Thursday, September 30, 2010

9 Months Old

The Top 9 Things About Being 9 Months Old

1. At my nine month appointment, I only had to get 2 shots and a finger prick!  I sat nicely for the pictures, but did not smile...afterall, I did have shots!

My stats were:

Height: 27 1/2 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 8.5 oz (Just under 50th percentile)
Head: 46 1/2 cm (75th percentile - lots of brains)

2.  A couple weeks ago (Mommy is behind in blogging), I started walking with my walker. 

I am getting super good at it...going fast, using on the hardwood floors now, with only one hand sometimes, and ramming Sully with it.

3.  I have one bottom tooth part of the way in and earlier this week, my second bottom tooth started poking through! Mommy says this will open up a whole new world of things I can bite!  Even though I only have 2 teeth buds, I eat just about everything.  I LOVE spaghetti and lasagne. Waffles are my favorite breakfast and I have been consuming massive amounts of apple cake lately b/c Mommy keeps making it.

4.  I have learned to open cabinets.  I have actually been doing this for a while, but now I am much more coordinated and can get the things in the cabinet!  Mommy said something about "child locks" that didn't sound very good.

5.  I am starting to let go and stand for a few seconds at a time by myself...especially when I am not paying attention and staring at the TV.  I was letting go in this picture, but Mom's camera just isn't fast enough for me!

6. Trips to the zoo are becoming more and more fun as I notice more of the animals and the weather getting cooler also makes it nicer!  Here are me and my best buds, Luke and Brody at the zoo this week!  Luke's the smiley one in the back - he gets all the babes.  Brod and I gotta step up our game!

7.  I am starting to "point" with my fist now and grunt when I see something I like.  I like the camera.  As you can also see, my eyes are still very blue and my eyebrows and hair very blonde.

8.  Mommy got a little worried the other day, when I started grunting at the TV and pointing at it when it was off, like I wanted it on.  I notice and like cartoons now.  Mommy only lets me watch them in the morning while she makes my breakfast.  I really like Spongebob Squarepants, Martha Speaks (b/c it has puppies in it) and Dora. 

9. Being 9 months old is way fun.  My favorite thing to do is to cruise on everything....the only problem is that I am a little guy and they don't make footie pj's with rubber bottomed feet until 12 month sizes, SO, mom sticks these dumb rubber-soled socks over my fun doggy footies.  I don't like it, but no worries, I can usually get them off with some tugging!

Apple Cake

Continuing, what will most likely be a short stint of domestic inspiration.....this recipe is one my mom has made forever and I completely forgot about it until my father-in-law mentioned apple cake the other day. I immediately called my mom and got the recipe and made some on Saturday night. The recipe makes a 9x13 pan - J.B., Wyatt and I finished off the first pan by Monday breakfast(given, we did give away four pieces). So, Tuesday night after Wyatt had gone to bed, I went to work again, peeling and slicing up apples. It is Thursday morning and there is only one peice left!


3-4 cups chopped (small pieces) apple - I use 3/4 Granny Smith
3 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups sugar
3 cups flour
1 teaspon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup pecans (optional - neither mom nor I do this)

1. Combine eggs, veggie oil and vanilla. Beat with hand wisk until throughly mixed.
2. Add sugar to the above bowl and mix in thoroughly.
3. In another bowl, sift the dry ingredients together. I never sift, I just dump together and then stir thoroughly with a fork.
4. Combine bowls and thoroughly mix together. I use a spatula .
5. When thoroughly mixed, add the apples.
6. Put in an ungreased cake pan (9x13)
7. Cook at 350 for around 50 minutes (toothpick test)

Move over Betty and June...

.....Here comes EMILY!!

I LOVE APRONS.  Lately, I wear one half the day (or at least during naptimes)! 

I wear "mom clothes"....clothes that can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer, clothes that are alright when drooled on, clothes that can be used as a towel/wash rag to wipe wet or dirty hands, clothes that are most likely purchased from Gap (on sale), Target, or I have had since Junior High.

BUT, now that Wyatt isn't constantly throwing up on me, I have tried a little harder to dress in more "outfits" rather than tshirts and shorts.  During naptime I do everything from scrub the toilet to starting prep for that evening's dinner, so in an effort not to splash my "outfits" with Scrubbing Bubble or the teriyaki marinade, I have been wearing an apron.  Also, it is fantastic when buzzing around the house, as I have pockets to put things in.  I will keep a rag and bottle of pledge in my pockets somedays and WAH-LAH! as I walk around the house dust things that probably would never be dusted anyway!

Now, don't started oohing and aahing house is never fully clean and many times my "prepping dinner" is browning hamburger meat for that evening's gourmet meal of Tater Tot Casserole (email for the recipe - it is super awesome).  I only dust ceiling fans when I turn one on and there is a mushroom cloud explosion of dust from it, but I do my best.  As many of you know, I write often in my blogs about my passion in being a stay-at-home-mom and I take my job seriously and want to do it well (future blog about this).  My new friend the apron is a helping tool in that.  Now I just need to invest in some really cute ones with ruffles!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy to see the Sunshine

When Wyatt woke up from his afternoon nap, the sun was shining!  Very different than the dreary rain he saw as he headed to bed.  He was so excited to go stare out the window and holler at Sully basking in the warmth on the patio!

