and works on his laptop and we enjoy listening to the birds and the chimes and watching the lightning bugs that are everywhere right now.

Wyatt has started to be MUCH more mobile. This is the best shot I could get of his semi-ooching, crawling thingy he does right now. He is super fast and can also spin (only clockwise) and log rolls (tummy to back to tummy, etc) to get to things he wants. His goal in life seems to be to make it off his mat and barf on my nice living rug. We think he might be crawling in a month or so - something exciting and also scary as we'll have to start baby-proofing the house.

Wyatt spends a good amount of time in his jumperoo too. Now that is has become somewhat mobile, I can't leave him alone for more than a minute or two in the living room. When I need to be carrying laundry from room to room or run outside to pull the trashcans in, his jumperoo is a safe place he can't escape from. Also, being upright in his jumperoo means he spits up less while playing and I think he is smart enough to recognize this and that is another reason he likes it. As you can see in this pic...Wyatt's eyes are still super blue.

My sister and my other SAHM friends keep me sane during the weeks when I feel all I do is baby talk and clean up baby puke. We try to get out at least 2-3 times a week for Mommy's sake to socialize. We walk the mall and meet up for lunch and shopping with Amanda and Tessa often. Such a blessing to raise our children together. Wyatt now notices Tessa much more and is not startled when she screams "BABY WYATT, NO BITE TOYS!" at him. I know they will be best friends.

This week, we had a mat-time play date with the Plumbley twins - can't beleive all the boys turn 5 months old today. Also hard to beleive that Luke and Brody were a month premature and weighed 3'11 and 5'3, respectively. Momma Courtney has done a fabulous job fattening them up. Brody now weighs more and is longer than Wyatt and Luke is on his heels. I am sure though that Wyatt will always beat them in the head-size department. Right now the boys will sometimes smile at one another but it is more playtime for Mommies. We also took a trip with Court, the twins and big bro, Cole to the zoo this week. It is starting to get hot and we want to take advantage of our zoo passes before the Texas summer heat gets too unbearable.

I feel so blessed and proud (b/c JB and I worked hard to be in the position to do this) to stay at home with Wyatt. It has been a very big switch going from a career-woman to the domestic position I have now (I even cook an actual nutritious dinner most nights!!). Some days I miss aspects of my "old life" but I wouldn't give up the place I am at for anything! I am right where I know I should be and say a thank you to God everyday for it.