Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wyatt's First Swim

We had a nice day yesterday going out to breakfast as a family (we are at Yogi's almost every Sat. morning if you want to join us) and spent the rest of the day just playing at home.

In the evening we went to visit Tia Desi and Uncle TayTay. He met Desi's mom and one of her sisters for the first time and did his best to impress them with his super spinning action on the hardwood floors (he can still only spin clockwise, but is really good at it and I think I will start renting him out for floor cleaning).

Then we all went to JuJu and Doc's to go swimming. Just like his baths, he liked being in the water and immediately relaxed when we got him in. It was the perfect temperature and since the shallow end is shaded in the evenings my super coating of sunscreen, little swimshirt and fisherman hat were probably a little over-kill, but the kid is PALE PALE PALE, so I wasn't taking any chances. We had a floaty thing for him, but it was too deep. We are going to try to find him another one that is smaller and more for the vertically challenged.

We just carried him around and he enjoyed the warm water.

We couldn't find any swim diapers in his size, so we just left a normal one on him - probably should have just sent him in commando...that sucker filled up fast and added an extra pound on him! There is a constant learning curve as new parents!

Then Wyatt enjoyed his dinner of squash, poolside, in the buff.

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