Rainy Morning with an 8 month old

It's pouring outside today, so the only thing to do is stay in our pajamas and play.  I never posted an 8 month post, so here I'll combine it with this one!  I followed Wyatt around for about an hour this morning with my camera.  He is a very busy little guy!

Here Wyatt is wishing he could go outside and play...he loves outside more than anything and spends a lot of his day playing in front of the backdoor and back window staring outside.  He yells at Sully and bangs on the window.

He really likes to read books now and look at them by himself.  Every once in a while he tries to chew on them, but I just have to say "no bite" and he stops. We think he understands "no" now, even though he sometimes continues to do whatever he told him "no" about.

Wyatt has learned to dump his blocks "out" and then to put them back "in" their holder.

He loves to put his toys on top of things.  He grabs a block and takes off to the couch, fireplace or window sill like he is on a mission and climbs up to deposit it wherever he wants it to go and then heads back to his mat for more.

Wyatt also loves to toss and roll toys around our hardwood floors and chase after them.  It keeps him busy forever!

Collecting toys on the window sill!

Watching outside.  I couldn't get a picture of it, but Wyatt has started to let go and stand by himself some.  He let go and stood unassisted for about 15 seconds today! I was so excited but didn't say anything so as not to startle him!

Doing his "exercises".  He stretches out one leg and raises up and down on the other knee.  I think he is getting really good at his balancing!

Wyatt likes to do his squats too.  He sometimes holds on to the window sill while he does them.....sometimes for exercise and sometimes I think he is "gettin' the job done".

As you can tell by his still chubby cheeks and round little belly, Wyatt is an eater.  I no longer feed him any baby food (other than bottles).  He eats what we eat....he loves veggies, fruits, pancakes, toast/bread, waffles, cheerios, name it, the boy will eat it!  But he still doesn't even have the speck of a tooth! 

He is still our "Quiet Wyatt" (as his Nana calls him).  He gabs and is smiley and silly at home, but when we take him out and about, he is a total observer.  Doesn't mind others holding him, just don't expect a smile out of him - he just studies everything around him. 

Wyatt is a good sleeper - naps a couple times a day and sleeps about 11 hours a night.  He is just the most easy-going little guy. He likes to go out to eat at restaurants and is great "on the go".  He only fusses if something is truly wrong or he is frustrated with something - like us trying to feed him or if a toy won't do what he wants it to - he is Mr. Independent!

Here are our monthly "giraffe" photos a week and a half late.

NOTE: I quickly took this picture and made him sit back down, before he fell. he loves to stand up and I think he was going to try to put giraffe up on the back of the chair.

Photo Session is over, Mommy!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book Review: The 3 Miss Margarets & The Ladies of Garrison Gardens

In honor of my new resolution to post non-Wyatt is a quick book review.....although I am not sure what to write for a book I'll just tell you what I read b/c I liked it.

I recently finished my second Louise Shaffer book and enjoyed it just as much as the first.

I probably finished each within 3-4 days.  Ladies of Garrison Gardens was difficult to find, but I requested it at my local library (another one of my new resolutions to save money by checking out books instead of buying them).  They are both fast reads and entertaining.  I like to read books that pull me into a world other than my own and keep me wondering what will happen next. I also have to be able to relate in some way with the characters.  I was quickly intrigued by Louise's ladies!

Blog Shift

As a new mom (yeah, I still consider myself new at this, even after 8 months), one of my biggest struggles is keeping the balance between being Emily, JB's wife and Wyatt's mommy. It is a daily chore to try to keep all of these in check.  Obviously, John Wyatt, has become both JB and I's first priority, but at times, I need to let myself be put on the front burner. 

I think sometimes this is especially a hard balance to find when you become a stay-at-home mom.  I used to have more of an understanding of being "out in the world", I had more to talk about than laundry, my trip to the grocery store and what I saw on the latest "Housewives of New Jersey" episode.  Many times I find myself at dinners with other adults trying to think of what to talk about other than my child.  ME, trying to figure out what to talk about!?!?!  Wow, has my world changed....I have never been at a loss for words.

It makes me happy to be able to focus so much on Wyatt, but it does sadden me at times that some of me has slipped away.

My sweet friend from college, Allena, has inspired me. We both blog about our beautiful baby boys, but she has also begun to blog about things other than her little one. I love reading her blog....THANK YOU ALLENA, I am going to turn over a new leaf. 

No worries, you'll still see plenty of updates on Wyatt (as I know that is why most of my family and friends check out my blog), but from time to time I hope to post about a book I have recently read, or something that interests me going on in the world, or even just some random commentary about a TV show.