Thursday, September 30, 2010

Move over Betty and June...

.....Here comes EMILY!!

I LOVE APRONS.  Lately, I wear one half the day (or at least during naptimes)! 

I wear "mom clothes"....clothes that can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer, clothes that are alright when drooled on, clothes that can be used as a towel/wash rag to wipe wet or dirty hands, clothes that are most likely purchased from Gap (on sale), Target, or I have had since Junior High.

BUT, now that Wyatt isn't constantly throwing up on me, I have tried a little harder to dress in more "outfits" rather than tshirts and shorts.  During naptime I do everything from scrub the toilet to starting prep for that evening's dinner, so in an effort not to splash my "outfits" with Scrubbing Bubble or the teriyaki marinade, I have been wearing an apron.  Also, it is fantastic when buzzing around the house, as I have pockets to put things in.  I will keep a rag and bottle of pledge in my pockets somedays and WAH-LAH! as I walk around the house dust things that probably would never be dusted anyway!

Now, don't started oohing and aahing house is never fully clean and many times my "prepping dinner" is browning hamburger meat for that evening's gourmet meal of Tater Tot Casserole (email for the recipe - it is super awesome).  I only dust ceiling fans when I turn one on and there is a mushroom cloud explosion of dust from it, but I do my best.  As many of you know, I write often in my blogs about my passion in being a stay-at-home-mom and I take my job seriously and want to do it well (future blog about this).  My new friend the apron is a helping tool in that.  Now I just need to invest in some really cute ones with ruffles!

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  1. Lawrence's had the CUTEST aprons a few years ago. I have also seen some great ones at Feastivities. :)