Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 Month Stats and Mommy's Soap Box

Wyatt did great at his 6 month appointment.

Weight: 16 lbs 7 ounces
Height: 26.5 inches
Head: 44.5 cm

As we were two weeks late with our appt, this bumped Wyatt up a bit. Height and weight he is a bit above 25th percentile and his head is a bit above the 50th percentile. Which is about where we were last time, so his growth is consistent.

He was pretty straight faced with the doc, which is hard b/c our pediatrician is just adorable, but Dr. Worsley said that is to be expected as he starts into the "stranger anxiety phase".

One of the reasons I love our doctor is that he is super supportive of parents and informative about what I am to expect next. He knows I am a stay-at-home mommy and made sure to point out that 'stranger anxiety' is not a result of a child's environment but of a kid's personality. His example was that some people go to parties and talk to everyone (me) and some people go to parties and only talk to their close friends (J.B.). And going to a bunch of parties doesn't change what type of party-goer you are.

I loved this example b/c if Wyatt does end up being like his Daddy (which he is personality wise so far), then I will be able to confidently say it is not b/c he is "with me too much" which I have heard many people say about children who have the advantage of a SAHM, but that I just have a moody child who is not social. Haha.

Which leads me to my soap box..*stepping up*....being a SAHM I have been surprised when I say I am a SAHM how many people tell me it is good for him to be away from me and ask me when I am going to put him into part-time child care. I politely say "maybe when he is older" and change the subject when I really want to scream "I am his child care!! Taking care of him and my husband and household is my full time job!!" When people ask about me putting him into daycare, it really chaps my hide! I know they don't mean anything personal by it, but I take it as them saying that what I do for my family and especially Wyatt can be easily duplicated and/or replaced. And I firmly disagree with that, especially at his young age. The thought of him spending his days (or even part days)anywhere but with me right now would make my brain and heart explode! (Note when he becomes a terrible toddler, I might sing a different tune and demand he go to a Mother's Day Out). I just find it ironic that I have never heard a person ask a working mom when they are going to go part-time at their job to stay at home with their little one. Seems reasonable to me.

I believe everyone makes decisions for what they feel is best for their family. JB and I feel me being home is the best and only decision for our family. I have many working mom friends and I can't imagine how they balance a baby, marriage, social life, personal time and a career on top of that. Bottom line is that we, as moms, are all doing the best we can. As a new mom, I am not always confident that I am doing all that I can be for Wyatt, but am giving it 100%. So, little innocent comments from people shouldn't get such a rise in me, but they do.

*stepping down now from my soapbox, as I need to get a scoop of detergent out to finish the laundry*

Also, b/c every blog needs a is Wyatt's mad face. He does a really high-pitched slobbery zurbert as he fusses for you to pick him up.


  1. I want to step onto your soap box if you don't mind me borrowing it for a few minutes. ;) No situation is ideal, and we all do the best we can as parents. People need to stop giving unwanted advice. I wish I could stay home and spend all my time with Trent and do not enjoy that this is not an option for me. I am thankful you understand the sacrfices you are making and people like me - mothering is the hardest (and best) job in the world regardless of your situation. You are an excellent mommy, and that's all that matters!!!

  2. thanks allena! I agree about the unwanted advice....although I am sure we are all guilty of giving it at one I should probably just scold myself haha.

  3. Emily, I have been going through the same thing from day one. First off, I didn't think I would be ABLE to stay home with Brooke financially, but thanks to a layoff from Sprint we decided to try it and here she is about to start school full time and I am SO glad I haven't missed a single day. I hate that mom's seem to be so judgmental toward other moms. I have tons of stay at home friends, who seem to judge the mom's that work and vice versa. I think we as mom's would ALL agree that being a mom is tough, and we all question what we do as mom' to step on my own soap box, I could NOT agree more with you! I wish people would quit telling people what they're doing is wrong, just becuase it differs from their own decisions. And instead support one another as parents!

    I love you Em, and am so proud of you as a woman, wife, friend and now mommy. Keep up the good work, and as I am finding out my heart will tell me what Brooke needs. I placed her in two a day preschool last year for the social aspect and she totally thrived and will be going to school here in New Home full time starting in August (this is hard on me, ugh!).