Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, since I document most all of Wyatt's firsts on our blog...I had to post this too.

We have gone 7 1/2 months without having a sick baby, but the streak has been broken.  Wyatt had some messy diapers yesterday, but I thought it might be teething related.  Unfortunately, it has gotten worse and the little guy has some sort of stomach bug.

So far he is still in okay spirits (maybe a bit whiney) but is playing and tormenting Sully like usual. He is eating well and is happy to have some extra water with his meals.  He slept fairly well last night, other than waking up with dirty diapers and has been napping a little extra today.  And no fever.

It is so hard to not be able to make him feel better, so he is going to get very spoiled being catered to by Mommy all day and cuddled in his rocker at his whim....but such as it should be.  I am hoping this is a little bout of something and we'll be back to our healthy self by the weekend.

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  1. It could be teething, Char's daycare director says "those teeth coming in just tear up their rears"