Sunday, October 31, 2010

World Series - Game 3

JB and I were so fortunate that his little brother, Taylor was on the ball last week.  As the last pitch was thrown in the last game clinching the Rangers the champs of the American League, Taylor found us four tkts on Stub Hub to the first EVER Texas World Series Game.

I felt a little guiltly leaving Wyatt when he has a bit of a cold, but he was in good hands (JuJu and Doc (a pediatrician)) and was very good for them. 

We had a blast - we tailgated for a bit with friends beforehand, the seats were fantastic the stadium was packed (52K+ fans) and the Rangers won.  It was also just a great game to watch!

Tailgating group: JB, Me, Taylor, Desi, Will and Amanda

Antlers and the claw!

Desi and Taylor

Nolan Ryan throwing out the first pitch to Pudge Rodriguez (so cool!)
And the Rangers take the field!

What a memorable evening!

JB was BEYOND excited when they won!

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