Monday, November 29, 2010

New Accessories

My new accessory is....Wyatt (riding in my ring sling).  Ignore the bad photo (I took it myself with the camera timer) and also ignore the unfinished edges on the sling.  I haven't hemmed up the raw seams yet. 

I ordered the rings HERE and then just got some cheap fabric at JoAnn's.  I followed THIS website for the no-sew instructions and how to thread the rings.  I haven't had a chance to use it much yet...just walking to the mailbox, but it feels super secure and a lot more comfortable and hands-free.  I am excited to try it out when we make a trip to the library later this week to return and check out some new books.

Wyatt's accessory of the day...his paci holder.  We don't really use it anymore b/c he only takes one at night (sometimes), but he found it and it is his new toy.  Normally he totes around the remote, 24/7, so I was happy to see a new "tote-along".  I have been calling it his purse all day and telling him "oops, you dropped your purse!"  I'm sure JB will love that I am teaching him to carry a least it is a manly brown :)

Note that blurry left foot...he is a SUPER WALKER now!  He will be running in no time!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spinach Quiche

This is my mother-in-law's recipe (who I think got it from her sister).  So to Aunt Sue or wherever this recipe came from...THANK YOU!  This is super easy.  It is fantastic paired with some fresh fruit. 

The surprising thing about this quiche is that is reheats really well after being stored in the fridge.  Just about 35 seconds in the micro per slice and YUM!


1 frozen pie crust
2 tablespoons milk
2 eggs (I used extra large, if you have small eggs, use 3)
1 8 oz block of swiss cheese, grated (sometimes I use less if you don't want it so cheesy)
1 refrigerated package/tube of Jimmy Dean sausage (I use the regular pork sausage - I think it is 16 oz)
1 package of Stouffers frozen spinach souffle

1.  Set the frozen pie crust and the spinach souffle out to thaw.
2.  Brown the sausage.  Once finished put in a large mixing bowl. 
3.  Add the grated cheese (I usually just grate it now directly into the bowl).
4.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
5.  In a small bowl wisk the eggs and milk together. Pour into the big bowl.
6.  Usually the spinach souffle is still a little frozen, so I nuke it a bit, just enough to soften it, so it can be mixed in.
7.  Pour into pie crust and put on a cookie sheet, into the oven for about 45 minutes. 
8.  If the pie crust starts getting too dark, but the quice is still soupy, put foil tents around the top (on the crust ONLY).
9.  Let sit for about 3-5 minutes before cutting into it.

NOTE: This is a "before cooking" picture.  I forgot to take an after picture and we've already eaten it all.  It will get fairly brown on top.

And here is a little picture of my kitchen help, playing in his own kitchen.  He LOVES this toy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yookidoo, We Love You!

So, I bought Wyatt a tent, per a recommendation from his friend Travis. It's the Yookidoo activity tent.

Probably should have saved it for Christmas, but this Mommy can't hold on to such cool things and make my little guy wait! 

He loves it.  He sits in it with Sully (need to get a pic of this) and hangs out in there playing with the balls.  He thinks it is hysterical if you reach from the outside, underneath or through one of the holes, and grab him!

Apple Cake Recipe Revised

It was brought to my attention today there was a typo in my Apple Cake recipe.  I had put vanilla in twice and left out the cinnamon (super important).  I have corrected it on the original post. Sorry if you made weird tasting apple cake!

If you haven't tried it, HERE IT IS. Fix it! It is AWESOME!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Somebody is getting coal this year....

...if they don't start being nicer to Santa.

Guess everyone has to have their token "First Screaming Picture with Santa".  Here's Wyatt's!

Just Like Texas Weather

As the saying says about Texas weather...."if you don't like it wait a minute and it'll change".  Such is Wyatt (and every other child out there).  The ABSOLUTE BEST BEST BEST advice I have been given, and that which I pass on to all new moms, is that things change constantly, so don't stress when you kid isn't sleeping - it'll change.  He's not eating?  Don't worry, he'll be a chow-hound next week. 

It is hard to believe this when you are on your third morning waking up at 5am with a "ready to play baby" who USED to sleep in until at least 6.....but it changes just as Wyatt is sleeping in until 7 or so.  That's the way to kick it to daylight savings!

Wyatt is a random napper....he always naps in some fashion....somedays it is just one 3 hour nap and other days he naps 2 perfect 1 1/2 hour perfectly spaced naps.  Sometimes he snoozes a few times in the car while running errands and I don't get him to go in his bed all day.  But he is so great about rolling with our varying schedule I can't complain.

Just wanted to post a little reminder out there to my other mommy friends as a reminder if they are struggling with an early riser or a picky eater or some other frustrating phase - it'll change! 

Of course the flip side of this "great reminder" is what I am mourning right now.  What if you don't want it to change?  Wyatt is sleeping in lately, great about naps and eats like a man.  Sadness to know it won't stay that way......wish he was more like Southern California (isn't the weather pretty consistent there?)

And because we are talking about is what my little man looks like when he gets up!  Check out that hairstyle!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Product (Food) Review: McRib

....more like the McROB me of 3 dollars.  Today after seeing all the hype on TV commercials of the McRib, I decided to run thru McDonald's and give it a try.

I am not a "real meat" snob.  I eat McNuggets and LOVE them, but I can truthfully not say that the "meat" that is used for the faux ribs is even edible.  They try to mask it on a fairly tasty bun with lots of bbq sauce, pickles and onions (note: I left off the onions). I was so disappointed. I should have just gone thru the Cousin's drive thru to get a bbq sandiwch.

The only saving grace of my meal.....the fries - can't beat McDonald's fries!

I give the McRib sandwich a C+.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So this video is a week old and also sideways (I am an idiot and need to learn how to use my FlipVideo) but you can see Wyatt is getting the hang of walking. 

He has gotten so much better since this video was made!  I bet he'll be walking pretty good by Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

That One Thing

Okay, so I'll just say that I feel like I a super competent mom.  I think I am on my game about what I need to be working with Wyatt on and thinking ahead about transitions (bottle to sippy cup, using silverware,etc).  I have always felt like a good Mommy....until this weekend.

We took Wyatt in to the doctor's office as he has had a cold and we wanted to get his ears checked - no infection thank goodness.  BUT, in passing when the doc was looking at his throat he said "there are two big teeth! we are brushing those, right?" and was about to continue on when I looked at him dumbly and said "no, I completely forgot about that!".  Note...usually I am much better at the "oh yeah, of course" save and the the scramble later to correct things, but I was just so dumbfounded. 

So, there you have it. The one thing I have COMPLETELY blanked on in the last 10 months.  I was almost too embarrassed to write a blog on it, but I figured every mom has these moments and I will have more in the future.  I am just glad that we caught my failing his dental hygiene early...wouldn't want him to have to sport a grill to kindergarten after all.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Product Review: Robeez Organic Socks

A couple months ago had some Robeez socks on sale and I purchased a couple packs.  Man, am I glad I did.  Wyatt has small potato feet which socks NEVER stay on.  But these socks have a trick!  There is a little bit of elastic right about the foot (on the lower ankle) so they won't start sliding down his foot like most socks. 

I give Robeez Organic Socks an A-Would be higher, but they don't make them with skid-proof on the bottom...easier to wear with shoes, but a little dangerous on our hardwood floors.