Monday, June 21, 2010

Ranting and Raving to Gratefulness JB has been telling me I need to be better about "letting go" and "moving on". I tend to get very worked up over injustice and when other people do stupid things. So I am hoping that griping for a quick moment will be cathartic and then I will "LET IT GO"!

On our way to the beach last weekend, we stopped at a small gas station in Pettus, Texas. While parked at the pump, a 17 year old kid in a beat-up pickup hit our vehicle (I would love to describe the absurdity of the accident but that would be beating a dead horse and not conducive to my "moving on" - ask me in person though and I will give you the lowdown, including the punk cursing at me).

Anyway, today I found out that the vehicle was not his and the policy covering the vehicle was very restricted and he was not a covered driver. All in all, we will have to pay our deductible to have our car fixed as their insurance company will not cover it and in order to get reimbursed have to drag these people to small claims court. JB said "let's just get the car fixed and move on. these things suck, but it is just the way it is sometimes".

In the past, I would have probably driven to San Antonio, tracked the kid and his guardians down and done a little aggressive demanding to get my money back. I already looked him up on facebook and myspace...yes, internet stalking is fantastic and figured out where he works and goes to school. I might be scaring some of you now....sorry.

Anyway, it was time for Wyatt's mid-day nap a little bit ago and as I was rocking him to sleep and he was patting my cheek (it is the sweetest thing how he is affectionate with us now). I couldn't help but think "yes, this sucks, but we are so blessed to not have to worry about finances to get my car fixed and truly nothing can be wrong with the world when I look down at this little boy and see how happy and healthy he is." It is crazy how kids change your outlook about EVERYTHING.

Then I tucked him into his crib, whispered in his ear that I loved him and I would beat his bottom raw if he ever acted like the punk that hit us.

So, thank you punk kid who hit our car and told me "f&%* you", thank you for reinforcing the fact that good parenting is so essential and it is never too early to start talking to your kids about how to be a good person.


By the way, I must say that karma is the best....about 15 minutes down the road we saw the teenager on the side of the highway in 100 degree heat with a flat tire.