Monday, October 4, 2010

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom

I am going green...or perhaps European....

I now usually only shower every other day.

My other arguments/jusitfications for this action (or lack there of)...

As our weather is cooling off, a quick trip to the store no longer renders me covered in sweat.
I am conserving water.
My hair is long and can be put in a ponytail for "day 2", isn't bad for your hair to wash it everyday?
Sometimes Wyatt and JB are the only people that see me for days in a row.
Naptime is precious and when I have the debate of starting dinner or bathing...dinner always wins.

Want to confess anything?  Go it.  Probably everyone else is doing it too!


  1. I don't wash my hair or shower every day either...and lots more people than just Brent and Trent see me. :) But when the choice is 15 more minutes of sleep (just put some baby powder in the hair!!) or washing myself...sleep wins!

  2. I think I make up for y'all. I shower twice a day! Haha. :-)