Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 months old

So, what's new with the 7 year old John Wyatt?

He is growing like a weed.  I have already boxed up 6 tubs of clothes and newborn items that JB put up in the attic.  Seems like yesterday, that we were bringing him home and the newborn clothes were baggy on him.  Not anymore!

He has finally started to work on "regular crawling".  He is a super fast army crawler and when he wants to get someplace quickly (like trying to catch the dog) he uses his army crawl, but is starting to be up on his hands and knees more.

We have dropped Wyatt's mattress in his crib.  He is pulling up on everything and starting to cruise some.  It seems like it has happened overnight that he went from being "floor bound" to standing up, holding onto everything. 

His favorite place - our living room back window.  It has a low sill and he walks along it and bangs on the window when Sully is outside.  He gets a little cocky from time to time and tries to only cruise holding on with one hand - he makes it about 3 steps and then decides 2 hands is a little more stable.

Wyatt is still a great eater (my little tubby buddy) and fusses to get bites off of our plates as well.  He holds his own bottle now, and is doing better each day with the sippy cup.

Everyday Wyatt develops more and more of a little personality.  He is still not a big talker, although he does like to babble when he is in the car and we try to have a conversation in the front seat :)  He is still a pretty easy-going kid, good napper, pretty good sleeper at night and likes to be out and about.  He is our pride and joy and we love and adore him more and more each day!

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  1. I cannot get over how chunky he is (in a good way)! Trent leaned out by 6 months, and he's SO skinny now. Isn't it just funny to watch their bodies change? Give me an update on Kim will ya? Also, how did you get the pictures to post so big, love it!!!