Friday, July 30, 2010

And then there were three....that were all 7 months old!

I'll do an individual post of Wyatt and what he is up to now - besides sitting on the dogbed, but I had to post some cute pics of Wyatt and his two best buds.  I hope Adam and Court don't mind me exploiting their children on my blog.  But they actually smile for the camera, unlike my little guy. 

It is so wonderful to have great friends closeby that you can hang out with during the day and enjoy watching each others' babies grow.  I couldn't be more excited that Wyatt will have such lifelong friends.  And we can't forget the Plumbley's other sweet little guy, their 4 year old who is an awesome big bro to the twins and super sweet friend to Wyatt. 

Here they are on our front lawn.  Wyatt thought the yard mowing across the street was much more entertaining, but was a good boy to be a solid "prop" for Luke.  Man, can you tell my child is a little tubby next to the leaner Luke and Brody.  My boy loves to eat!!

Wyatt, Luke and Brody

We tried to get them all sitting up....and then we put them in starting position.....


Wyatt's in the lead!

And Wyatt wins it by some very chubby cheeks!! What? It's my blog! Of course I am going to have my child win....just ignore the fact that I probably said something about food to get him to come towards me. :)


Wyatt is normally a very observant and stoic kid.  He laughs and smiles a lot when we are at home playing with him, but when out and about (or when the camera is pointed in his general direction) he puts on his toad-face as he scrutinizes the world around him. 


In the pool and in the bath Wyatt comes alive.  He loves to splash and kick his legs and thinks everything about being wet is super fun. 

Check out those dimples and yes, I make him wear that nerdy hat.  He is SO pale!

I had to put a picture of 1 of his favorite swimming buddies, Cousin Tessa (The other, Cousin Gracie, was still playing in the pool).  Wyatt loves Tessa.  She is a crazy kid and keeps him entertained - a lot of times by bossing him around, which eventually he won't like but will have to tolerate.

He loves when we dump water out and tries to catch it in his hands. 

Why is my child always covered in dog hair?


Poor Sully is about to loose his dogbed in the living room b/c I can't keep Wyatt out of it.   When Wy crawls into it, Sully is usually closeby staring at me with a "well, aren't you going to do something about that?!?" look.

I have ordered Wyatt his own little monogrammed chair from PBKids, but something tells me I should have gone the cheaper route and just ordered him a doggy bed to put next to Sully's.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sullyomatic 1000 - A Mommy's Best Friend

Super quiet (unless there is a cat on the backporch)!
Cordless and never runs out of batteries!
Cleans up messes before you even realize they were there!
Also can provide moving entertainment and a lifelong friend for your child!

Now that Wyatt is eating puffs and a few other "self feeding foods" we are going to have to start feeding Sully less dog food.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beatin' the Heat in Wonderland

This morning my sister and I met at the Gaylord Texan for an outing (inside) for the kids. All summer long they have an Alice and Wonderland theme going on and have the place decorated as such. It was fun time and nice to find something to do in the air conditioning although in their beautiful atrium you feel like you are inside.

Wyatt (6 1/2 months), Grace (6 1/2 years old) and Tessa (2 years old)... at least Wyatt looks like he belongs with his blonde cousins, even though he sticks out with his dark-haired parents.

Grace got to do the big kid scavenger hunt. Made looking at everything a little more entertaining. And she got a prize from the kid's store when she finished it!

Action shot of all three playing on the Queen's chess board.

Tessa: "What picture you want me to draw you, Baby Wyatt?"

Wyatt: "I'll draw one myself!" Tessa: "Here's the pen!"

Aunt Amanda: "NO TESSA!" Wyatt: "DANGIT!"

Tessa telling me about the floating umbrellas, I think. She talks up a storm and we do good to get half of it understood.

We got to see Snoopy and Charlie Brown (not sure how they fit into the Wonderland theme) but i know as Wyatt gets older, he will not be so complacent to have his picture taken with characters....note, Tessa was "parked" backwards so she wouldn't see them and flip out.

Hanging out, chewing on my fingers by the tea cups.

My sister, Amanda, and her beautiful girls. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these three girls close by. My sister is my first "mommy help" call and the girls are such a blessing to JB and I. Wyatt is so lucky to have such loving cousins to torment him and dress him in dresses one day :)

Thanks, Mom, for the fun day! Do we really have to go home?

Monday, July 19, 2010


Wyatt's chubby cheek are the most kissable things and very irresistable. I can't stand but to kiss them all day. Sully finds them very kissable too, but has been doing much better lately with not trying to lick him in the face. He is pretty good at keeping it to the legs and feet.

They are such funny little buddies. I need to post a video of Wyatt terrorizing him with his walker. Sully spent Sunday morning breakfast hiding under the table with Wyatt raming himself into our chairs trying to get him.

Here is Sully being sweet to Wyatt and asking him for a belly rub. Right now, Wyatt is very gentle when he pets him. I am sure that will change.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Wyatt has started to grab the spoon a lot when you are feeding him and is getting better about picking up smaller objets, so I decided to try him on puffs today (they are special baby snacks that are like rice crispies but are flavored and melt very quickly in your mouth).

I put some on his high chair tray and he immediately went to work.

He can pick up the puffs, but the "release" is still tough. He does great with them and we'll just keep practicing!

