Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eating Like a Big Boy

I am behind on my 8 month post...it will come soon.

In the meantime, check out Wyatt enjoying carrots and peas! He never like sweet peas before but is a big fan if he gets to feed them to himself! Still no teeth but his little gums to a great job smashing stuff!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sans the Bib

Wyatt's reflux has by no means disappeared and we still have occasional times that he will sport a bib all day because it is a "throw up day".  But we have started having him go without a bib a lot more and it is so funny to us because it looks like he has grown a neck finally!

I dressed him in a collared shirt to meet Uncle Taylor and Aunt Desi for dinner the other night - something I usually can't do because the collar creates too much bulk with the bib. 

Doesn't he look like such a big boy in his button down and sneakers!

Happy Boy

Daddy's the Best

No matter what foul mood Wyatt has been in all day or the fact he has been "letting me have it" for the last hour, the moment Daddy walks in the door everything is peachy.  You would think this would greatly annoy me...but actually it only slightly annoys me on certain days. 

I am so blessed to have JB for my husband and John Wyatt is a darn lucky little boy to have him as a Daddy. JB works so hard and makes sacrifices so that I can be at home with Wyatt (even if he gripes at me all day) and I love that when JB comes home in the evenings Wyatt shows him some appreciation :)

We Love You, Daddy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Little Ducky

John Wyatt has definitley outgrown his baby tub....even with the divider removed and him sitting in the big part, all he wants to do is stand up and with it being small, he can grab on the sides too easily, so now he bathes in the big tub all the time.  Now that I really feel like he "uses" his bathroom I am excited to remodel it into something fun.

He really loves his baths and it is a fun time for JB and I in the evenings to watch him splash in the water.

He is just too darn cute and is developing such a personality and as you can see...we can sometimes catch a smile on the camera now.  He smiles and laughs all the time, so he can't hide it anymore!

And here is a peak at what JB likes to call "old man booty". Poor little guy...can't help that he likes to eat and has some roles! Kim Kardashian said she's got cellulite and proud of it - I am sure Wyatt feels the same way!  No one turn me in for naked pics on my blog, ok?

Addicted to Baby Food

Addicted to making it that is!  A while back I said I was going to try to make Wyatt's food.  Then I got lazy and purchased massive boxfuls of Gerber's organics from diapers.com. THEN my excuse was that I needed for Wy to eat what I already had.  Well, we are starting to reach the end of our food stash and so I decided to try making some of Wyatt's food.  A big reason is that all the gerber stuff, even 2nd and 3rd foods don't have a lot of texture.  Wyatt can feed himself puffs and yogurt bites and other such snack foods and I want him to start getting used to chunkier food during mealtimes, just not snacks.

My first attempt was zucchini - that was super easy.  Chopped it, steamed it and then ran it thru the food processor.  Wyatt wasn't a huge fan, so I added a bit of applesauce and then it was a thumbs up from the little guy.

Last night I steamed green beans to go with our meal (frozen) and pureed the remaining for Wyatt.

Frozen in 1 ounce cubes and labeled - ready to go!

Today I made Peachapple sauce with a touch of cinnamon.  John Wyatt and I went to the farmer's market this past Wednesday morning and of course everyone had peaches but you had to buy them in bulk, so I needed a way to use them.  Wyatt hasn't been a fan of peaches in the past, but the store bought ones are slimy and soupy.  I think he is going to like Mommy's new creation!

Peeled and sliced apples and peaches, simmering on the stove.  I added a bit of cinnamon and the house smelled yummy!

I have just been using my food processor that we got as a wedding present 6+ years ago (and this is probably the first time it has been used).  It is working great and I am really glad I didn't spend the money on a fancy baby-food machine.  I am sure they are great and make things a bit easier, but other than an extra saucepan to cleanup, it is super easy already!

Two small apples and two small peaches made 9 oz of food.  Wyatt eats about 3 oz of fruit every morning with his cereal, so that is 3 breakfasts. Not too shabby!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Toy Fairy

Today Wyatt and I met my sister and her two girls at the mall.  We ate lunch, shopped a bit and then went back to her house to do some exchanging.  I brought her two under-the-bed storage containers that I no longer need and in exchange Wyatt got all these toys!!!  Not really a fair trade, but hey, sometimes you just make out better than your barter buddy.

