Friday, August 20, 2010

Addicted to Baby Food

Addicted to making it that is!  A while back I said I was going to try to make Wyatt's food.  Then I got lazy and purchased massive boxfuls of Gerber's organics from THEN my excuse was that I needed for Wy to eat what I already had.  Well, we are starting to reach the end of our food stash and so I decided to try making some of Wyatt's food.  A big reason is that all the gerber stuff, even 2nd and 3rd foods don't have a lot of texture.  Wyatt can feed himself puffs and yogurt bites and other such snack foods and I want him to start getting used to chunkier food during mealtimes, just not snacks.

My first attempt was zucchini - that was super easy.  Chopped it, steamed it and then ran it thru the food processor.  Wyatt wasn't a huge fan, so I added a bit of applesauce and then it was a thumbs up from the little guy.

Last night I steamed green beans to go with our meal (frozen) and pureed the remaining for Wyatt.

Frozen in 1 ounce cubes and labeled - ready to go!

Today I made Peachapple sauce with a touch of cinnamon.  John Wyatt and I went to the farmer's market this past Wednesday morning and of course everyone had peaches but you had to buy them in bulk, so I needed a way to use them.  Wyatt hasn't been a fan of peaches in the past, but the store bought ones are slimy and soupy.  I think he is going to like Mommy's new creation!

Peeled and sliced apples and peaches, simmering on the stove.  I added a bit of cinnamon and the house smelled yummy!

I have just been using my food processor that we got as a wedding present 6+ years ago (and this is probably the first time it has been used).  It is working great and I am really glad I didn't spend the money on a fancy baby-food machine.  I am sure they are great and make things a bit easier, but other than an extra saucepan to cleanup, it is super easy already!

Two small apples and two small peaches made 9 oz of food.  Wyatt eats about 3 oz of fruit every morning with his cereal, so that is 3 breakfasts. Not too shabby!

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