Yum! What a fun new treat!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wyatt has been working really hard on sititng up by himself. He is 75% of the way there. He gets stuck in the above position and then waves his arm around until I help pull him up. It really cracks me up and impresses me how many new things he is mastering everyday!

6 Month Stats and Mommy's Soap Box

Wyatt did great at his 6 month appointment.

Weight: 16 lbs 7 ounces
Height: 26.5 inches
Head: 44.5 cm

As we were two weeks late with our appt, this bumped Wyatt up a bit. Height and weight he is a bit above 25th percentile and his head is a bit above the 50th percentile. Which is about where we were last time, so his growth is consistent.

He was pretty straight faced with the doc, which is hard b/c our pediatrician is just adorable, but Dr. Worsley said that is to be expected as he starts into the "stranger anxiety phase".

One of the reasons I love our doctor is that he is super supportive of parents and informative about what I am to expect next. He knows I am a stay-at-home mommy and made sure to point out that 'stranger anxiety' is not a result of a child's environment but of a kid's personality. His example was that some people go to parties and talk to everyone (me) and some people go to parties and only talk to their close friends (J.B.). And going to a bunch of parties doesn't change what type of party-goer you are.

I loved this example b/c if Wyatt does end up being like his Daddy (which he is personality wise so far), then I will be able to confidently say it is not b/c he is "with me too much" which I have heard many people say about children who have the advantage of a SAHM, but that I just have a moody child who is not social. Haha.

Which leads me to my soap box..*stepping up*....being a SAHM I have been surprised when I say I am a SAHM how many people tell me it is good for him to be away from me and ask me when I am going to put him into part-time child care. I politely say "maybe when he is older" and change the subject when I really want to scream "I am his child care!! Taking care of him and my husband and household is my full time job!!" When people ask about me putting him into daycare, it really chaps my hide! I know they don't mean anything personal by it, but I take it as them saying that what I do for my family and especially Wyatt can be easily duplicated and/or replaced. And I firmly disagree with that, especially at his young age. The thought of him spending his days (or even part days)anywhere but with me right now would make my brain and heart explode! (Note when he becomes a terrible toddler, I might sing a different tune and demand he go to a Mother's Day Out). I just find it ironic that I have never heard a person ask a working mom when they are going to go part-time at their job to stay at home with their little one. Seems reasonable to me.

I believe everyone makes decisions for what they feel is best for their family. JB and I feel me being home is the best and only decision for our family. I have many working mom friends and I can't imagine how they balance a baby, marriage, social life, personal time and a career on top of that. Bottom line is that we, as moms, are all doing the best we can. As a new mom, I am not always confident that I am doing all that I can be for Wyatt, but am giving it 100%. So, little innocent comments from people shouldn't get such a rise in me, but they do.

*stepping down now from my soapbox, as I need to get a scoop of detergent out to finish the laundry*

Also, b/c every blog needs a is Wyatt's mad face. He does a really high-pitched slobbery zurbert as he fusses for you to pick him up.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

6 months (and a couple weeks)

So, I am a little late getting this post done, but we've had a busy summer here at the Strong household. Lots of weddings, family vacation to the beach(separate blog later), trips to see Nana and Grandad and JB and I even got a weekend away just the two of us!

Wyatt is late in having his 6 month appointment. Although he turned 6 months on the 28th of June, his appt is not until this upcoming Monday, the 12th, so I'll post his stats after that.

So, what's new with Wyatt?

Sits up like a big boy. And would rather be outside than anywhere else, no matter how hot or muggy it is.

Can sit up in the bathtub and although he has always enjoyed baths, now he REALLY likes them b/c they include toys!

Still mostly an observer. He gabs a little bit here and there, but not a big time talker. Likes to make a monkey/grunting noise a lot. He loves to play with more complex toys where he works to make the sounds and likes to open/shut things and spin dials.

His best friend is Sully and he loves to chase after him. Sully is so sweet to him and really just wants to lick him to death (which those of you who know our dog is all he EVER wants to do).

Wyatt rocks a lot on his hands and knees, but when he wants to get someplace, he does an army crawl and is dang fast at it. I am going to probably get the pack-n-play out this weekend to have in the side bedroom or sitting room, for when I need to leave the room for a moment and he doesn't want to be in his jumperoo or walker.

Wyatt's eyes are still blue, although they are turning more of a grey color as time goes on, so maybe he will get his Daddy's green eyes.

Reflux and wearing bibs is still very much part of our daily life, but with the addition of a lot more solids and sitting up, the spit-up has become significantly less....although now drooling with teething causes us to still need to wear a bib 24/7.

Wyatt LOVES to eat. He likes most any solids we feed him (although he is still very anti-peas). He likes his food thick and chunky, so I gave him some "puffs" today (like rice crispies) and he seemed to like them okay, although he was more interested in playing with his toys.

He is still a good sleeper at night and now only takes 2 naps a day - a shorter one in the morning and then a good 2.5-3 hour one in the afternoon. He has even taken a few 4 hour naps when he hasn't had a morning one and still gone to bed fine that evening.

And because we moms like to is a picture when Wyatt was a couple weeks old. Hard to belive we have had this little guy for half a year already. And yet, it is hard to remember what our lives were like without him...