Thursday, July 8, 2010

6 months (and a couple weeks)

So, I am a little late getting this post done, but we've had a busy summer here at the Strong household. Lots of weddings, family vacation to the beach(separate blog later), trips to see Nana and Grandad and JB and I even got a weekend away just the two of us!

Wyatt is late in having his 6 month appointment. Although he turned 6 months on the 28th of June, his appt is not until this upcoming Monday, the 12th, so I'll post his stats after that.

So, what's new with Wyatt?

Sits up like a big boy. And would rather be outside than anywhere else, no matter how hot or muggy it is.

Can sit up in the bathtub and although he has always enjoyed baths, now he REALLY likes them b/c they include toys!

Still mostly an observer. He gabs a little bit here and there, but not a big time talker. Likes to make a monkey/grunting noise a lot. He loves to play with more complex toys where he works to make the sounds and likes to open/shut things and spin dials.

His best friend is Sully and he loves to chase after him. Sully is so sweet to him and really just wants to lick him to death (which those of you who know our dog is all he EVER wants to do).

Wyatt rocks a lot on his hands and knees, but when he wants to get someplace, he does an army crawl and is dang fast at it. I am going to probably get the pack-n-play out this weekend to have in the side bedroom or sitting room, for when I need to leave the room for a moment and he doesn't want to be in his jumperoo or walker.

Wyatt's eyes are still blue, although they are turning more of a grey color as time goes on, so maybe he will get his Daddy's green eyes.

Reflux and wearing bibs is still very much part of our daily life, but with the addition of a lot more solids and sitting up, the spit-up has become significantly less....although now drooling with teething causes us to still need to wear a bib 24/7.

Wyatt LOVES to eat. He likes most any solids we feed him (although he is still very anti-peas). He likes his food thick and chunky, so I gave him some "puffs" today (like rice crispies) and he seemed to like them okay, although he was more interested in playing with his toys.

He is still a good sleeper at night and now only takes 2 naps a day - a shorter one in the morning and then a good 2.5-3 hour one in the afternoon. He has even taken a few 4 hour naps when he hasn't had a morning one and still gone to bed fine that evening.

And because we moms like to is a picture when Wyatt was a couple weeks old. Hard to belive we have had this little guy for half a year already. And yet, it is hard to remember what our lives were like without him...

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  1. He is SOOO cute, Emily! It's amazing how much they change. Where's the reddish, blonde hair coming from?! I can't wait to eventually get our babies together. You should've gotten your official thank you card, but also wanted to tell you how adorable the Cowgirl Trumpette socks are! LOVE them!! Rodeo here we come. :-)