Friday, July 30, 2010

And then there were three....that were all 7 months old!

I'll do an individual post of Wyatt and what he is up to now - besides sitting on the dogbed, but I had to post some cute pics of Wyatt and his two best buds.  I hope Adam and Court don't mind me exploiting their children on my blog.  But they actually smile for the camera, unlike my little guy. 

It is so wonderful to have great friends closeby that you can hang out with during the day and enjoy watching each others' babies grow.  I couldn't be more excited that Wyatt will have such lifelong friends.  And we can't forget the Plumbley's other sweet little guy, their 4 year old who is an awesome big bro to the twins and super sweet friend to Wyatt. 

Here they are on our front lawn.  Wyatt thought the yard mowing across the street was much more entertaining, but was a good boy to be a solid "prop" for Luke.  Man, can you tell my child is a little tubby next to the leaner Luke and Brody.  My boy loves to eat!!

Wyatt, Luke and Brody

We tried to get them all sitting up....and then we put them in starting position.....


Wyatt's in the lead!

And Wyatt wins it by some very chubby cheeks!! What? It's my blog! Of course I am going to have my child win....just ignore the fact that I probably said something about food to get him to come towards me. :)

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  1. Isn't it crazy how fast time flies? Your baby is closer to ONE than to being a newborn!! And when I look at blogs where they just had a baby boy - blows my mind!