Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Like Texas Weather

As the saying says about Texas weather...."if you don't like it wait a minute and it'll change".  Such is Wyatt (and every other child out there).  The ABSOLUTE BEST BEST BEST advice I have been given, and that which I pass on to all new moms, is that things change constantly, so don't stress when you kid isn't sleeping - it'll change.  He's not eating?  Don't worry, he'll be a chow-hound next week. 

It is hard to believe this when you are on your third morning waking up at 5am with a "ready to play baby" who USED to sleep in until at least 6.....but it changes just as quickly.....now Wyatt is sleeping in until 7 or so.  That's the way to kick it to daylight savings!

Wyatt is a random napper....he always naps in some fashion....somedays it is just one 3 hour nap and other days he naps 2 perfect 1 1/2 hour perfectly spaced naps.  Sometimes he snoozes a few times in the car while running errands and I don't get him to go in his bed all day.  But he is so great about rolling with our varying schedule I can't complain.

Just wanted to post a little reminder out there to my other mommy friends as a reminder if they are struggling with an early riser or a picky eater or some other frustrating phase - it'll change! 

Of course the flip side of this "great reminder" is what I am mourning right now.  What if you don't want it to change?  Wyatt is sleeping in lately, great about naps and eats like a man.  Sadness to know it won't stay that way......wish he was more like Southern California (isn't the weather pretty consistent there?)

And because we are talking about napping......here is what my little man looks like when he gets up!  Check out that hairstyle!

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