So, thanks Aunt Amanda (and Tessa who has outgrown her toys) and Nana & Grandad who probably bought most of these toys for the girls and now they have made it to Wyatt.  How fun that Wyatt gets new toys and they're FREE :)

Now I just have to find a place to store them other than the guest room where they are presently dumped (the horse and zebra he is just not ready for).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go Away!

When I quit my job last November to take some time off before little man got here, I found out all sorts of things about being a stay at home person.  Like, there are never enough hours in the day to get all you want to get accomplished around the house finished, and...on that chance occasion you do want to just veg, daytime TV is AWFUL....but the most surprising thing I learned was how many times my phone would ring in a day from solicitors and the amount of solicitors that still come door to door!

A couple weeks ago, I had a package I knew was going to be delivered that day and Wyatt had been having a rough time napping, so I put a note over my doorbell that said "Baby sleeping, please knock lightly!" to make sure the UPS man just dropped it and left.  Well, since I have done that, I have yet to get a solicitor!  I have seen them actually come up to the door, see the note and just turn around and leave.  It is incredible.  My neighbors and friends (who I want to see) still knock, so it is working perfectly.I highly advise everyone do it, whether you have children or not. 

My dilemma is how to accomplish this with the telemarketers, who I repeatedly hang up on, fuss at, and tell over and over again to take me off their list.  Today, Todd, from ATT Uverse, called me for the third time this week. I told him if he called me one more time I was going to track him down and repeatedly call him at home in the middle of the night trying to sell him something he didn't want.  He laughed, apologized and said he would for sure take me off his list.  Something tells me that won't happen though.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, since I document most all of Wyatt's firsts on our blog...I had to post this too.

We have gone 7 1/2 months without having a sick baby, but the streak has been broken.  Wyatt had some messy diapers yesterday, but I thought it might be teething related.  Unfortunately, it has gotten worse and the little guy has some sort of stomach bug.

So far he is still in okay spirits (maybe a bit whiney) but is playing and tormenting Sully like usual. He is eating well and is happy to have some extra water with his meals.  He slept fairly well last night, other than waking up with dirty diapers and has been napping a little extra today.  And no fever.

It is so hard to not be able to make him feel better, so he is going to get very spoiled being catered to by Mommy all day and cuddled in his rocker at his whim....but such as it should be.  I am hoping this is a little bout of something and we'll be back to our healthy self by the weekend.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Teeth, But I Can Cruise!

Wyatt has been a big drooler for a long time and it has multiplied dramatically in the past week. Along with more spit, he has also had a bit of an attitude and whine going on lately (which is not his normal demeanor). 

He will rarely let me feel his gums or see inside his mouth, so when he smiled for this picture I got a perfect view that we are still "gummin' it".

I recently put the legs on Wy's activity table.  He likes to be able to stand up at it, although he is most interested in pushing it around or trying to walk around it only using one hand. He is pretty impressive actually, until he gets a little too cocky and tries to do a little dance as well....then we fall. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 months old

So, what's new with the 7 year old John Wyatt?

He is growing like a weed.  I have already boxed up 6 tubs of clothes and newborn items that JB put up in the attic.  Seems like yesterday, that we were bringing him home and the newborn clothes were baggy on him.  Not anymore!

He has finally started to work on "regular crawling".  He is a super fast army crawler and when he wants to get someplace quickly (like trying to catch the dog) he uses his army crawl, but is starting to be up on his hands and knees more.

We have dropped Wyatt's mattress in his crib.  He is pulling up on everything and starting to cruise some.  It seems like it has happened overnight that he went from being "floor bound" to standing up, holding onto everything. 

His favorite place - our living room back window.  It has a low sill and he walks along it and bangs on the window when Sully is outside.  He gets a little cocky from time to time and tries to only cruise holding on with one hand - he makes it about 3 steps and then decides 2 hands is a little more stable.

Wyatt is still a great eater (my little tubby buddy) and fusses to get bites off of our plates as well.  He holds his own bottle now, and is doing better each day with the sippy cup.

Everyday Wyatt develops more and more of a little personality.  He is still not a big talker, although he does like to babble when he is in the car and we try to have a conversation in the front seat :)  He is still a pretty easy-going kid, good napper, pretty good sleeper at night and likes to be out and about.  He is our pride and joy and we love and adore him more and more each day!