Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from our Little Monkey!

For his first ever halloween, Wyatt sported a monkey costume.  It was SUPER warm, so we decided to dress him in it, take a few fast pictures and then call it an evening. Having a cold, he was still such a trooper! 

Our Little Monkey

If you're wondering what the strange setup of candy is behind him - we left our candy on the porch with the above sign. We went to dinner at Taylor and Desi's and then came home to put Wyatt to bed early but I wanted to make sure to treat the trick-or-treaters!

I tried to look festive, by putting on an orange tshirt and a crumpled old witches hat - Wyatt thought it was very funny.
The kids across the street were riding scooters in front of our house, so Wyatt was a little distracted (probably kept him from tugging at his hood though!)

Posing with a pumpkin!

Gotta love that little monkey tail!


  1. Love the way you have your do you do it?? And such a CUTE little monkey!

  2. Allena has asked me the same thing...when I have them in my screen to compose (not the HTML but the regular one), I just double click on them and it lets me size them (small, medium, etc). You can also click on the "add a caption" button so that you don't have to type in between them. It is great. LOVED Jillian's dorothy costume.