Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go Away!

When I quit my job last November to take some time off before little man got here, I found out all sorts of things about being a stay at home person.  Like, there are never enough hours in the day to get all you want to get accomplished around the house finished, and...on that chance occasion you do want to just veg, daytime TV is AWFUL....but the most surprising thing I learned was how many times my phone would ring in a day from solicitors and the amount of solicitors that still come door to door!

A couple weeks ago, I had a package I knew was going to be delivered that day and Wyatt had been having a rough time napping, so I put a note over my doorbell that said "Baby sleeping, please knock lightly!" to make sure the UPS man just dropped it and left.  Well, since I have done that, I have yet to get a solicitor!  I have seen them actually come up to the door, see the note and just turn around and leave.  It is incredible.  My neighbors and friends (who I want to see) still knock, so it is working perfectly.I highly advise everyone do it, whether you have children or not. 

My dilemma is how to accomplish this with the telemarketers, who I repeatedly hang up on, fuss at, and tell over and over again to take me off their list.  Today, Todd, from ATT Uverse, called me for the third time this week. I told him if he called me one more time I was going to track him down and repeatedly call him at home in the middle of the night trying to sell him something he didn't want.  He laughed, apologized and said he would for sure take me off his list.  Something tells me that won't happen though.

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  1. Good to know!!! Congrats on getting the door to door solicitors to take a hike! Wyatt is too cute!