Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rainy Morning with an 8 month old

It's pouring outside today, so the only thing to do is stay in our pajamas and play.  I never posted an 8 month post, so here I'll combine it with this one!  I followed Wyatt around for about an hour this morning with my camera.  He is a very busy little guy!

Here Wyatt is wishing he could go outside and play...he loves outside more than anything and spends a lot of his day playing in front of the backdoor and back window staring outside.  He yells at Sully and bangs on the window.

He really likes to read books now and look at them by himself.  Every once in a while he tries to chew on them, but I just have to say "no bite" and he stops. We think he understands "no" now, even though he sometimes continues to do whatever he told him "no" about.

Wyatt has learned to dump his blocks "out" and then to put them back "in" their holder.

He loves to put his toys on top of things.  He grabs a block and takes off to the couch, fireplace or window sill like he is on a mission and climbs up to deposit it wherever he wants it to go and then heads back to his mat for more.

Wyatt also loves to toss and roll toys around our hardwood floors and chase after them.  It keeps him busy forever!

Collecting toys on the window sill!

Watching outside.  I couldn't get a picture of it, but Wyatt has started to let go and stand by himself some.  He let go and stood unassisted for about 15 seconds today! I was so excited but didn't say anything so as not to startle him!

Doing his "exercises".  He stretches out one leg and raises up and down on the other knee.  I think he is getting really good at his balancing!

Wyatt likes to do his squats too.  He sometimes holds on to the window sill while he does them.....sometimes for exercise and sometimes I think he is "gettin' the job done".

As you can tell by his still chubby cheeks and round little belly, Wyatt is an eater.  I no longer feed him any baby food (other than bottles).  He eats what we eat....he loves veggies, fruits, pancakes, toast/bread, waffles, cheerios, name it, the boy will eat it!  But he still doesn't even have the speck of a tooth! 

He is still our "Quiet Wyatt" (as his Nana calls him).  He gabs and is smiley and silly at home, but when we take him out and about, he is a total observer.  Doesn't mind others holding him, just don't expect a smile out of him - he just studies everything around him. 

Wyatt is a good sleeper - naps a couple times a day and sleeps about 11 hours a night.  He is just the most easy-going little guy. He likes to go out to eat at restaurants and is great "on the go".  He only fusses if something is truly wrong or he is frustrated with something - like us trying to feed him or if a toy won't do what he wants it to - he is Mr. Independent!

Here are our monthly "giraffe" photos a week and a half late.

NOTE: I quickly took this picture and made him sit back down, before he fell. he loves to stand up and I think he was going to try to put giraffe up on the back of the chair.

Photo Session is over, Mommy!!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the pictures of your precious little man! He is growing so fast, and I am just so happy that you get to see every second of it! It flies, so have fun Momma!