Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 months old!

On Friday, Wyatt turned 10 months old.  He has a bit of a cold, so we took him to the doctor on Saturday morning just to get his ears check - no infection.  Just need to get over this cold and sore throat.  They weighed him and he was 21 lbs and 6 oz!  Yowzers, no wonder my back is tired at the end of the day!

So, here is what has been happening around our house...

 - We've been cheering on the Rangers!  Post to come about J.B. and I going to Game 3.

- Wyatt now sits in the bathtub like a big kid (no seat).  He LOVES being able to move around and play with all his bath toys.

- We have finally graduated to 9 month pants! Sometimes I still put 6 month on him if I don't want him to trip on a longer pair. The little guy has short legs and since he also has a good-sized belly (seen in the above pic)where the waistband sits below it, that makes his pants even longer on him. He is in 9-12 month shirts and onsies though.

- Our little man is a tough guy.  He has plenty of spill as he is venturing around the house and trying to get down walking, but when he bonks his head he usually just sits down and rubs the spot he bonked.  Here he was "telling" me that he hit his head on his bouncer.

- Wyatt can stand on his own like a pro....he can't get himself into the standing position without using something or somebody to pull up on, but once pulled up, he'll stand there unassisted forever and is totally sturdy...seriously, the dog has run by him and nudged him and he still doesn't fall over. He'll also twist around to watch TV. The kid is SOLID!

-Wy is starting to walk a few steps here and there. He will be brave somedays repeatedly taking 2-4 steps in a row and other days is uninterested and hangs onto things or uses his walker to get around. He is super good at it and can turn it to go around obstacles and gets himself to where he needs to be. He also walks like a pro, holding your hand...not handS, hand. He likes to walk beside you like a big is so cute and very impressive.

- He LOVES books and being read to but will also look at them himself.  He usually puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, but I only have to remind him once in a while not to chew on his books.  He got a new SpongeBob Halloween book that he looks at by himself and giggles and giggles at all the pictures.  It is so cute.  He and Daddy read books every night before bed.

- Still only 2 teeth on the bottom, but think there might be more on the way with the increase in drool and whininess and the decrease in sleeping and eating this week.  He will still eat anything and everything....unless he is sick, like this week. The kid will eat a man-sized portion of mac-n-cheese anytime.

- Wyatt still doesn't talk much.  He babbles and hollers some and points and grunts a lot.  Just not a verbal kid.  I so desperately want him to start saying "mama" more than just when he is ticked and wants out of his bed.  The other day I was making dinner and he kept pulling up on me and holding his arms up (to be picked up) and grunting.  I kept saying "Say Mama".  He wasn't fussing, just being persistent...he would then crawl away to play with a toy and come back in a minute.  FINALLY, he came over, pulled up and clear as can be reached up, and said "MAMA" loudly.  I picked up him immediately and clapped and whooped and hollered and he just looked at me like "dummy, I can say it but it is not like you didn't know what I wanted!"  he has barely said it since HAHA.  Little toot.

- I spend 99% of my day prying Wyatt off of Sully.  I feel sorry for the dog, but the truth is he could leave the room if it was bothering him, I guess.  Wyatt LOVES his puppy and when Sully barks or whines to be let in, Wyatt mimics him and looks at me like "do something".  When Sully waits by the backdoor to be let out, Wyatt tries to block him and then cries when I do let him out and beats on the glass.  He says something that sounds like "dee-dee" and I think that is what he calls Sully.  Yes, he says a name for the dog before he says a name for me - figures.

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